Plan going forward?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Oct 28, 2020.

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    Don't need to tank to get a top 5 overall pick. We are that bad. I would draft the best defensive player on the board. If that means trading down so that someone else pick one of the QB's so be it. We can come up with at least 3 starters on defense and one of them should be an impact player which we've lacked since Demarcus Ware left. Evaluate the players we currently have and part ways with the ones not buying into the new staff regardless of salary or draft investment.
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  2. exciter

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    How many Chargers fans you figure would want to debate the fact they should have kept Drew Brees?
  3. gongjr

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    Going forward, get the team to play fast with effort. If that happens I'd consider that a win coming from where we are currently.
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    However, you're going under the supposition that Dak is equal to Brees. Might be eventually, but isn't there yet.

    How many Texans fans would want to debate the fact that they should've kept Brock Osweiler? How about Jamarcus Russell and the Raiders? How about Alex Smith and the 9ers? Kapernick and the 9ers?

    Pointing to one example doesn't make necessarily make a parallel. Derek Anderson, Matt Schaub, Kirk Cousins. There's always a QB that puts the team in a quandry over whether to keep or not.

    Is Dak top 5? Hard to say at this point. That's why it's debatable, not because one team one time regretted letting someone go.
  5. cowboyblue22

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    going to take way more than a qb to get this team over the hump
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    I thought fitzpatrick trade rumors were just that rumors from some media pundit, trying to fill air time and attempting to put 2&2 together.

    if Jerry is throwing in the towel, it would be utterly stupid to trade a pick for fitzpatrick, only to let him go next year, for a season that's going nowhere fast.

    I would like to see the kid. he is going to get hit. he is going to be like a deer in the headlight, but if he shows a few plays, where he lets his instincts take over, we might like what we see. I like the daring throw he made to Cooper and the short pass. he was accurate and the ball had zip, although he should have led cooper on the throw, but hopefully he will learn....I like to see moore come up with a quick throw, 3 step drop passing game this week...perhaps lots of shot gun, get rid of the ball kind of game plan, and let WRs do the damage after the catch....and maybe maybe maybe a couple of deep shots
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    I dont believe that will happen but I had two opposing trains of thought with the latest roster moves.

    One, we are cutting cap because they know we aren't going anywhere this year.

    The other is these guys are being cut solely based on a lack of production and these moves do not signify any admission of a lost season.

    While I dont believe we will go after Fitz it would not suprise me either. Jerry is the ever the optimist. They say he's selling snake oil, but he's not just a salesperson. He's a client too. Lol he believes it.
  8. TheSkaven

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    The plan is to win the #1 pick this year. As fans, we grit our teeth every Sunday and hope for silver lining in every loss.

    This offseason, we have a choice that will decide the future of the franchise.

    Option 1: Draft Trevor Lawrence #1 overall and spend the rest of your picks and free agent moves on the offensive and defensive lines. Cut bait with some of the high priced veterans, I don’t care how big their cap hit is. Franchise Dak for one year while Lawrence learns and throw Dak to the wolves while the offensive line gels.

    Option 2: Trade out of the #1 pick with a Hershel Walker style trade, netting picks that will become the foundation of the franchise for years to come. Sign Dak to a $38M per year contract. Use the picks on the offensive and defensive lines. Try to rehabilitate the veterans who are slacking. Go for the championship now.
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  9. CowboysWillRise

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    Thats a good point. There is no need to tank. Hell we could sign Fitz and get this offense back to 80% of what it was (for the sake of discussion,) and the defense would still flounder. Our defense is really that bad and none of the returning players can bridge that gap.
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  10. rocyaice

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    I agree. And that's the thing about drafting a once again spend a 1st rounder on offense......ONCE AGAIN.
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  11. bewp7

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    2 option...cowboys will keep losing so it is not like tanking is optional

    1. get a top 2 pick and draft lawrence or fields and do a complite rebuild

    2. get a top 2 pick and trade down and rebuilt the defense and OL

    no matter what u have to hope and pray the cowboys can get a top 2 pick some how.
  12. jazzcat22

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    that would be dumb of any player to be that way. 5 years is a long way off. And if you bring the team a SB within that 5 years, heck yes they will pay just like Mahomes got paid.
    A player can’t look at what is going on with Dak as to want to play, especially if you are drafted by that team.
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  13. SSoup

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    This is the crowd who doesn't particularly care if the QB play will be worse if it's not Dak, just as long as it's not Dak anymore. Because they have a blindspot for Dak and don't see anything good. They thought Cooper Rush should've replaced him in 2017. They thought Mike White should've replaced him in 2018. They got rock-hard when they found out Dalton would get a chance to take over and prove anybody could do what Dak does with this offense, and then they pretended not to see it when Dalton played so poorly and disproved their theory. They were distracted by a squirrel or a bumblebee or something when Dalton proved just how wrong they were all along.

    None of the last five quarterbacks picked first overall in the draft is any better than Dak yet. But they assume the next one will be automatically by a wide margin, somehow. Has to be. And, for people who have made up their minds anyone other than Dak is an upgrade, they'll be happy with the decision even if the replacement is terrible.
  14. Hawkeye0202

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    +1 ....there was a tweet showing all QB- ratings for QBs taken first overall in the draft last 15 or 20 years ( not sure which one ) for their first 4 seasons.......only ONE had a better rating than Dak. So you are exactly right ........drafting a QB with first or even 2nd even isn't guaranteeing what some may think. Hell, look the today's top QBs ( Mahome, Watson, Jackson, Wilson, etc) and where they were drafted.
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  15. TwentyOne

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    Yoz are a guy who thinks JJ has a plan or even is able to think a rational thought?


    Keep it up, way up.
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  16. exciter

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    Went to school with quite a few Texans fans, not one would make that argument. I can’t see too many fans making that argument for the others mentioned. Russell really? As of now you would be hard pressed to say Dak isn’t pushing at least top 10, especially after seeing the last 2 weeks. From what I’ve seen Lawrence’s ceiling is about Matt Ryan or Rivers he’s good but not so good that he isn’t going to need a supporting cast, just like Dak, he just doesn’t strike me as having the football IQ of P Manning, Brees or Brady that can consistently make a lesser team better. And after 5 years he going to want to get paid, even if he hasn’t won a SB!
  17. big dog cowboy

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    The plan going forward is to do everything possible now to prepare for next season.
  18. conner01

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    If we do get the top pick you have to take Lawrence
    I don’t see that happening but you never know
    Most likely I see top 5-7
    If that’s the case I extend Dak and build a defense
    And for this year I keep moving guys that I can
    After the season I move on from jaylon and I don’t extend LVE
    I extend Gallup after this season and after when I can I move on from Cooper
    I think cutting Poe, Worley and trading griffin sends a good message
    Not that we are tanking but that we are looking for players who want to win and show up every week
  19. garyo1954

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    Same with any QB, doesn't make any difference if the name is Fitzpatrick or DiNucci or Mickey Freaking Mouse! Name might as well be mud, death, and "collect on my injury policy now" the way this Oline is playing.
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  20. CowboysWillRise

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    Letting Dak go would be a monumental gamble. If they were to do that they may as well scrap everything and start from the beginning. I understand the cap limitations but Daks salary isn't the problem. The problem is the over rated, selfish players we chose to re-sign. They are what is killing this team period.

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