News: NBC: Jaylon Smith expects to be better than Notre Dame 100 percent

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jobberone, May 17, 2018.

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    Jaylon Smith expects to be “better than Notre Dame 100 percent”
    Posted by Charean Williams on May 16, 2018, 10:14 PM EDT
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    No longer in need of an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) brace for drop foot, Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith has no more reminders of his devastating knee injury from two years ago. Instead, he sees only a bright future.

    “From the start, people thought I’d never be able to play the game again,” Smith said, via Kate Hairopoulos of the Dallas Morning News. “I’ve been able to accomplish that and each and every day I’ve gotten better. Last year, each game I improved.

    “I’m getting there. I’m going to be better than Notre Dame 100 percent. My overall knowledge of the game has improved each and every day, and [I’m physically] going to improve as well.”

    Smith’s knee injury in the final game of his Notre Dame career — on New Year’s Day 2016 — severely damaged his peroneal nerve. He sat out all of 2016 in a redshirt season of sorts before playing 16 games with six starts last season while becoming one of the rare NFL players to play with an AFO brace.

    He doesn’t expect to need it this season.

    “I’m happy,” Smith said. “There’s a great chance that I won’t have to play with it this year. I haven’t wore it since the offseason training began, [and I] want to keep it going.”

  2. jobberone

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    Sounds like not quite normal to me with waffling on the AFO brace.

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    If Jaylon makes a leap this year and looks like the player from Notre Dame and if Sean Lee stays healthy, my goodness our LBs will be nasty.

    Jaylon, Gregory and Vander Esch are all huge X factors. If one reaches their potential, that's a big win. If two reach their potential, we are gonna be scary. If all three do, hoo boy mama.
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    If Jaylon completely gets his lateral agility back and he learns to recognize plays quicker( he’s got a great roll model in Lee) he could really help this D this year. Our LB’s have some serious potential to be ELITE as a group.
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    I'm pulling for him, and if all it took was good character and hard work it would be foolish to bet against him. The only downside to Jaylon's complete recovery and return to dominance is the likelihood of future gambling on injured players. I do hope we catch lightning in a bottle but realize that's not a feat that one can expect regular success. God speed Jaylon.
  6. gp_cowpolk

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    I'm an Irish fan have been since I was a kid Watched him play a lot of games he is going to be great and like Van he can cover like a corner he even has corner speed 4.44 40 is faster than most corner backs
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    I think by the time Jaylon peaks, Lee will start to slip. I hope im wrong. I also hope They do what i heard and use Jaylon to rush.
  8. waving monkey

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    The power of mind on body is now recognized in the medical community. With JSmith's positive mental thoughts
    I cant see him failing.
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  9. gp_cowpolk

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    When he is for sure 100% i'd like to see them try him at Safety he has the speed
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  10. lockster

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    Safety wouldn't be a bad idea some because if necromancer some serious muscle, he won't ever be running over guys moving toward him or big guys. He lacks power. Plays soft in my eyes.
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    Cowboy Jaylon expects to be better than College Jaylon... wow! Imagine that. So what have the Cowboys been getting from him up until now?.... High School Jaylon?
  12. big dog cowboy

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    Give this kid a full off season free of rehab and you will see a much improved Jaylon this year.

    Add in all the experience and knowledge he has gained and that should excite Cowboy fans.
  13. kevm3

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    A Jaylon hampered by what many thought was a career ending or limiting injury
  14. Toomany10pins

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    Good luck young man.
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    I'm actually a little disappointed. I thought he was past the brace but if there's a chance he won't even need it this year then that means he still needs it now in a game situation.
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    Even if he still needs or uses the brace at least to start the season, he still will be improved over last year. I believe half, if not more of any issues last season, was mental over physical. If he is running cutting, practicing without it now, then wearing it during games will be just a precaution until he is ready to go without it.

    It takes quite a while to go from wearing one of those braces to playing without one.
    And I know from experience, though not at a professional level, or even an organized level, but just pick up type games. It takes some time. But now with all the improved medical advances, as well as the medical staff and trainers the team have. This will be great to see any improvement. I think he will show us a big improvement.
  17. 88sAndHeartbreak

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    You were the main person who was adamant about him never playing again. So him playing in any form, should be a miracle of modern medicine to you. So why criticize?
  18. waving monkey

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  19. zrinkill

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    I see someone is still salty his prediction did not come through.

  20. BermyStar

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    Good for you Jaylon!

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