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Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Jul 27, 2018.

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    Any evidence to support that assertion? Let's start with Dak:

    “I think I have to throw him a better ball,” Prescott said, via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. “Just put it right there on his face mask and don’t give him a chance to drop it, I guess.”
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    Sean Lee has already missed a lot of games with injuries ...
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    Saw someone on the NFL Network break down Dez and the first drive of our season last year to debunk what Dez was saying about our offense being vanilla. Turns out Dez lined up in 4 different positions and ran 7 different routes on the first drive alone. Now he didnt break down how good or how bad the routes were. So IMO Dez can cry all he wants but Lee is right look in the mirror. What we are hearing now from Dez is likely a very small indication of what he was like to deal with on a day to day basis during the football season.
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    Then get out of our locker room with comments about their teammates that they will get distracting questions from the media.
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    Proves once again the man-child Dez is a head case.
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    Not surprising.

    It’s funny because it actually confirms everything Dez said.

    I also find it interesting how CZ ignores/pretends Cole Beasley didn’t have a bone to pick with our offense and even went as far as saying “if I say something I’ll probably be next (to get cut)” and was heated when Dez was released
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    I like Sean Lee, but criticizing someone to be more accountable to a team for an organization that doesn't have any accountability from the top down is like telling him to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic.
  9. TNCowboy

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    If those teammates were looking up to Dez instead of Sean Lee, then they're complete morons.
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    I guess this means you approve of there being no accountability among the players. After all, if you don’t support players expecting and demanding accountability, you logically can’t support there being accountability.
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    LMAOOOOOO i missed that one........ haaaaaa Most Valuable Patient dude thats hilarious
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    Dez always struck me as a " me first " type of person. From day one as a rookie he could be seen as a distraction on the sidelines. These people will NEVER see the errors in their ways.
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    Only players need accountability. Coaches and management don’t need no stinkin accountability lol.
  15. Screw The Hall

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    Any doubts about about whether or not it was a good decision to release Dez are a distant memory now.

    Straight up cancer.
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    Well it depends on Dez's personality. I mean there is the case where Sean Lee tells Dez in his face his concerns, and Dez listens. And then there is the case where Dez might be the type of person that if you tell him something to his face, he immediately blows, causes a ruckus, and nothing positive comes of it. I mean come on, just because someone said that someone should've said something to their face, you don't know if there is a reason why people don't do that.
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    Bryant needs to grow up.
  18. Gangsta Spanksta

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    There was a time, where I would think that Dez played more like Alvin Harper than Michael Irvin -- his number sake. In that I mean, there were many years, where Dez would do one big play in a game and then you wouldn't hear from him again, instead of consistently making plays. My opinion of him changed, and in 2014 he proved himself, but then he got injured and dropped off the face of the earth. XD So its hard for me to see Dez being a bigger factor in the cowboys winning than Sean Lee, who makes a difference everytime he is in there.
  19. Gangsta Spanksta

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    Maybe Dez should of got a shirt with a C on it -- C for Crazy.
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    I think dez has at least lost over half his crazed stalkers on this forum and all over after that social media rant.

    And then of all people he decides to go at one of the most respected fan favorites in lee. That in a way just put the nail in the coffin.

    :facepalm:Anybody but Lee!:eek:
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