Twitter: Report - Cowboys OC Kellen Moore not expected to get head coaching offer

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Denim Chicken, Jan 25, 2022.

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    Moore is less of a problem than an inaccurate QB who has problem with zone defenses and mechanics. I remember how often commenters were praising his play and scheme design early in the season. Maybe some defensive coordinators adjusted and got better at defending it, but I also so a number of all-22 plays where receivers were open and Dak just wasn't seeing them or was simply afraid to throw the ball.
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    The reality is we tend to run directly under Center. When Linehan was here, he ran 80% of the time under Center and threw 80% of the time under shotgun. This didn’t change much with Moore who in 2019 called 70% of run plays under Center.

    Dallas hasn’t been facing 8 man fronts anywhere near what the top RBs face ever since Moore became OC. It’s averaged around 15-16% of the time. It’s not surprising we are not as efficient running it as we were then, considering how much we are passing now.

    Our QB makes everything predictable, when he can’t throw a well-timed drop-back under Center accurately. That in itself limits the OC.
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    And this criticism of Moore seems to be related to personality, not issues as an OC. Facts are he got plenty of interviews, he just may not have impressed as far as the personality of an NFL coach.

    Those teams already know about his offensive play calling, meaning that’s what got him the interviews in the first place.
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    This all but guarantees he is the next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry has another chance to say "SEE?!?! I WAS RIGHT! I KNEW THIS ALL ALONG I'M SO MUCH SMARTER THAN THE REST OF YOU!!"

    Another wasted decade coming soon...
  5. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Did anyone really expect another team to give him a job after what we just witnessed.
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    Very well played sir, I do not have a comeback (in traditional cowboys playoff fashion)
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    You mean a coach that can't adjust his offense to attack the defense is not getting a HC job. What a shock.
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    Shocking. Lol

    We've known this for awhile now. No one is impressed at his inability to adapt.

    What's worse is I doubt Jerry cuts his Jr. Coach. He will be back next season for more of the same.

    Unless we somehow release MM and the coach is able to pick his coordinator.

    It's a cluster flunk. We lose Quinn and are saddled with Moore. Just perfect...
  9. Sheepherder

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    Why would anybody be impressed with this guy? I'm not surprised at all.
  10. The Fonz

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    I for one think he will be fine and might surprise some people later on... maybe not as a NFL HC but as an OC or college head coach
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    Well. That sucks. So we’re getting the same trash coaching minus the one we want to stay, which will probably leave. Dan Quinn.
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    "and Dak is 10x more of the problem than he is"...

    And only 7 posters liked your comment. Those 7 being the same Dak haters ....
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    And nobody will like yours because nobody cares what you think about anything.
  14. fairviewfarmer

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    Worst news I've heard.
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    Yeah, and Jerry Jones passed on Bill Belicheck once, too.
    And Jerry had Chan Gailey, then Dave Campo, and shafted Cowboys fans with 13 years of Jason Garrett.
    Passing on someone doesn't justify the owner;
    Winning does.
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    Don't worry, Kellen. The rest of the NFL might have seen you are worthless, but you'll always have a home in Dallas! Jerry will give you the shot after we honor MM's contract for no reason at all.
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    What is this thing called a "hiring committee"? You mean he didn't just get a sleep over at the owner's house?
  18. Cmac

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    Maybe there's a Big 12 or Mountain West job opening?
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  19. DCCowboys11

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    “at least one hiring committee came away wondering if he has the commanding personality and leadership style to stand in front of an entire team and grab players’ attention.”

    “Obviously”, the answer is NO! Because he’s a kid that had no experience and was handed a position too big for him!
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    You mean to tell me that wonder boy and his Madden playbook didnt impress the hiring committees, LMAO

    Even the Jags are like, "that is going to be a hard no from me dawg":laugh:
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