Kellen Moore was phenomenal

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CATCH17, Sep 10, 2021.

  1. cowboyschmps3

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    No doubt and capitalize when our defense gets stops, not go 3 and out, when you do that against good teams or a QB with experience it won’t happen twice in a row.
  2. Reid1boys

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    yawn... but ok, whatever floats your boat.
  3. HungryLion

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    You’re spot on. Under Garrett we probably get beaten handily last night.
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  4. CATCH17

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    If we’re worried about how our secondary looked then just think about what Tampa’s thinking today.

    No way would I take Tampa’s secondary over ours.

    All they really got on Dallas is linebackers who can cover and freakin Vita Vea.
  5. HungryLion

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    Vita Vea is definitely the big difference man.

    if our defense had a stud like that at DT. It would make such a massive difference.
  6. RS12

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    FWIW Kurt Warner on the national radio broadcast was in total agreement with the OP.
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  7. MikeB80

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    they were missing two players in the secondary. Will be interesting to see how tampa's pass defense plays going forward and how dallas passing game plays week to week.
  8. CATCH17

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    Dallas really should be looking at getting a vet corner.

    I know they’ll be thinking about getting Kelvin Joseph on the field or Nashon Wright but they are rookies at the end of the day.

    If this team still had Byron Jones we would be so much better.
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  9. pitt33

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    I thought Moore called a very nice game. Tough to argue that fact. The only knock I have is he is way too pass happy and it comes back to bite them in the RZ. That is a trend with him. But I’m glad we have him. Just keep him as a coordinator. That’s good for now.
  10. MikeB80

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    I meant tampa was missing two players in the secondary. The next game in los angeles the chargers have a more talented secondary but not as good a front 7. They do have bosa though who is a better rusher than anyone in tampa's front seven.
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  11. Floatyworm

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    People have no idea how many plays Dak missed last night....and it was a lot. How many times did Collingsworth mention Dak was locking onto the X WR...the whole night...which ment he was predeterming his throws instead of reading the field. I quit counting how many TDS he missed after the 3rd quarter...8 missed scoring plays....guys were wide open.
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  12. CATCH17

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    The best NFL teams are pass happy.

    The question is whether or not we have the QB to play that way and we did last night.

    We didn’t lose that game because Elliot didn’t touch the ball enough.

    Had we gotten a lead you would’ve seen more Elliot but Tampas pass defense was atrocious and the Cowboys wideouts were too much for them.
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  13. 8FOR!3

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    Moore was really good. Best game I've seen him call yet.
  14. RonnieT24

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    Moore was pretty good last night no doubt.. I was especially happy to see them keep feasting on #35.. That was something Jason Garrett NEVER would have done.. The Cowboys had to have targeted him 15 times and probably completed 12-13 of them and got 2-3 penalties. If prime Dez is in this game he goes for 300 yards. As good as Coop, Gallup and Lamb were I would kill to have seen a beast like Dez getting that many opportunities against that secondary. And Dez type receiver would be a BIG help in the red zone. Noah Brown needs to get well.. We need a big body over the middle receiver in that area. All the guys we have are great finesse receivers .. we need a guy who can just post up and bring the ball down while being mugged.
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  15. MaineBoy

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    Kellen Moore sucks. Period. He is basically a Garrett clone who runs a 1991 playbook with the same tired pass routes. The reason he has to settle for field goals so often is that defenders already know where the receivers are going. He has no clue how to get the ball to Zeke or Pollard if his 3 running plays don’t work. And Jarwin not getting a better block was unfortunate? Great coaching to have the worst blocking TE on the roster put in a position to make a pathetic attempt at a block on a key play. God, even the hotdog vendors know Jarwin sucks as a blocker.
    Moore had no qualifications to be an OC in this league. He is a Jerry project trying to learn on the job: Garrett 2.0
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2021
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  16. RonnieT24

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    LMAO!!! This guy.. So Dak should have had 8 more TDs and 400 more yards?
  17. cowboyec

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    yes he was.
    excellent game plan.
    they just went over the top of the dline...very smart. cant hold down vita vea for long...but over all...that was a very smart game plan.
    we need to be better in the red zone.
    but kellen moore called a helluva game.
  18. CowboysFaninHouston

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    I totally disagree with Moore having been great last night. it was the skill of the players that made the plays...he didn't put the team in position to succeed and made a lot of wrong calls. he was good, but far far far from great....his personnel grouping inside the 2 was bad. he isolated jarwin a notoriously bad blocker on a saftey. he whiffed and zeke had no chance, although Dak and zeke ran the toss to perfection. put schultz or even Brown and they can do a much bette job in blocking.

    the interception, was a bad route combination. even if CD would have made that catch (should have), still a bad route combination to put two WRs in immediate area, which brough 4 defenders to the picture in a small area.

    he never really used the screen pass, although it was working. Tampa used it all game and had lots of success....we couldnt' run up the middle since Suh and Vea over powered the middle of the line...he never really tried to run outside or use the screen pass to RBs....when we did, we had some success....

    his play calling inside the redzone was erratic,

    the last 3. 1/2 minutes was bad play calling. no plans. keep the clock moving. never talked to the players to stay in was poor poor clock management.

    there were quite a few other instances where he failed in his game management.

    sorry, still not buying into the Moore hype.
  19. CowboysFaninHouston

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  20. tyke1doe

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    No, he wasn't. His shortcoming is the same. When Dallas gets into the red zone, they can't seem to score touchdowns on a consistent basis.
    And that is a product of play calling.
    And please don't tell me it's the players. How come the players can move up and down the field, but when we get into the red zone we can't score?
    If it's the players, then the players shouldn't be moving up and down the field on the best defense.
    Kellen is the beneficiary of some excellent offensive talent. A hamster could be the Cowboys' offensive coordinator and have about the same results.
    We need Kellen to devise creative plays to get us in the end zone.
    How come Brady can score 4 times when necessary, but we have to settle for field goals?
    Why are we passing three times inside the red zone?
    Why aren't we running the clock down?
    Dak is to Kellen what Romo was to Garrett, covering up coaching deficiencies.
    He has to IMPROVE his red zone play calling or we're going to be right where we've been the past few years - revving our engines but stalling when we need to be scoring.

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