Randy Gregory Article from ESPN - long and in-depth

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by remdak, Dec 4, 2018.

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    Who knew these guys worked for Jerry?
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    Just make him roommates with David Irving
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    I'm really pulling for Randy. I was a fan his coming out of Nebraska. I was psyched that the Cowboys were able to get him. Wearing #94 is a big responsibility. He has been contributing and I hope he continues to do so!
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    I agree. He tried to hurtle the guy and basically got tripped and fell into the guy. If he hadn't been tripped he would have blocked the punt. It was very close to being a spectacular play.
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    What difference does it make if it says bipolar or just depression. The only difference is the wild mood swings up that can lead to episodes of Mania. The depression part isn’t any more severe if it’s just simple depression or bipolar depression.

    What’s the argument? The guy has mental issues that many people share. Are people fighting over which clinical label allows them to cast more venom his way?
    If so this is sick.
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  6. pancakeman

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    This story reminded me of this TED talk on addiction that I strongly recommend. The isolation and exclusion that society imposes on addicts are basically the worst thing imaginable for their addictions.
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  7. erod

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    I hope the young man can tame his issues.

    But I don't expect he'll be with the Cowboys much longer.
  8. windjc

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    That article leaves me with the impression that Gregory has some pretty deep depression and anxiety issues. Unfortunately, playing in the NFL under that scrutiny is probably one of the worst professions he could possibly be in to keep those things under control.

    I think odds are he will fall off the wagon again at some point. And if he is being tested non stop all the time, its just a matter of time before he fails another test. Not because he is WEAK or a bad guy or whatever, but just because it sounds like he has a serious DISEASE and the type of disease that might take years or decades to overcome if ever at all.
  9. eromeopolk

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    Yes, this is your brain on drugs. To all the people saying that marijuana is from nature and can not hurt you or your life, then why do dogs eat grass to vomit?

    I hope he can understand that living sober is the best way to mentally, physically, and spiritually enjoy life.
  10. BlueStar22

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    It should take this article to empathize with what this kid was going through. If it did, you have to ask yourself why. Sure it was frustrating seeing him relapse but addiction is real folks.
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    As someone that is living with ptsd and depression from abuse when I was a child. I truly understand what this man lives with. Until people walk a mile in someone's shoes they would never know. You can have the best of days and the darkest of days that you just want to end it all. The thing is we didn't ask to be this way and it sucks. There needs to be more mental health training so people can fully understand. I think with having the right people around him and making sure he takes meds (if he is on them) the right way he should be good. I'm pulling for this young man not just because he plays on this team but because I know he can be great.
  12. Qcard

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  13. SuspectCorner

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    The only thing holding back Randy Gregory is Randy Gregory. He may be a better pass rusher than Demarcus Lawrence. But we'll never find out until he commits to keeping his nose clean.

    I'm routing for you Randy. And I 'm not alone.
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    The problem is that for years people have been saying he was diagnosed as Bi-polar and using weed was the only cure..... well it turns out that that story is false and also harmful... if he thinks he is treating a "disease" with marijuana he is dangerously wrong and we see he didn't improve

    He needed to be treated by a medical doctor and get prescribed the right medicine for whatever his ailment truly is.... enabling his drug abuse as medicine was not helpful to him.... getting angry at people for pointing that out is beyond silly..... people want to see him get the help he needs and hiding behind the magic of marijuana wasn't doing it
  15. Nightman

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    I think the NFL needs to be given some more credit like you said

    they definitely looked the other way with JGordon, RGregory and MBryant

    all had relapses and the NFL could have hammered them but they still re-instated them

    big changes are probably coming with the next CBA
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  16. superonyx

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    “People “ have been saying....only he knows what medical diagnosis he has been given over the years. This article isn’t a comprehensive medical reveal. It’s just an article written by a reporter.
    There “people” are just a bunch of fans. Gregory doesn’t come here to determine his medical diagnosis and treatment plans.

    It sounds to me that you feel this article somehow proves a position you have taken while arguing with “people” about Gregory’s marijuana use.
  17. Nightman

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    It has been an argument here for years

    If he was actually bi-polar it would be in this in depth article

    sorry the discussion tests your fragile sensibilities......carry on
  18. Plumfool

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    where does it say that the young man didn’t suffer from bipolar disorder? It’s quite common for an individual who suffers from anxiety to also suffer from bipolar.
  19. stilltheguru

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  20. Nightman

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    To be honest with you his whole story smells like bs..... he is traumatized for life because he got a bad haircut in the 4th grade???

    He sounds like he likes to get high over everything else..... he wasn't street enough in college so he kept smoking with his teammates.....c'mon man

    He even admitted him and his friend timed his smoking around the combine but Gregory pushed it by 3-4 extra days and failed...once he was in the program he failed several more times,,,,,, he was even high when he was first able to get re-instated in Nov 2017

    All the pro-marijuana people I hear say it isn't addictive ..... that is the beauty,,,,,, well which is it????....if it is addictive why do you all defend it so much and want him to keep ruining his life.....if it isn't then why can't he quit and take real anxiety medicine prescribed by a doctor

    All I know is the guy has a lot of talent and has been given a 5th chance......it is up to him to decide if he wants to be a millionaire NFL player or not.....no more excuses
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