Kellen Moore was phenomenal

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CATCH17, Sep 10, 2021.

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    Actually I would have preferred it if he DID run Zeke straight ahead on that play. The play you're referencing was an option pitch.. IMHO a toss sweep would have been a better call as it would have allowed Zeke forward momentum when receiving the ball as opposed to moving backward/sideways as the play called for. But he has to be more decisive in that situation. He took too long to recognize that the DB had inside out leverage and he was not going to be able make the edge.. By the time he realized it the guy was on him. Poor block (and I lose the term loosely) by Jarwin but also a poor read by Zeke. Poor personnel group having Jarwin in there instead of Schultz .. The one thing I WILL kill Moore for is that he never came back to the "student body left" sweep that went for 13 yards in the 2nd quarter.. Or was that the third.. He motioned Schultz in to be the lead blocker and everybody went and got a man and Zeke turned on the jets to get to the edge. We never saw that play again.. Why not? I mean the guards were not blocking them biguns anyway so why not just pull them and let them clear a path for the runners? Suh and Vea aint runnin nobody down on a sweep..
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    Moore is good between the twenties, just like Garrett was. It's the red zone that is the problem. He was promoted way too soon.
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    "Into a pile?" Huh? It was Zeke, Jarwin and one defender and nobody within a mile of those 3 guys. It was a great call; the players didn't get it done. Yeah, maybe Schultz does a better job, but it's not like Jarwin needs the greatest block in the world.
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    I didn’t think I liked him so much. Going after Davis constantly. I think it held us back. But overall yes
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    Agreed. We need to solve the red zone offense problem. I liked how Moore used screen passes to substitute for the running game, but at some point we need to be able to get into the end zone inside the 10 yard line. Someone has to figure that out.
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    He was until crunch time then they played conservative. Also we need to run the ball. If we can’t we won’t win many games.
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    called team
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    The KMoore praise is getting really ridiculous. JJ should accommodate some today, and just name KMoore the new HC.
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    At least Garrett knew to run the ball in the redzone a little. If you give this offense a guy like McVay we score 45 thursday night.
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    I thought Moore did an excellent job of knowing where we could attack Tampa bay and staying away from the strengths of Tampa. I don't expect next weeks game plan will be the same as they had vs Tampa, but you prepare for who you got in front of you. Know where their weakness lies and attack those weakness.
  11. Doomsday101

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    I'm not asking for Moore to be HC, I want his focus on running this offense.
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    I understand, but with all due respect, and I do mean with due respect, on this board.....The Blind Man can see HC in waiting.
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    I think like many coordinators around the league Moore hopes one day to get a chance at HC. Moore may very well get the opportunity down the road only time will tell.
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    Nothing wrong with hoping by KMoore…...guess the continued in-game adjustments and red zone inefficiencies that continue to plague this team will not matter at all. JJ got him booked as the next HC, no matter what.
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    I'll literally stop being a Cowboys fan!
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    I have no clue what Jerry plans down the road regarding Moore. Did Norv Turner become Cowboys HC? For the most part I felt Moore did an outstanding job of attacking Tampa Bay thought out the game. As for redzone? this is not a video game, players have to go out and execute it is not all about calling a play since no play works when the player fails to execute it.
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    Moore called a good passing game but did not call a good complete offensive game. We struggled to run and we still have RedZone issues.

    As far as Garrett goes. He hasn't called plays for a very long time but our offenses we're top 10 for 10 of Romo's 13 years, and we're a perfect match when Zeke and Dak were drafted.
  18. quickccc

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    the PLUS+

    - the way Kellen shifted and moved formations and personnel all around, displaying misdirection plays and spreading the ball around.
    This is yet another we can involved Pollard more into the offense. He doesn’t have to run ball to be involved.
    Getting him in the open space as a motion guy and in same backfield as Zeke.

    - I’m not sure we’ll see as many screens again as we did vs Bucs.
    - Cowboys varied their attack, some short quick pass, as well as pushing the ball vertically vs
    Bucs secondary (unfortunately killer OL flags on a couple huge plays)

    - Cowboys went on the Road, in a loud hostile crowd, and scored 29 points, .. vs the SB champs and a defense that utterly frustrated Mahomes in SB.

    - What remains Kellen’s biggest strengths is his ability to create effective pass route designs; how he schemes to get players more open in pass game; how he utilizes pre-snap motion multi-formation looks, the huddle tempo and pace of the offense and how we push the ball vertically

    - Normally against the better teams and better defenses, I tend to think Kellen goes more conservative On the Road, and more aggressive while at Home.

    - But he spilled the bucket out vs Bucs. Reverse pitches, Motion/Shifts and pushing ball vertically. Near 60 passes and scoring nearly 30 points.

    The MINUS –

    - As effective as the motion offense was in 1st half, it somewhat disappeared in the 2nd half, maybe the humidity fatigue played a part of the dialed down.

    - Too bad Pollard wasn’t used more in passing game when Gallup went down. Too speedy and explosive to be used so limited.

    - I forgot the stat but despite the 29 points we ‘re still missing too many opportunities in red zone. 1 out of 4 in red zone
    is not successful.

    - Because of his sorry in line blocking, Moore needs to re-design and re-consider how we use Jarwin in goal line packages. In fact, Jarwin maybe another reason why we’re not as effective on the edge runs. He’s soft and too one dimensional, imo

    - Supposedly we used the short pass game to become our short run game. While I can understand not being able to make a living vs run on the top run defense in NFL, I thought we went too pass happy and did not attempt to at least run the edges; but until we upgrade In line blocking TEs (see Jarwin) we’re still somewhat limited.
  19. quickccc

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    From i understood per rumors at that time, Norv was very close to becoming our HC.
    But there was some disagreement in regards to who the chose for DC would have been.
    Norv insisted upon bringing his hand picked ex- DC here, Ted Cottrell, who management insisted
    upon a different, better DC.

    If the Jones (and yes Stephen will be immensely involved in HC hire) are considering Kellen as a heir apparent
    even if McCarthy is successful here, i believe the Cowboys would do Ddiicck Vermeil to Mike Martz type
    transition as what occurred with the Rams.

    Give impression that McCarthy is retiring, anoint Kellen as the new HC, and watch how McCarthy shows up
    as HC again at another NFL team.
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    I tend to believe is they can win it all with McCarthy Jerry will stay with Mike, regardless of what the future may be with Moore.

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