Lose the trenches, lose the game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RonnieT24, Nov 30, 2020.

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    The game Thursday was not about Zeke, or Dalton or Cooper or Lamb or Jaylon or LVE or anybody who doesn't start every play in a 3 point stance. It was about the lines on both sides of the ball. The defense was doing okay for most of the game. Not shutting them down but not getting run over either. But once both tackles were gone and the offense went into the tank it was just a matter of time before the WFT offensive line was going to wear the d-line down and once that happened it was church.

    Because the offensive line is not going to get healthy any time in the next three weeks I'm going to go ahead and call all three of them losses. If we can't block we can't run or pass and Dalton can't carry us with his arm and the defense might be able to keep us afloat for a half .. maybe three quarters but our demise is inevitable with the current state of the team. Eventually with the offense doing nothing the defense will tire out and get rolled. It's a sad reality but reality it is. The Vikings game gave us hope.. The Thanksgiving day game gave us reality. This line .. now down to its 14th or 15th different combination isn't good enough to hold up against any decent defensive front.

    This is our season folks.. Time to start watching the Draft Show.
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    Cowboys need to tank the rest of the way, so they can position themselves in the draft to grab Olineman Penei Sewell.
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    This is why you don't spend first round picks on WRs and RBs. They are not primary positions. Zeke and CeeDee Lamb were the wrong picks for THIS team. When TN lost their all-pro tackle for the season, they had a first round rookie to plug in. They didn't fall apart. The logic wasn't " we got that position covered" going into the draft which is what the Dallas Cowboys do. That team understands that your skill position players are only as effective as your OL and injuries happen. Its better to have a great OT prospect as an insurance policy than a flashy WR or RB. Until you have depth along those trenches, you don't spend your premium picks on the flash positions.
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    Exactly. You build your team from the trenches out. If you can't run block or pass block you can't score. If you can't stop the run or rush the passer you can't stop the other team from scoring.

    ABQCOWBOY Regular Joe....

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    This post could have been posted after the third game of the season IMO. Heck, I think it might have been, in fact.
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    Smith Sewell Biadasz Martin Collins

    Has a few nice ring to it
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    Sounds like a Chevy dealership.
  8. SeanLee50

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    If I went to buy a car from them, don’t think they would let me say no lol
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    ...of the 4 games left I say we win one. Its been a horrible season for us.
  10. Brax

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    Brilliant move, more draft capital on the O side of the ball, mean while you keep complaining about the D, oh I get it the rest of the draft is going to be all pro players picked by Jerry that turn the D around. Brilliant, just brilliant is that you Jerry.
  11. Ranching

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    Et tù!!! Tankers can suck it!
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    come on Ron, No one hear wants to hear common sense LOL its fast first series Erving and Martin go down, it was obvious how that effects the game plan and unlike he MN game without a decent OL nothing was going to happen. The DL seemed to quit after the bonehead play call if the fake punt, maybe not purposefully but if they were in as much shock as we were its why those last two TD runs happened. They parted the red seas as if they looked over at fassell and MM and said that what you get for that call!!

    took the air out of the team. you saw an undermanned hard fought 4 point game at that very moment become a blowout..
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  13. ColoCowboy

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    Or a law firm
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    Not sure how to break this to you easily, so I'm just going to blurt it out. I think Coach Mike has been hanging out with @DasSchnitzel & @Jipper over at the Tank Squad's club house.
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  15. baltcowboy

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    You want to draft defense if there was a difference making defensive end or defensive tackle in this draft like Chase Young or Suh. There is not one in this draft so if you get a chance to draft a blue chip offensive tackle you do it. We have 8 more picks to improve the defense.
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  16. RonnieT24

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    Yeah I pretty much tuned out after that fake punt. The coaches need to understand that the players count on them to NOT do stupid crap that helps lose the game. When they do there is absolutely a letdown where the guys start looking sideways at the coaches. You're correct it took the air out of the team.. But not just the team.. It took the air out of a lot of us fans too. Most of us knew we were going to lose at that moment. We might have been holding out hope up to that point but once that happened it was game over.14 called running plays all game long.. In a game that was one score until the 4th quarter? Or was it late 3rd? Either way, the sheer unwillingness to even challenge Washington and make them play honest defense was inexcusable. You can't drop Dalton back 40-50 times with good protection and expect to win.. With no protection you have no chance. Line up in three tight ends and run the power I for all I care but just surrendering on the run completely is garbage.. I will probably watch the Baltimore game more to see Dez than anybody on our team. Now that he's on the permanent roster I at least have one guy I can watch and root for every week. I mean I will root for this team.. but I'm not expecting another win until Zack and Erving come back. And if we're eliminated, I question whether we would even bring Zack back.
  17. GMO415

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    Looks like a rebuild to me. Better do something or Wash will own us for years to come.
  18. mrmojo

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    This post could have been posted since after Parcells left, Jerry has ignored the trenches, on the defensives side at least, for years.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2020
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    ABQCOWBOY Regular Joe....

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    Fake punt call wasn't the problem. The design and execution of that play was the problem. The fake punt was there.
  20. America's Cowboy

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    There are no current DTs, LBs, CBs or S in next year's draft worthy of a Top 10 overall pick, much less a Top 5 overall pick. So why not pick the best Olineman in the draft who is easily ranked in the Top 5 and can play both Tackle and Guard positions? Or would you rather overdraft for a defensive player not worthy of such a high pick? Cowboys are in big need of both a O-Tackle and/or an O-Guard as we have seen this season. Cowboys can use rounds 2-7 on Defense. Problem solved with best case scenario due to value of said positional players coming out of the draft.
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