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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, May 5, 2021.

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    or it could be Conner Williams as the backup center, he was reportedly taking reps at the center role last summer in training camp.

    per an injury to Tyler B., if Williams is already starting again at LG, he moves over to C in a injury pinch, while reserve McGovern steps in as a sub LG.

    if McGovern wins the starting role at LG, then reserve Williams simply comes in as a sub center.
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    Ball and Nsekhe should be the backups with Ball being the swing next season.

    Balls tape was solid. His off the field stuff is another story. But strictly football he can play tackle in this league and Brugler believes he has a future at LT.

    Im also pretty sure they will bring back Joe Looney on a 1 year, 2 million dollar deal here shortly to shore up more depth inside
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    They should have used at least one of the 3rd round picks on a OT.

    None of the players we drafted can start at RT/LT. They are probably headed to the practice squad.

    Knight and Steele are not 1's. might never be.

    They are counting on TSMith and Collins to play an entire season.
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    Huh? The OT we took in the 4th Josh Ball has been cited by numerous draft sites that he is a 2nd round talent but his domestic violence incident from 2017 caused many teams to shy away from taking him. We did get a good OT. Hes just hard to root for honestly, but hes on the team to here is to hoping he has matured since then.
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    Hey, I'm a battler. That's got to count for something, right? Bad measurables, but plenty of heart.
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    The tackles picked in the 3rd round were: Mayfeld, Christenson (before the Osa pick) and Spencer Brown, Robert Hainsey after. James Hudson and Dan Moore were picked in the 4th before Ball. Unless they trade up, looks like they could of pick 1 of 4 before going with Ball in the 4th.
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    Good idea. Go go gadget fingertips 1/4 inch longer. Championship!
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    The guy is a G and picked 238th in the draft. I'd say just making the cut would be a fine accomplishment.
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    Waste of space. Won't make the cut. Certainly won't be our center, you people suggesting that are ridiculous. Remember I told you so. :D
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    to be fair, ESPN ranks him as the 16th T in the draft. 218 overall rank. His skill level ranks out at 44.

    Not a starter.

    He'll have to beat out Steele or Knight for a spot.
  11. DuncanIso

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    Spencer Brown or Dan Moore > Ball.
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    I dont care what ESPN has to say :espn:. There rankings are trash after first round players. They focus on the big names. TheDraftNetwork, ProFootballNetwork, and Dane Brugler all say hes a day 2 talent and eventual starter at Left Tackle. If it wasnt for his incident in 2017 he would have gone by the end of the 2nd round. Don't be fooled because he was playing on a conference usa team that hes not that good. He transferred from Florida State to Marshall due to his DV incident.
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