PFT: Papa John's CEO, Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder wanted Goodell fired

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, May 7, 2022.

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    The normal level fan as in mainstream society don’t always look beyond what they see .

    And what they can’t seem to come to terms with is todays society and issues of the era are driving the changes. In order to preserve the game and protect the shield the league which is made up of 32 owners designates one representative to navigate through it all on their behalf.

    The fact it’s not only survived but flourished thru all of these challenges and turmoil is a testament to their efforts and his representation.

    Could someone else have done better. Perhaps but they could have done worse as well. And why there’s a bottomline . One apparently the owners cumulatively are more than pleased with.
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    Jerry firing Jimmy was almost 30 years ago and you still bellyaching about it? :lmao: Get over it already! Just saying. ;)
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    John Gruden too.

    Former Raiders coach Jon Gruden alleges in a lawsuit that the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell sought to destroy his career and reputation through a malicious and orchestrated campaign.
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    And the conspiracy kooks create stories beyond what they see.
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    And these things have ruined the NFL?

    Like I said multiple times, no one is perfect and Goodell has his warts. But in every objective measurement the league has grown into the monolith it is today during his tenure.
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    Did he grow the NBA and MLB also?

    There is massive money in pro sports. It is a great time to be a commissioner. Goodell is a clown.
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    This is what everyone needs to understand. Owners are helpless as long as a group of owners opposes them. They always have the votes to push their agenda & penalize those who annoy them.
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    Heck, Brandon coulda rode that train to the top of the mountain.
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    The MLB has been stagnant for years lmao in fact they’ve lost so much popularity and viewership it’s insane. Terrible comparison.

    The NBA is constantly fighting to be relevant on TV they haven’t had a huge broadcast in years. The NFL smokes them every year.

    Don’t be obtuse, the growth the NFL has experienced the last 10 years is unparalleled by any other sport it’s not even close.


    “A huge reason for the high revenue is television exposure and deals. More and more people are watching sports on their televisions and that sport tends to be football. The NFL has deals with Fox, CBS, NBC and ESPN and will make $5 billion annually from those contracts for the 2014-2022 seasons. That completely dwarfs the annual TV revenue that the other leagues make. The MLB earns $1.5 billion and the NBA has revenue of $930 million from television.

    To tackle TV from another perspective, take into account that since Sept. 1, 2010, NFL games have accounted for an amazing 55 percent of all TV shows averaging 20 million viewers, 70 percent of all TV shows averaging 30 million viewers and 92 percent of all TV shows averaging 40 million viewers.

    But people aren’t just watching the NFL at their homes. Fans are coming by the thousands to watch games on the gridiron in state-of-the-art stadiums. In 2012 the league had an average attendance of 67,604 fans at each game—up 2,561 from 2009. That proves that the NFL is growing and not just resting on previous laurels, though attendance has yet to match its peak in 2007. Now this is the part where I tell you how Goodell’s baby is absolutely demolishing the other leagues. The average attendance at NFL games doubles that of the MLB (30,895 people in 2012) and almost quadruples the NBA (17,274 in 2012, down 246 from 2009).

    If you didn’t catch all of that, I have compiled the information into a handy table below showing the dominance of the NFL.”
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    Of course football is king in the US in total $$. That is not because on RG. The NBA and MLB are not stagnant and have grown revenues over the last two decades also. You cant be this dumb.
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    You’re being dumb lol. Why are you leaving out context? Obviously all the sports have grown in the past 20 years dude no one’s saying everyone else has completely stopped. The point is relative to other sports the NFL’s rate of growth has been many times higher than the MLB and NBA.

    If it’s all due to time why haven’t there all grown as much as the NFL?

    Literally just sent you an article that illustrates how much more the NFL has grown and why. If you don’t want to answer with actual facts and just call names then don’t respond lol. I actually like to do research and speak with facts not just make obvious general points like “all sports have grown”. Yeah no crap smart guy but at what rate? NFL is a ratings giant, the other two aren’t.

    Here’s another:

    “Clark may have slightly overstated the dominance the NFL held over the top broadcasts of 2020 — according to Sportico, the NFL delivered 33 of the 50 biggest broadcasts of the year by audience, including 14 of the top 20 — but the point stands.

    When it comes to putting up ratings, the NFL can no longer be compared to other sports, or really any other sort of programming in general. The league is in a league of its own.”
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