Lee's response to Dez

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, Jul 27, 2018.

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    Dez is a washed has been...

    Sean Lee is a good example a great leader. If Dez didn't listen ti him, then he'll listen to nobody.
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    You callin me crazy? I ain't crazy. Don't call me crazy

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    You don't really believe that? Dez disappears for weeks at a time. Has two maybe three good games a year. Romo made Dez, and hid his flaws. The Cowboys don't win when Lee is out.
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    An intelligent and classy response to the former village idiot’s rant. Onward and upward without that loser.
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    Just sitting taking it all in. Dez is upset which I understand but he needs to move on and stop blaming everyone else. Even opposing players were saying that Dez can only run certain routes. Patrick Peterson even was saying it in a game. You can't game plan if one of your players is limited to what he can run and now he is with route guru. Lee said he needs to be held accountable. He could not even get to meetings on time that the Cowboys had to hire someone babysit him. He is an adult so he needs to act like it. I love Dez compassion and competitiveness but I believe he does need to look in the mirror as we all do when things don't go the way we want to. I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors. He just needs to move on as does everyone.
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  6. Toruk_Makto

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    A lot of people in here taking definitive sides and using this as an opportunity to take shots at a guy who is no longer a Cowboy who is one of the Cowboy all-time greats. Meanwhile these same people have almost no actual information to base their strong feelings on. It's embarrassing and childish.

    Personally, I find it concerning that if Dez did cause Dak to have a down year what does that say about Dak? Also, in that quote....Jason Witten is mentioned as a voice that got into Dak's head as well and was in his ear about wanting the ball. Jason Freaking Witten.

    If I look at the best QBs in football who among them struggle with big personalities around them? Can we name any? How fragile is Dak?
  7. kskboys

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    That he's a young QB?

    Are you seriously saying Dez is one of our all time greats? Not even close. We've had minimum(W/o counting) 10 WR's better than him in our history, easily.
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  8. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    I hate all of this. The Cowboys wronged Dez by releasing him so late when they knew the whole time, and now Dez is wronging his former teammates
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    Not at all. I’m just pointing out the notion that telling a player to be accountable will fall on deaf ears if that same player is complaining about the coaching and management not being held accountable which he is actually right about.
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    He did once upon a time. And I was all in. All came apart after injury and life after Romo.
    But, blaming Lee and Fredbeard? Please.
  11. Pantone282C

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    Yeah, much as he needed to go, they did it wrong.
  12. OmerV

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    So, no such thing as personal accountability and accountability to the team and teammates? If a player doesn’t think the coaches are being handled right by management then he has an acceptable excuse to not accept any accountability for himself?

    I’m sorry, but coaches can’t be blamed for everything, and players have to mature and take things on themselves even if everything else isn’t just right. Sean Lee seems able to do that. I don’t by that Dez shouldn’t have as well.
  13. khiladi

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    They've been playing together for close to 8 years. That is plenty of time for Sean Lee to come talk to him. When has Dez ever said the defense is garbage and they need to be more accountable?
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  14. khiladi

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    No I see it. You were trying to compare Lee's fragility with Dez, who really has no durability issues, because it hurt your feelings, but your analogy sucked.

    Des has actually been durable while Kee has not. Dez even plays injured and has been the last couple of years. He was even playing with a high ankle sprain with scrubs at QB until it was no longer feasible.

    And you have no idea about where or not Sean Lee has class, because you don't have access to the LR. Yeah, he's a beast when he's on the field, but so is Dak when he doesn't have a scrub throwing the ball to him and he's playing DB half the time.
  15. OmerV

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    I think Sean Lee indicated he did talk to Dez, just that it wasn’t received very well. And Lee wasn’t talking about the offense or defense being accountwble, he was talking about individuals, and particularly the prominent players who are in a position to set an example for the team.
  16. khiladi

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    And it comes down to Lee's words against Dez. And Lee's words actually indicate that what Dez has said at least is partially true.

    Not only were there players that took the side of the "Garrett guys" there were those that took the side of Dez, including multiple offensive players including not just Butler, but guys still around like Cole Beasley, but Dez baskets pretend that never happened.

    Plus the way Dooley left also raises questions.

    Reality is Dez didn't name anybody for months and then this Stephen Jones 'politically correct' statement that took a subtle jab at Dez, no matter how you spin it, was thrown in his face.

    And it's not surprising considering this all came when Jerry was taking heat again for his anthem stand.
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  17. khiladi

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    Why does Brown work with him still? And why do multiple players train in the off-season in similar ways?

    Why did Lebron and players like Kobe, as well as Dwight Howard go and have their teams pay like 100 grand to work with Olajuwon in the off-season to try and improve their footwork in the post?

    Reality is, Robinson broke it down technically that with age comes certain weaknesses that Dez was looking to correct. He pointed out two things, route running was not one of them. He put that primarily on the coaches.

    His points lined up exactly with wha corners said Dez's weaknesses were at thus age, which include his quickness getting off at the line. That was the primary point they were going to address.
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  18. OmerV

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    What is it you think Lee said that indicated what Dez said was true?

    Whart’s a Dez basket”? Does a large bunny leave it on a certain day?

    As for Dez not blaming anyone for months, first of all, that’s not true - he made comments about Lee and others very quickly - and secondly, how does that change what Lee said?
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  19. JohnnyTheFox

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    Not arguing your point but I want to know who those 10 are?
  20. khiladi

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    Do you even read properly:

    1. Since when did 'not blaming anybody for months' equal 'Dez did not NAME anybody for months'? Show me where Dez called out any specific player until just now? Dez spoke when he read about the comments from Stephen Jones, meaning it was a RESPONSE. Why is the first works out if the mouth of Stephen in regards to Dak, him having Dez's mouth in his ear if they MOVED on, particularly in this situation where Dez is waiting it out for a roster spot?

    2. What did Sean Lee say that didn't confirm what Dez was already saying? Sean Lee said there were other players that held the same view, which Dez would call Garrett guys, without realizing he flat out confirmed what Dez was saying.

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