LaFleur is no different than McCarthy/Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Parcells4Life, Jan 23, 2022.

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    LaFleur and AR = Frauds
  3. jazzcat22

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    Maybe it was MM there and not that State Farm actor. :muttley:
  4. Batman1980

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    Shreddy Betty got it too?
  5. Cmac

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    Should ARod have ran out there to be the 11th man?
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  6. jazzcat22

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    If he is all that, he should have recognized it, and do something about it. :laugh:

    Would an 11th man really have made a difference?
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  7. Carson

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    Losing reveals all of the small warts winning cures.

    Dude has been an excellent coach so far
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  8. Cmac

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    Wow! ARod is a player/coach now. Ok. I learn a lot on this board.
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  9. blueblood70

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    no they all are simply human, and all make mistakes

    where all the nit picking posts about overpaid athletes on the titan and packers who by this places narrytives CHOKED as they were the two top teams in ther confernces witht he bye playig at ho,me wiht all ther top players back..yet they lost!

    where were al ther stars and all the coaching wisdoms?

    this is the nfl and the Contant ripping apart of our teams around here and then it goes quiet when it happens to hter teams.

    bunch of hypocrites, when you all wake up and realize its the nfl and this happens to all teams.

    burrows also given credit for 19 total points. He had zero tds and an INT his drives stalled many times, and they kicked fgs..right hes why they won..check again. dak wasn't why we lost nor was burrow why they won..again a team game.. if dak had that game this place would Be all over him..

    lets get this straight talking about the Bengal's who weren't that impressive instead the Counter part


    the home team Titans who got all they players back, had a bye and were at home and that point total and last drive so i guess with this place reaction to our game

    Vrabel should be fired, the staff fired, the offense coaches fired, cut the qb, Henry overrated 3.1 ypc overpaid rb who cant stay healthy i mean they sure didn't look like a team with an extra week off to prepare with all their top players back..if we played like that oh wait, we did.

    how about GB the team playing the team that beat us , 7 points through 3 qtrs with Rogers12 the almighty god of qbs how can his team at home with an extra week to prepare, he did say eh knew the cowbys would lose so that team was ready for the 9ers correct? 10 points in 4 qtrs isn't that what we had early in the 4th against the 9ers? hmm yes they are leading by 7 but are they playing great do they look prepared and rolling?

    out own fans praise other teams make excuses but ours its get rid of everyone, we suck..lmao hypocrites.

    just getting my 2cents in while its fresh,

    this means the Cowboys are on par with the titans and packers also sitting at home one and done along wiyt the rest fio the first round none won a single playoff game with only 4 left. many of the home teams lost these one and dones and got beat by inferior teams as they were the faves.
  10. slick325

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  11. tunahelper

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    Are you saying it's OK to stay with big Mike?
  12. blueblood70

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    for a fg attempt? THAT PLAY? not good odds 12 would make difference blocks are rare..
  13. CATCH17

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    Your looking at a small window.

    Cowboys fans are upset because we never win anything and they are coming to the realization that the QB isn’t what they thought he was.

    For the football is a “team sport” guys you know it’s a lot more difficult to build a team when you got a 40 million dollar QB, a 15 million dollar RB, a 20 million dollar WR, and whatever else we waste money on that doesn’t show up in big games.
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  14. Redsfan_83

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    This post is in serious Jeopardy of being deleted :clap:
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  15. jazzcat22

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    Well, hmmmm....
    Rodgers is 11-10 in playoffs, and 7-9 since his SB win (with MM). :laugh:
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  16. CT Dal Fan

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    The Packers and their coaching staff are just as pitiful as the Cowboys in big moments yet they won't even receive half the criticism.

    Rodgers being hailed as the greatest quarterback by some and yet his one and only SB win was with Mike McCarthy as his coach....eleven years ago.
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  17. Praxit

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  18. Creeper

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    As we like to say in Cowboys-land, it should not have come down to the FG. But Special teams are important in close games and the Packers special teams absolutely ruining the day for them. That blocked punt with a guy running right over the center was an abysmal mistake.
  19. Brax

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    I recall a 99 yard TD run with 10 men on the field, that Landry was such a dunce. LMAO
    I noticed LaFleur took the blame for the game loss, MM blamed the QB, the ref's and anyone else he could throw under the bus. AR was the reason for those 2 blocked kicks. MM knows how to win championships LMAO, biggest back stabber and joke of a coach in the league.
  20. 12+88=7

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    Some posters don't seem to understand that one team wins and 31 lose.

    Next if Brady and Mahomes lose today, it will be how Prescott is on par with them.

    The football acumen by some is quite poor.

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