Let’s compare Devin White with Jaylon

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ondaedg, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. charron

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    The issue I have with Jalon is how often he gets pushed 5-10 yards back while making the tackle. He is weak at the point of contact. Just looking at tackles is misleading.
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  2. LatinMind

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    Bucs use an attacking style. Nolan started with a soft reactive approach that left this team in a horrible spot. Most of Jaylons plays came later in the yr when he was alllowed to attack rather than react in pass coverage. NOlan used Jaylon in coverage because Lee and Vander esch were hurt and he was stuck with joe thomas who is horrible in coverage.
  3. ondaedg

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    He doesn’t or won’t attempt to stand a blocker up keeping an arm free to make a tackle. Often he will approach an OL upright and try to go around him shuffling his feet instead of stacking and shedding.
  4. TwentyOne

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    Lets compare Booboo with Jaylon:

    BooBoo: 1
    Jaylon: 0
  5. Kwyn

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    Throw LVEs stats in there? Too many fans give him a free pass
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  6. Kwyn

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    Total tackles
    Jaylon 154
    Devin 140
    LVE 60

    Solo tackles
    Jaylon 89
    Devin 97
    LVE 32

    Jaylon 1.5
    Devin 9 (wow!)
    LVE 1

    Tackles for loss
    Jaylon 5
    Devin 15
    LVE 1

    QB hits
    Jaylon 4
    Devin 16
    LVE 1
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  7. AbeBeta

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    Tackles are a dumb stat. They rely on stadium scorekeepers and some places are much more generous with combined tackles than others
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  8. fansince68

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    There is NO comparison. Jaylon gets his tackles in pursuit 10 yards or more down field after picking the wrong hole in a feeble attempt to make a stop
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  9. Captain43Crash

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    When Sean Lee was healthy and playing well, he consistently diagnosed plays, just prior to the snap. Basically, he knew where the ball was going. He would react and step into the hole before the blockers could react. He consistently made plays within 1-2 yards of the LOS. Does Jaylon EVER read the play just before the snap, and react quick enough to beat the blocker, and make a tackle at the LOS. Almost never! His ability to diagnose a play pre snap is extremely poor and his lateral movement is extremely poor, probably due to his injury. He is NOT in Whites league, not even close!!!
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  10. InTheZone

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    I bet if you ask any RB what linebacker they would most like to face on the field in a 1v1 and you'd get an overwhelming amount in favor of Jaylon.
  11. InTheZone

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    in 2018 I was still skeptical. He looked smooth to many around here, but I still had my doubts and I was 100% smith supporter up to that point.
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  12. Whyjerry

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    I think you have to watch Smith closely to fully appreciate the buffoonery.
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  13. Gaede

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    Jaylon and LVE both made some terrible plays last year. Like, plays that were so bad that I don't have any faith that a new DC or better DTs can salvage their careers. They were frequently running in the wrong direction.
  14. mardwin

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    The following sentence summaries my take on Jaylon Smith:

    He has the same response time as internet explorer on windows 98.
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  15. Cmac

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    Now can we get the Lavonte David/LVE comparison.....that should be intriguing too?
  16. Techsass

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    I get the good players surrounding him, but where does this notion that having a Todd Bowles type DC matters come from?
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  17. Ranching

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    They don't have a Todd Bowles type, the have Todd Bowles. I'm just saying that they have a good DC.
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  18. ondaedg

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    I would like to know how Booboo comes out on top here without any real data to back your statement up. No stats no win for booboo.
  19. phildadon86

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    So would mine. LOL
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  20. ondaedg

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    I think the reason LVE is getting a small pass is due to his much lower salary and cap hit and the fact he was injured. But he should be scrutinized especially if the Cowboys extend him. My issue with LVE is that he also reads plays a tick late and lacks physicality at the point of attack. I don't facepalm as often with LVE as I do Jaylon but that's subjective.

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