Let’s compare Devin White with Jaylon

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ondaedg, Feb 26, 2021.

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    Not really.

    His problem is that he has horrible eyes and instincts. It doesn't matter what the DL is doing when you have trouble getting into the right gap on every snap.
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    My biggest problem with Nolan was he had the LB's lined up 7-8 yds behind the DL and then had them moving backwards at the snap. Seemed like our LB's were never moving forward and attacking the LOS.
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    he is a thumper, not a tackler.....he has no side to side agility any more...its straight ahead, thump......he can't change directions and is very slow at that.
  5. Killerinstinct

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    Jaylon questioned the popes infallibility.
  6. SportsGuru80

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    Dallas needs to invest in some got damn real DEFENSIVE TACKLES!!!!!!! Jaylon would look much better with some beef up front.
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    Watch the film said Devin White never.
  8. baltcowboy

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    Cowboys break ripped Jaylon a new one again. Then they kissed LVE butt with Helman saying the Cowboys should pick up his 5th year option and Nick saying they should extend him. Garcia as clueless as ever talked about Sean Lee and saying Jaylon needs to be more like him. :rolleyes: Jaylon has struggled but he is clearly our best linebacker by the fact that he played 90 percent of the snaps and graded higher then LVE the last two seasons. I don’t remember LVE making any plays since his rookie year. I just can’t get the vision of Lamar Jackson shaking LVE out of his cleats.
  9. streetcredit

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    Saying Jaylene would be better with good DTs is dumb....we would have a better defense but he would still be crap. That's like saying that I would be a better rb running behind Larry Allen.
  10. Starforever

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    No it isn't; better players up front helps the LB crew. If a RB is not getting out of the backfield, and you give him lineman, that can make a hole; wouldn't the perception of that RB be better? Jayon, is not crap, but he has made some crappy plays. He is the best linebacker on the Dallas Cowboys. If he is crap, what does that make LVE and Lee?
  11. streetcredit

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    Perception of him being better and the defense being better is one thing, it does not make him a better player. What makes him better is being able to read the play, react fast and tackle aggressively....he doesn't do any of these. Comparing him to Lee's is ridiculous, when Lee was young he was a smart leader, Jaylene is a passive, run in the wrong direction, dancing fool.
  12. Starforever

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    Lee, was also blown up, not recognizing what was happening on the field. I noticed, that you did not mention LVE, at all. When did Lee become the mature player that he was, and under whos tutelage, did it happen?
  13. streetcredit

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    I do not have to mention every crap player to recognize that Jaylene is garbage...when LVE dances around like a clown celebrating assisted tackles 10 yards down field...I will be disgusted with him as well.
  14. Starforever

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    Lol, okay
  15. fivetwos

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    Whats the point of paying a player a serious amount of money when he needs others around him to be great in order for him to do his job?
  16. quickccc

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    both touted as not only top 5 overall LBs, .but top 10 overall draft picks.

    but thus far the clear difference i noticed is One is very instinctive and has a knack for big plays - while the other
    has a lack of instincts, doesn't force impact plays vs run or pass.

    - Cowboys thought if he ever recovered Jaylon would be one of NFL's top LBs period.
    College tape made him look dynamic - vs run, vs pass, blitzing,..it was thought just a matter of
    full knee recovery.

    - He's never regained agility and change of direction, but he's also not shown to be a very instinctive
    LB either. He's more guessing gap plays, he gets stuck to blocks and in traffic and he's a liability in coverage.

    - Only thing that can be said well is he's been extremely durable since sitting out 2016 in recovery.
    Hasn't missed a game since.
    And 2018 was thought to be on the rise for Jaylon. But with all the inter feuding among coaches Richard vs Bloom (is he even in NFL now ?)
    and some questions about Jaylon's ability, no one seems to know how to maximize his strengths and hide his weaknesses.

    - Thought to be a better OLB than middle, that move doesn't seem to solve the problem either. As messed up as Nolan's scheme was
    Much was seen of Jaylon's ineffectiveness as a blitzer,..he remains a liability in coverage, he never makes plays in coverage, hes' not an INT
    guy, he's just a straight -liner in pursuit. Some thought he can be a blitzer off the edge - he's very average in that area.

    - some think he can be a DWare off the edge vs OT, that's laughable for a guy that has limited change of direction and agility and bend
    and he'll stuck to more blockers than flies to flypaper.

    - Some still think of him as an off the ball LB - still mis-guessing into wrong gaps, and oft-fooled by misdirection.
    You'll have to spend more time hiding his flaws than trying feverly to find out where he's most useful.
  17. Mr_V

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    Look at the tackle position as to why he was making tackles 7 yards down the field. He is not to blame for the mess of this Defense, and totally useless Defensive coordinator. I can bet this year he will be much better.
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    He always calls me that - Gary busey silver bullet
  19. coult44

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    Football Awareness
    Jaylon -1
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  20. CowboysWillRise

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    I want to be with you on that, I really do. I've made the same argument in 2019. I hope I am eating crow this time next off season.
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