Kellen Moore was phenomenal


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This CeeDee Lamb TD is all Kellen Moore. Beautiful design. Corner had no choice but to bite. Garrett would view that as cheating.



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I tend to believe is they can win it all with McCarthy Jerry will stay with Mike, regardless of what the future may be with Moore.

i think everything has to be in placed elsewhere to a greater, more extensive degree for McCarthy to succeed, in terms of top assistant coaches Quinn, Kellen, position coaches - and health of
key player personnel for Mike to win it all.

And also with him himself not blowing key HC in-game managing decisions.
When to go for it on 4th down, down and distance, when and where to green light a fake punt, special teams antics.


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Sure, we can Monday morning QB this thing and say he should’ve ran here or there but my gosh the play designs were on point and the timing of some of those calls were just perfect.

Dallas gave Garrett 10 years to come up with something and it ended with us playing football in the stone age while Moore has us using several formations and creativity on offense making us not very predictable.

That was a phenomenal game by him imo.

He was a chess player last night and it’s just a reminder how good it is to be away from Jason Garrett football. You know he’s at home watching thinking he would’ve crashed Zeke into Vita Vea 40 times.
Moore was poor in the Redzone…

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Dallas really should be looking at getting a vet corner.

I know they’ll be thinking about getting Kelvin Joseph on the field or Nashon Wright but they are rookies at the end of the day.

If this team still had Byron Jones we would be so much better.

Id rather have a legit 3 tech than an another legit corner.