Pollard is a better receiver than Gallup

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dak_Attack_09, May 30, 2020.

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    What an embarrassment of a thread. If I’m OP, I delete this immediately and act like it never happened.
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    I'm not one to begrudge someone's alternate opinion. You could be right on this, I want to give it another year. See what happens. And hey, it's the job of our coaching staff to see this.

    A lot of WRs benefit from a good #1. Especially if they have a good running game. Juju, like you said, he was a great #2 until he became #1. Alvin Harper was a great #2. But at least these guys were able to pull it off. I still think Gallup is a pretty good secondary WR. I really don't know a lot about Pollard because he wasn't used a lot.
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    Let’s call this thread a mulligan
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    Gallup and Pollard both passed.
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    I’ve scrolled past this thread title 2-3 times now and finally clicked into it just today and won’t read a word of it.

    Pollard a better receiver than Gallup? A face palm isn’t enough to convey the stupidity.

    Next it’ll be Chris Jones is a better run blocker than Zack Martin.
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    Not even close.
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    How is he gonna start over Zeke and Gallup at the same time?
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    If you were just talking hands, could Pollard and Gallup be close, similar?
  10. Cowboy Lover

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    This is great! Although you had very easy pickings...you've demonstrated that just pure stats doesn't tell the whole story. Love it!
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    Nope. And the drops argument isn’t real because Gallup runs proper routes covered by a CB.
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    I can;t tell if you are mocking someone's comment or "eye test". But gjkoeppen just proved you have to use your eye to break down stats.
  13. Cmac

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    Mark Gallup down as a 2020 Fall Guy Nominee now. Got it.
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    I can't wait to see which Cowboy Dak_Attack wants to get rid of next and replace with someone less talented.
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  15. Typhus

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    So in Pollards rookie season he only had 15 receptions for 105 yrds, that's 7 yds avg per reception, in a very rookie limited role.
    I don't understand why there should be some kind of threat to Gallups role, Im not getting it, even with Pollard clearly having a developing role in this offense.
    Lets not confuse MM offense..... wide.... with JGs offense....narrow.
    There is room for multiple receiving options in MMs offense,, it doenst have to be just WR.
  16. Cover 2

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    It's angel dust, homes
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  17. glimmerman

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    If he is then give him some reps during the game at WR. Line him up as RB, put him in motion out to slot or outside and outside WR then motions to the slot. Instant confusion for the opposing defense.
  18. Redball Express

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    They drafted CeeDee to replace Gallop at some point.

    If that wasn't in the teams head before the draft..it occurred to them when he was drafted.

    Amari is #1 and deserves that.

    He has the credentials and the experience.

    Yes Gallop has benefited but no way is Pollard better than Gallop.

    Different position and skill sets.

    I like Pollard but if he keeps up his play, he will be leaving in 2 years as we will never afford to keep him.

    Much like we are losing Gallop after next season.
  19. xwalker

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    I'm as big a fan of Pollard as anyone. He was one of my pet cats in that draft before the Cowboys drafted him.

    However, this thread is just another trollish over-exaggeration to get attention and should have been posted in the Overtime Zone.

    Gallup has been a terrific player. There is no need to bash him to hype Pollard.

    I projected Pollard as the possible starting slot WR before they drafted Ceedee.

    I do expect Pollard to get more snaps/touches this season. It appears that Kellen Moore really likes him.
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  20. OmerV

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    Pollard and Gallup are used in entirely different ways, so the thread title and the OP really don't make sense. As a RB, and possibly as a possession receiver used out of the backfield or in the slot Pollard is better, but as an all around WR there is no reason to believe Pollard would fit the role as well as Gallup.

    As for being disrespectful, that doesn't fit either. Fans who say Gallup could be a 1 or 1B aren't automatically talking down other WR's, they are showing they like Gallup. It's their opinion, just like yours is yours. People could just as easily say you are being disrespectful to Gallup.
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