PHI was missing top 3 CBs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by NorthwestDallas40, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Praxit

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    ..ain't that the truth. Good teams win with their backnups. I guess that's us.
  2. Furboy

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    How I feel when I hear people whining about us beating the Eagles:

  3. rpntex

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    Wow, I misread your post. I thought you said we were knocked up. The “k” threw me off (nicked).
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  4. Cas2800

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    I hope New Orleans lay 50+ on them next week.
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  5. Mobinvans

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    Every team is missing players
  6. Big D

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    Every team deals with it. Don't hate the player , hate the game.
  7. Furboy

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    Oh, that would drive Philadelphia absolutely mental, wouldn't it?
  8. JoeyBoy718

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    Yep. Excuses are lame when we win or lose. We were better than the Eagles tonight.
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  9. Idgit

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    Autocorrect 'fixed' knicked for me for a few minutes there. :) I should have changed it to 'nicked' for me. oops.
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  10. Seven

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    And Dallas wasn't....?

    Get a grip "Cowboy" Roy.........

    Did you not see a better team with the same statistics?


    Did you not see Cleveland beat Atlanta? Titans STOMP the Patriots?

    Football, Roy. Get used to it..........1-800-Mommy.

    There were plenty of ways to lose this game, in Philly......they did NOT.
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  11. Seven

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    Screw you. Rookie guard, Martin out then playing hurt, no Austin, rookie WR in Gallup (for all intents) Amari picked up two weeks ago no Cooper, NO FREADBEARD, a very young LB CORE and according to this board....Heath sucks.

    Game was won fair and square, Goldilocks.

    Did you watch it? It was a battle.......just so you know.
  12. xwalker

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    Cowboys were on their 5th and 6th OGs at one point.

    Marcus Martin
    Guy from KC on IR
    Xavier Su-Filo (started)
    Adam Redmond (played when Martin was out)
  13. ClintDagger

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    It seems like OP’s main point is being missed. He wasn’t saying the win requires an asterisk. Obviously every team is dealing with injuries by now. He was saying don’t count on our passing game being “fixed” because their injuries to the secondary would probably set up any team to have success throwing it around.
  14. lukin2006

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    Well, the refs more than overcompensated for the eagle's injuries...
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  15. Broges74

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    They're essentially the same team they were last season. They were playing .500 ball and coming off a bye.

    That won't happen simply due to how good our D is. Also, if you are going to hope for a Cowboys loss as a Cowboys fan, it better be for the greater good... Not getting lit up for your personal enjoyment.
  16. aria

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    Bro, we just beat the 4-5 defending Super Bowl champs! Pump nothing, full speed ahead! The road to the SB goes right through Dallas this year.
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  17. aria

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    Honest question, what makes you think our D is that good? We have yet to play a top 10 offense, have barely scratched the surface of playing a top 15 offense and haven’t beat a team with a winning record.

    Call me crazy but I’ll remain very skeptical until we actually beat a good team.
  18. 1972COWBOY

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    Most teams are depleted now. A lot of injuries not just Philly but Cowboys and many other teams. The SB will go to the best coached team with fewest injuries maybe.
  19. baltcowboy

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    We play Atlanta on the road next week. Their offense is top 5. They lost to the Browns but the Falcons will be favored to beat us. We win that game you would have to be impressed.
  20. Mr_V

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    Heads are rolling in Philly after that loss. Players or
    And we are missing a Coaching Staff.

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