QB Stats Through Two Years

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Dylan88Wilson, Aug 29, 2018.

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    Total Yards
    Aaron Rodgers - 8,995
    Peyton Manning - 8,009
    Dak Prescott - 7,630
    Carson Wentz - 7,534
    Tony Romo - 7,345
    Dan Marino - 7,332
    Tom Brady - 6,780
    Drew Brees - 5,627
    Joe Montana - 5,532
    Roger Staubach - 4,903
    Troy Aikman - 4,789

    Total TDs
    Dan Marino - 71
    Aaron Rodgers - 67
    Dak Prescott - 57
    Tony Romo - 57
    Peyton Manning - 54
    Carson Wentz - 51
    Tom Brady - 48
    Roger Staubach - 43
    Joe Montana - 38
    Drew Brees - 29
    Troy Aikman - 21

    Completion %
    Dak Prescott - 65.2%
    Tony Romo - 64.8%
    Aaron Rodgers - 64.2%
    Joe Montana - 64.0%
    Tom Brady - 62.8%
    Dan Marino - 62.2%
    Carson Wentz - 61.5%
    Roger Staubach - 61.4%
    Drew Brees - 59.5%
    Peyton Manning - 59.3%
    Troy Aikman - 55.1%

    Yards / Attempt
    Roger Staubach - 8.7
    Dan Marino - 8.5
    Tony Romo - 8.3
    Aaron Rodgers - 7.9
    Dak Prescott - 7.4
    Peyton Manning - 7.1
    Joe Montana - 7.0
    Carson Wentz - 6.8
    Tom Brady - 6.5
    Troy Aikman - 6.3
    Drew Brees - 6.1

    Dak Prescott - 17
    Roger Staubach - 19
    Aaron Rodgers - 20
    Joe Montana - 21
    Carson Wentz - 21
    Dan Marino - 23
    Tom Brady - 26
    Drew Brees - 31
    Tony Romo - 32
    Troy Aikman - 36
    Peyton Manning - 43

    Passer Rating
    Dan Marino - 104.5
    Roger Staubach - 98.9
    Aaron Rodgers - 98.5
    Tony Romo - 96.5
    Dak Prescott - 95.5
    Carson Wentz - 88.8
    Joe Montana - 88.2
    Tom Brady - 86.0
    Peyton Manning - 80.6
    Drew Brees - 73.1
    Troy Aikman - 62.0

    W/L Record
    Dan Marino - 21-4 (84%)
    Roger Staubach - 20-4 (83%)
    Tony Romo - 19-7 (73%)
    Dak Prescott - 22-10 (69%)
    Tom Brady - 22-10 (69%)
    Joe Montana - 15-8 (65%)
    Carson Wentz - 18-11 (62%)
    Aaron Rodgers - 17-15 (53%)
    Peyton Manning - 16-16 (50%)
    Drew Brees - 10-17 (37%)
    Troy Aikman - 7-19 (27%)

    *sips tea* Mornin’.
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  2. Sarge

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    The glaring stat to me is the INT's. If anything, Dak is underrated, certainly underappreciated by many.
  3. Prime21

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    I am optimistic about Dak but I would prefer if his better season was the most recent one.
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  4. lostar2009

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    Are these other QBs first two years?
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  5. Dylan88Wilson

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    This bears repeating as well...

    Dak before Zeke susp. & Tyron injury:
    2,013 TOTAL YDS, 20 TOTAL TDS, 4 INT

    Extrapolated over the entire 2017 season:
    4,026 TOTAL YDS, 40 TOTAL TDS, 8 INT
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  6. NorthTexan95

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    Amazing that Staubach is still so highly ranked. That was a very different passing era he played in.
  7. Dylan88Wilson

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    Not technically. I used Staubach’s 3rd & 5th seasons since he missed a lot of time in ‘69, ‘70 & ‘72. Tom Brady also didn’t play his rookie year, etc.
  8. Kevinicus

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    This tells me Dak is a product of his team more than a lot of other guys. I think this is definitely telling, but not in a positive way. I think there are other factors as well (ie. Defensive adjustments).
  9. DakPresgoat

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    Dak is a product of the team around him.

    Meanwhile Carson Wentz would have been MVP if not for his injury. Despite the fact that his team won the Super Bowl without him.

    Out of curiosity. What tells you that Dak is a product of his team, “more than a lot of other guys?”
  10. Kevinicus

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    Everyone's success or failure is in part a product of the guys around him (including coaching). I said it was more so than other guys in Dak's case. Wentz faced a lot of adversity with injuries last year as well and kept right along.

    An injury or two should not mean a near complete collapse at the QB position (unless that injury is to a QB).

    The Eagles were fortunate that their backup QB was capable enough to have a good run.
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  11. waving monkey

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    :hammer:the issue is settled
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  12. Aerolithe_Lion

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    7 years 210m$ the second the season ends? Or will Aaron Rodgers hike that price up?

    Some points:

    1. Gee, I wonder what 2 qbs sparked this comparison.

    2. It’s not fair to Dak to put Staubach, Romo and Rodgers in there, they weren’t true rookies. Dak would have been even better had he had time to sit.

    3. Can’t really compare anyone before 1990. The game has changed more than any other North American sport in that time. Putting Montana up there is no real comparison. Might as well used Otto Graham and Sid Luckman as well.

    4. Next you should compare the run games those guys had. How many total rushing yards their teams had in those first 2 seasons and cross reference/penalize. Dan will probably come way out on top on that one, which is why I think he’s still the gold standard for first two years.
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  13. QuincyCarterEra

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    But but but Dylan he should be a backup! Lol
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  14. QuincyCarterEra

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  15. Future

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    I get your point, but this is actually an indictment of Dak, not a compliment.

    Also, comparing total yards to guys like Peyton, Tony, Brady, Marino, etc. who never run is pretty misleading. It's passing yards that matter for a QB - and that number is good enough to use here without skewing it.
  16. CPanther95

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    I always suspected he was a better QB than Joe Montana or Tom Brady - now we have definitive proof.
  17. Carter

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    Everyone knows that Dak can put up good numbers when the whole Team is available and works.

    The Great ones though can grind out wins and put up points with Backups.

    Also you should put up Throwing Yards since most of These QB dont run much except for Dak.

    The Moment that his elite LT and RB went down his Performance was trash. Cant say that about guys like Rodgers, Brady, probably even Wentz. They can produce with Jags.

    We will see what Dak is about this year. Year 3 too me is deciding if he is a 1-2 year wonder or if he can be a true Franchise QB even if adversity Comes around
  18. AmericanCowboy

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    Scheme has something to do with it- Dak is at a huge net negative with our coaching staff
  19. QuincyCarterEra

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    How could Wentz produce with JAGS? Did you even watch his rookie season?
    You called Dak's performance trash, yet he will never have a season as trash as Wentz' rookie year.

    Rodgers and Brady are two of the best all time QBs, there's middle ground between being a 1-2 year wonder and Aaron freaking Rodgers.
  20. Streetwise

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    He will say anything to crap on Prescott.

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