Josh Gordon retiring for mental health reasons?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by blueblood70, Dec 20, 2018.

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    technically speaking it is still considered illegally federally. Legal in a state means nonthing when the G-men could come a knocking. NFL gets it anti-trust exemption from the federal gov't.
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  2. DCowboyz

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    Not going to lie. I wanted him. I'm glad we didn't make a move and traded for Cooper instead.
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    tHe CoWbOyS sHoUlD hAvE tRaDeD a 4Th FoR jOsH gOrDoN
  4. Kevinicus

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    Well, technically speaking, those federal laws aren't Constitutional...not that that has ever stopped them.
  5. SoupcanSam

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    Gordon is too stupid to think logical.

    But it's a good thing you actually have a plan just in case you ever stumble upon 5Mil.

    Until then keep complaining about your lot rent.
  6. LocimusPrime

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  7. SoupcanSam

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    Actually it contributes to some individuals cravings of a harder drug over time of heavy marijuana use.

    Do your research.
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  8. CalPolyTechnique

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    We were interested in him.
  9. DoctorChicken

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    Hate responses like this. There is obviously something mentally wrong with Josh Gordon. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that.
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  10. lukin2006

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    It really makes me wonder if NE over complicates things for themselves. Why did they not grab Cooper or Tate? Does BB think Brady is going to play forever, jeesh go get him a top flight receiver before he retires?
  11. SoupcanSam

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    No it's not it's the truth. I wont feel sorry for someone who was given multiple chances but never gave himself a chance at the same time.

    People would give anything for such an opportunity so if you dont want it, then on you go.

    Nobody will miss that.
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  12. CowboysBravesSpurs

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    Are you serious? You really wanna start debating on here about weed? Smh. Gotta love when people try talking about stuff they have no experience or knowledge of.

    Weed isn't a gateway drug. It's actually the opposite. Most people would rather smoke weed than move on to hard drugs and risk having health complications and or death.

    Slightly less than half of Americans over 12 have tried marijuana, while less than 15 percent have taken cocaine and less than 2 percent used heroin, according to the latest National Household Survey on Drug Use and Health. Even smaller portions go on to become addicted to those drugs.

    Regardless Gordon is a moron for letting his "habit", not "addiction" imo, control his life.
  13. Vtwin

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  14. Romo_To_Dez

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    Gotta love this thread turning into a debate on weed. lol
  15. jwitten82

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    Lmao, wait, you still hanging on to that gateway excuse? Smoking weed is not gonna make you want to try harder drugs
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  16. BigStar

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    Correct and have ran into the opposite many times. A lot of people use weed to wean and to stay off of the hard drugs they were addicted to including alcohol.
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  17. Avery

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    First, I hope Gordon gets the help he needs. His professional career is done. Wasted talent that couldn't put it together no matter how many teams and colleges tried. Shame, but that's on him and he needs to help himself more than anything.

    Second, ridiculous to suggest that NE is going to somehow kick themselves over this. It's a late round pick flip for taking a chance on someone. Dallas has no room to ever speak on such things considering our history of trading picks for players isn't exactly sterling either sans the Herschel Walker heist and early good returns on Cooper.

    Regardless of your viewpoint of marijuana, your work has rules and as an employee, you need to subscribe to those rules. That's part of being a responsible adult. If you don't agree with those rules, you have complete freedom to find a better working situation for yourself.
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  18. SoupcanSam

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    Idiots cant even stay at a job where they make million of dollor because of weed. It's an addiction and you might as well call it a fix for some.
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  19. DasSchnitzel

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    He self medicates to the point that it costs him millions. You don't do that without mental health concerns. If he's retiring for this reason then good for him, this hasn't been working.
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  20. atlantacowboy

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    The man is clearly dodging an inevitable failed drug test that would have resulted in a lifetime ban anyway. Its rare to see a guy with that much talent implode.

    Ironically, if he played in the 70's, he's probably a HOFer. You could booze it up, pop pills, and smoke whatever you wanted and nobody cared. God I miss the 70's.

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