Pros and Cons: K'Lavon Chaisson

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by vaquerosdedallas, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. vaquerosdedallas

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    Now that Quinn is gone let's talk about drafting K'Lavon Chaisson. He said:

    "I can pass rush, drop in coverage and cover anybody you want me to cover, and I can play the run. No offensive lineman will ever just move me off the ball and bully me."

    Will he still be available at #17? If not, would it be worth it to trade up?
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  2. garyv

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    I think it depends on what else we do in free agency. I like him but is he a DE or OLB. Tell me if I'm wrong but he reminds me of Van Noy who was with NE
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  3. darthseinfeld

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    Dont overthink the DE or OLB. He is a pass rusher. He looks the part of a 3-4 edge, but he can rush with his hand in the dirt.

    If they want to run multiple fronts, a player like Chaisson may be more valuable to them than a more traditional 4 man line DE anyways
  4. darthseinfeld

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    I think he is in play at 17, and I think he would have been if we kept Quinn anyways. Dont think we ever planned on giving Quinn a legitimate long term extension
  5. garyv

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    Without me going to look do you know his hgt-wgt
  6. cnuball21

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    He’s high risk high reward.

    Seems to have great traits on film, but production didn’t match
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  7. beware_d-ware

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    I could see him being an elite cover LB if he put his mind to it. Probably 4.6 speed and scary fluidity. A selfish part of me wants to see him stick there just to see what would happen

    He's also strong at the point of attack. He's not going to blow up guys Derrick Brown style, but he doesn't get washed out either, which is big when you're giving up 70 lbs on most reps.

    That strength is going to be his ticket in the NFL IMO. His speed is going to be like a 95 MPH fastball - it'll scare any tackle in the league, but they can deal with him if that's all he has. if he can get even an OK speed to power move to use on off-balance tackles, it's like giving that rocket-armed fastball pitcher a sinker.

    20 years old, only 1 year of experience, some strength already in his frame with room to grow... I bet he puts it together The risk is that he becomes just a Vic Beasley-ish speed guy, but the potential reward is a Pro Bowl DE who hits his prime at like 23 yo. I think the risk-reward combo makes sense at #17, if not earlier. I think the risk is he ends up as a streaky speed rusher like Vic Beasley, or just transitions to become a cover backer like Anthony Barr. The reward is that someone gets a Pro Bowl pass rush terror on the level of Danielle Hunter or Von Miller.
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  8. reddyuta

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    my no 1 target,really hoping we can land him.
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  9. vaquerosdedallas

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    That appeals to Jerry!

    Me too!
  10. cowboyec

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    love his size.
    big play capability.
    excellent run defender.
    gets after the QB.

    only red-flag was previous ACL...but it didnt seem to bother him last year.

    I wouldnt hate this pick at all at 17...or if we were to trade back.
    helluva player.
  11. Beaker42

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    Quinn sucked against the run and often ran himself past the QB.
  12. CATCH17

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    Yep.. I’m a big fan.. Dude can fly like Robert Quinn.
  13. D_Boyz

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    Reminds me of Dee Ford but bigger! And I dont want the Cowboys to do what they did with TJ Watt and not pick him cause they cant scheme for him. If hes what you want go get him and make it work! Thank God the old staff is gone!
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  14. fivetwos

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    This is one guy I can see coming off the board sooner than mocks have shown.

    Something like the Jets taking him at 11.

    Pass rush is a premium position and they arent at all cheap when they get to FA.

    If that happens, it pushes maybe one of the DTs or top WR to 17. Everyone cant be gone.

    At this point though, I would say our most likely pick at 17 would be Chiasson or Henderson.

    I do hope they add to the DLine one way or another and not rely solely on Gregory and Irving to save the day.
  15. morasp

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    He reminds me of Anthony Barr for the Vikings but maybe even more athletic.

  16. CalPolyTechnique

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    I will say the thing I really like about Chaisson is his motor. He’s active and will chase down plays in pursuit. That’s a big plus in my book.
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  17. Future

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  18. tm1119

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    Definitely an interesting prospect...reminds me a lot of Whitney Mercilus. Which isn’t a bad thing obviously.

    I think it will come down to exactly what kind of D scheme we will be using under Nolan/Tomsula. If we stick with more of a pure 4-3 and ask Chaisson to play with his hand on the ground consistently I’m not sure I’d be interested at 17. Seems like he’d be a pretty big project as an end.
    But if we are playing more of a hybrid 3-4 where we can have Chaisson at the star/hybrid/Leo(whatever you want to call it) position id be a lot more interested.
  19. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    Keep in mind he is 20 years old and is already 6'4 250 ish.. He's not even old enough to drink.

    I see a lot of Robert Quinn / Von Miller type of things with his hand in the dirt.

    This is my favorite game of his...

  20. dallas72

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    Hes Taco 2.0...looks likeTarzan plays like Jane
    0 production

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