QB Patrick Mahomes says he's not worried about getting passed over by other QBs in contract numbers

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They all gonna get paid as well, except maybe Pollard, but he's getting paid this year. It's a myth that players take pay cuts unless they gonna get cut themselves and know they can't get a better deal. Even for all the old timers around here, you think yall favorite players from the 70s would play for free or less than what they was worth. Even if it's nothing compared to today, they still was getting paid compared to the average worker. What don't yall understand about entertainment? The players are the entertainment, and the entertainment gets paid, point blank period.
What do you know? Seriously. You're 36 years old. You weren't even around during the 60s, 70s and 80s, so you have no place to be talking. FYI, an overwhelming majority of players during the 60s, 70s and 80s played for peanuts and love of the game. They even had 2nd jobs during the offseason to make ends meet.
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I applaud Patrick. Comes from a home of a Major league pitcher. Instead of becoming lazy and entitled. He made his own money.. He knows that his bottom line is directly tied to the success of his team.


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Dude literally comes on here all day and bags on Dak and the Cowboys, I guess he's really winning at life to have all this free time lol
It takes nothing going on anywhere else in one’s life to put up over 22,000 messages on a fan board in just over two years. That comes out to around 900 messages a month and most of them are just to bash Dak. That’s beyond strange. I doubt anyone else is averaging that many messages per month on this board.


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Pocket watching again.

Weird flex.

Dak is the 11th highest paid QB behind Daniel Jones and in front of Derek Carr......

Basically you just wanted to get a Pat Mahomes topic in the Cowboys Fan Zone portion of the site?
Anytime anybody inserts Mahomes into any thread it automatically upgraded it

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A lot of fans here seem to think it’s a crime for a player to want to get paid top dollar, as if they were in the players shoes they would accept a low deal. Lol You have idiots on this board claiming Dak is greedy and that he doesn’t care about the team. Lol I’ve never seen a bigger group of knuckleheads anywhere than what you find here.
Mahomes got paid top dollar. It’s easy to say AFTER you sign a huge deal I don’t care about the money.
In 2020, Mahomes became the player with the highest annual contract value when he signed a 10-year, $450 million deal with the Chiefs