NBA Season: 2020/2021

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by darthseinfeld, Jan 1, 2021.

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    porzingis trade + contract is just so bad and harming to this team

    it is very sad for porzingis that THJ is the best piece of the trade

    donnie nelson have to trade him. idc if it is a lose trade. porzingis is the softest player i have ever saw in my life and he is so injury prone any way. get off that contract ASAP he is not going to get any better or change how he play.

    oh josh richardson trade also so bad. he is a 3+D but he can not shoot 3 or play D. should be 3D = 3 dozen turn over per game.

    this roster need so much work.
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    Agreed, Porzingis is next to worthless, yet he's played nearly all of game 7 I think. Very strange decision by Carlisle.
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    Though I agree with u, there will be problems. If the Mavs do trade Porzingis it will be for a loss like mentioned due to the contract and injury history. So, let’s say they do that. They trade Porzingis for another bad contract out there. I don’t who is out there that fits that description at the moment. Let’s say they find another John Wall scenario. Then want? The FA class this offseason isn’t very good. The only way the Mavs can get better is through the trade market and unfortunately for the Mavs and us the draft assets are just not there to get another frontline player. Not this year anyway. Of course the Mavs would probably love trade Porzingis, but if they do that you may end up with an even worse team next year.
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    to be honist i think my dream miracle would be some team still believe in porzingis and have the expiring to match salary. if the mavs have to take a step back for a little to get flexibilty in the future then i would do that.

    i would also take almost any equal bad contract with equal or less length for porzingis like kevin love or some one like that. even though his value is so low as ever right now i think porzingis is a player who u say it is WAY better to get rid of him a year too soon then a year too late. with his injury history i think him and his contract could get even worse real fast if u can believe that after this series and season!

    team also need to get role player who fit with luka better and also need to draft way better.

    there is work to do but the mavs have the best young superstar in the game so they have the hardest part done already :oldcouple:
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    Terry Rozier is a guy I have earmarked as a great fit for Luka. Can shoot off the catch or bounce, can create for himself or play off the ball, and is a great defender. Only a so-so playmaker as a PG, which Luka more than offsets. I don't think Charlotte values him enough, and I could see them moving him and some for Porzingis. Rozier is a dog too and is a big reason we got to the ECF in 2018
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    Marcus Smart is being discussed BY BOSTON as a possible fit next to Luka.
    Could see both teams wanting to get a deal done but no idea who BOS would be targeting.
    Dallas would probably be willing to move a ton for Smart who does fit next to Luka as a tough, physical 2G that can play Point if needed.

    As Mavs fan I think KP has been a bit hard done. He is not a big part of the offense and his physical strength is simply limited which has long been known.
    He works hard on his strength in the off-season but his body can't handle any bulk.
    He's so overpaid he's probably struck in Dallas until they find a way to elevate his value by featuring him more.
    His defense is very understated with his length tipping passes and clogging lanes.
    But he is not a good rebounder because he can't box anyone out.
    Andf his post play is analytical nightmarish because weak 2 PT FG% says don't even try it.

    Have to give Ty Lue credit. He got roflstomped first two games at home but he gave up any dreams of PatBev and some other vets doing much and went with the far more athletic group of KL/PG13/Batum a TON. That slowed down all of Luka's help which was smart. Luka was going to get 30 every night regardless. Letting THJ or DFS get 25+ meant a loss.

    I very much believe Luka is a young LeBron and that also means DAL is in CLE spot long ago where they need to build around Luka or he bolts to go win titles.
    DAL has to feel that pressure in the front office.
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    yes i do think they need to feel pressure and be aggressive. i do not want to be hearing luka is only 22 so there is so much time and no rush to do any thing big or any thing like that to be honist.

    in this player empowermint era u cant take a player loyalty for granted or waist a season or two or more by being patient if there is move to be made. if u have some one who can for real be one of the best ever to play i am not waisting a single season with any non sense.

    not to be so simple but i think a mind set donnie nelson have to have is GET SHOOTING! when u get more shooting then get even more shooting and if u think enough get even more haha. i really do not think u can ever come close to having "TOO MUCH" shooting now in the nba.
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  8. darthseinfeld

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    I can definitely see a Smart to Dallas deal, but I definitely think it would be a three team deal. Boston will mostly likely package him with Thompson and other fodder to get a max(ish) contract. Mostly likely for a long term 3rd banana to play with Tatum and Brown. Hard to tell who that could be at this point, but Dallas could definitely get involved in that. Brandon Ingram is my first choice. We'd send out significant draft capital along with Smart, Thompson and other fodder. A name that has been tossed around is Denangelo Russell. Obviously much less valuable than Ingram, but comparable salary wise. I dont think either team would value Smart as much as Dallas, so I think a three way deal would be beneficial to all parties.

    Here is an interesting thought for you. Kemba for KP. I think this is a good move for Dallas if they think they can pull off a FA coup. Kemba's deal expires when Beal is a FA. And that class is supposed to be pretty deep. I know Dallas hasnt had much success courting FA's, so I don't know how appealing that line of thinking is to them. However Luka is a very strong selling point
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    Lots of Mavs fans suggest mock trades Kemba/Smart for KP and other pieces since word broke BOS was discussing Smart's fit in Dallas (where he is from and with Smart saying he heard BOS fans saying racist things It is pretty clear he isn't coming back).
    THJ/Brunson/Powell/Maxi are all mentioned in variations of that deal.

    Now take the pieces of that trade the Mavs send and some other moderate stuff and you def should be be able to grab d'Angelo Russel if you want him.
    Brandon Ingram will get maxed for sure in NO and it will be hard for anyone to get him.

    Would Dallas also take Thompson? Possibly.

    A trade of
    Resigned JJ Redick (he wants to be on East Coast close to his kids.)
    Opted in Josh Richardson (1 year deal at 10m to clear cap space next year)
    Jalen Brunson (low price quality backup PG.)

    Thompson (basically just dead weight contract)
    Walker (bad contract but useful to DAL as a scoring guard who drains FT)

    And as bad as KP's deal is, Kemba''s is 5m a year richer for an older player.

    I think DAL first choice next to Luka is Smart but Lonzo Ball is 2nd. Lonzo improving his 3pt shot makes him viable.

    Now if you are BOS and get that deal what pieces fit to keep and what to trade off in other part of the deal? Would you keep some pieces til trade deadline if required to move on and change team chemistry after a rocky season?
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    Its really hard to predict what we are going to do this offseason. Stevens is a complete unknown in the FO, and we still dont know who we are looking at as Coach (Billups or Kara Lawson is my guess).

    As far as who I want them to look at. Ingram is the only real name Id like to see them aggressively pursue. He is signed on the same timeline as Tatum and Brown and fits perfectly with those three. In any positionless scheme, that is gonna hard to defend. There have been rumors they are shopping him because they haven't been able to win and dont think he isna fit with Zion. Silly to me, and stupid if they do IMO. But if they truely were, Id pay the asking price in any draft capital centered deal. Even with Smart as a part of the deal, it would take significant frp's (3 min), but Id do it if that got it done. A trio of Tatum, Brown and Ingram is a legit contender for the next 4 years.

    With guys like KP and Russell, I think there are possibilities with them as a 3rd option. But they come with alot of questions too. Id be more in favor of Russell if Stevens was still coaching with his PG friendly. Kara Lawson is a Stevens disciple, so if they go that route (better chance than I think alot realize, very tight with Tatum and Brown) Russell becomes a more interesting fit
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    I gotta admit, contract aside, I still think giving up 2021 and 2023 FRPs which will both be in the 20s is a steal.

    At the end of the day, Porzingis is still just 25 years old and has a unique skill set. And we aren't just talking potential, he's at worse 20 and 9 player that will shoot 35-39% from three all at 7 foot 3.

    If the relationship weren't severed beyond repair and if Porzingis was suck a ****, I'd gladly give the two first round picks back for him
  12. darthseinfeld

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    He has been rumored to us. I dont like that contract, injury history or playoff performance. However a big sell to me is that as a 3rd option he may be able to do alot of damage and open things up for Tatum and Brown
  13. darthseinfeld

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    Will be real interesting if Milwaukee can even the series with Brooklyn. They looked terrible the first two games, and not great game 3, but if they get it together they are a team that can give Brooklyn series problems. Especially if Harden cant suit up game 5 and beyond
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    I grew up watching and playing a lot of basketball. Then for some reason I became disinterested in the NBA. I just watched a game last night for the first time in nearly 20 years. Only because it was the Nets and they used to play in my area since forever. They were my team in the ABA.

    Like I said, I've been out of the loop for the better part of two decades. Who the hell is this Durant guy? ***? He reminded me of Larry Bird with some power ups added. What a treat that was to watch.
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    Durant is the best player in the world when healthy but he's been injured for most of the last 3 years.
    He is impossible to match up with because he scores effortlessly at all 3 levels.
    Exactly zero people can score on Giannis efficiently except KD or guys who will jack it 30 foot out and happen to be hot that night.
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    KP is an unbelievable floor spacer and his defense in space is quite strong just based on length. He is just not a physical presence. He's never going to be thick or strong in the lower body. More weight just puts more wear and tear on his knees and ankles which are beat up as is. And he is not a good rebounder because he lacks quickness off the floor.
    BUT he is a really skilled player in an era of skill. 25 foot shot is zero issue for him.
    He can handle the ball well for a 7'3" dude but you don't want him pretending to be KD.

    LAC is a tough match up for him because they have the best 5 out all wings lineup in basketball.
    Kawhi and PG13 are physically strong enough and more athletic than him.
    I mean as a team they were built to beat the LeBron/AD duo so they were a tough match-up for the Mavs super-lite version of LBJ/AD with Luka/KP once Lue went all wings.

    But KP is a guy you have to expect only gives to ~40 games at 100%, ~20 games at 75% and ~20 games out.
    That reduces his value quite a lot but in those 40 games he is a legit All-Star caliber player.

    IMHO KP > Kemba Walker but most Mavs fans may disagree as they are in their feelings over how KP performed this post-season and haven't watch Kemba lately or on a team where he doesn't have the ball as a primary ball handler.

    I think BOS could be a very good fit for KP with Tatum and Brown and a resigned Robert Williams in a 4 out scheme. Do they like Carsen Edwards, Aaron Nesmith and Romeo Lankford enough to play them in a rotation?
    What Mavs pieces would they like? THJ and Brunson would seem appealing. DAL bigs like Powell/Maxi/WCS far less so beyond being pretty cheap.
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    donnie nelson and voulgaris both out thanks god

    donnie have to go so i am glad and i do not even know why voulgaris had so much power but i am very glad he is gone also.

    there was some weird and not good stuff going on with voulgaris i can tell that much!!!!!
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    Sixers blew a 26 point lead…lol. Couldn’t happen to a better team or city.
  19. Manwiththeplan

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    Once that report came out about Voulgaris and Doncic, you knew his days were numbered.
  20. bewp7

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    now carlisle out

    that is not good lol

    hope that firm cuban hire for pobo and gm is a good one becuse they have some big work to do!!!!!

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