Randy Gregory Article from ESPN - long and in-depth

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by remdak, Dec 4, 2018.

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    Great story. He is no longer on my @hit list after the roughing the punter play. He stumbled and lost his balance. Tank, Irving, and Gregory should really wreck havoc on offenses down the stretch.
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  2. Trouty

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    I'm not saying that it worked for him, just that he turned to it for relief. It very well may have further worsened his conditions.

    He was diagnosed as having mental disorders. Multiple diagnosis. I don't know where this "bipolar" narrative started, nor do I care. He is sick and used the plant to try to help himself. Ill-advised or otherwise.

    I'm not trying to be rude, B.
  3. Nightman

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    It's cool .... the article just cleared up some long running myths..... some repeated by me

    It appears all those reports of missed tests and relapses last year were true

    He has only been clean since January '18 and not the whole 2 years since Nov '16 when he was suspended

    He says it himself...he was in a very dark place a year ago

    He hasn't screwed up his life beyond repair yet.....he has a new chance and I pray he takes it
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    I thought the case for reinstatement said he’d been clean for a year. I had no idea it was that bad last December
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    So was that Jerry’s private security that showed up like SWAT or our players in masks?
  6. gambit187

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    Jerry picked cotton man...he knows what its like to bleed, struggle and want something.
  7. Trouty

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    And depression, PTSD, panic attacks, suicidal ideations...
    Right, my point was that he has mental disorders, whether it's manic depression, seasonal, bipolar, I don't understand the hang up that you have over needing to read a specific diagnosis. Aren't all of the conditions they do list proof enough that his mind was messed up?

    The three of us (Nightman) have done this multiple times over the last two years. If this latest story doesn't help to change your mind about Gregory and his use of marijuana, then so be it.
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    The kid has talent if he can get his life straight he’s gonna be good
  9. EGTuna

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    This was a great in-depth article on the struggles of a young man trying to self-medicate and paying a price for it.

    The frontal lobe doesn't finish developing until approximately the age of 25, so it totally makes sense that the illegal, unregulated marijuana he was smoking was ostensibly exacerbating his symptoms, as it's been proven that all types of psychotropic drugs (illegal or legal) can have the opposite and negative effects that they purport to treat prior to the frontal lobe's development completion. It's why you should never experiment with psychedelics until age 26 and only if you're not diagnosed as schizophrenic or bi-polar.

    Gregory isn't a pot-head. He was dealing with childhood trauma. I'm glad he's addressed his problems (and likely continues to do so), and am rooting for him.
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    It's crazy how I have read a lot of stories from people that suffer from what he suffers from and it seems like half of them had a household were the parent(s) had to move a lot causing the kids to go through this.
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    Great story I will be pulling for this guy like crazy....I dfealt bad for him on the roughing the kicker penalty we all know how hard it is to stop your momentum when your giving it your all .....the offsides was highly questionable ...either way we should all be pulling for this guy
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  12. uvaballa

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    ESPN did a good job with this article. Didn’t know he came from a well off family and so he didn’t really fit in with other football players. I also agree teams probably took him off their board for suicidal thoughts and not because of weed use.

    Glad the kid seems to have turned things around. More kids like this need opportunities.
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  13. CATCH17

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    The whole “Calvary” thing..

    Had to of been Cowboys players.
  14. cern

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    I've vascillated on my opinions about randy from time to time. pisses me off that with all the opportunity in front of him he can't get it together. but I never walked a mile in his shoes. despite all his trials and errors, the one thing that stands out is he was never a bad guy. no malicious intent towards anyone. only hurt himself. i'm glad the nfl has pulled its head out of its butt and decided to give players with drug problems help instead of ostracizing them from the thing they love most. hope he gets his fairy tale ending.
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  15. Zordon

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    great read. let's go randy. stay clean until the nfl catches up with the modern world.
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  16. zrinkill

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    If anything this story makes him look worse ....... his defenders have been crying about how he was clean for 2 years and this story totally refutes that

    I hope the kid finally gets it ........ but I doubt it
  17. Seven

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    Dork........ ;)
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  18. Trouty

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    I don't think it makes him look worse, Zrin, he's just struggled to stay sober while battling his demons. I'm that way with booze. Escape is so much easier than reality for people who perceive reality as hell. I think that's probably why Gregory kept going back to it.

    For those that don't agree with marijuana use, or consider it addicting, him referencing his marijuana use as an "addiction" should be encouraging.

    With that said, good or bad, marijuana is banned from the league, Gregory has to stay away from it until they change the rules. He needs to stay on the field and keep developing. I have always had faith in him, I will continue to do so. Hopefully the marijuana rule is changed soon. It does more harm than good, and is overkill, imo. The amount of time he's missed vs. that of violent offenders is indefensible, imo.

    I'm glad to see you're hopeful for him, Zrin. I don't begrudge you for doubting him. Cheers.
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    Can we send the "men in black" to get Irving too?
  20. Az Lurker

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    As someone who is on disability because of anxiety so much about Gregory's story really resonates with me, I want nothing for the best for him. Even the descriptions of him as a kid sounded like me, except I never grew into a 6' 6" all world athlete.
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