Twitter: Report - Cowboys OC Kellen Moore not expected to get head coaching offer

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Denim Chicken, Jan 25, 2022.

  1. cowboyblue22

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    so i guess we will be stuck with him so most org dont think he is fit to be a head coach neither do i wish he would move on but i dont think that will happen
  2. Adiba1977

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    Hopefully gone by next year
  3. mrmojo

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    More WR screens over and over again.....yay
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  4. Echospacing

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    Dak and Kellen are fine if you have a defense that is overwhelming. We don't so it often falls to Dak and Kellen to deliver the W. Outside of the NFC least, they were 6-5. 4 of the wins were against teams above .500 and the Pats made the playoffs. The bad loss was the Broncos and the other 4 were against playoff teams. It's not like they are horrible bad just not playoff victory worthy. Is that Kellen or Dak or both. I think both, but mostly Kellen. He needs to adapt to what he has better.
  5. quickccc

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    Funny how the world was on fire when Kellen was hottest ticket in the 1st half of the season ......... :muttley:
  6. Mark

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    Not every coordinator has a head coach in him; and vice versa. Totally different job descriptions. Unfortunately, the well-known corporate principle often applies to the pro football world as well, i.e.: assistant coaches tend to be promoted to the level of their incompetence. A blessing, perhaps (for him anyway), that is unlikely to happen this year.
  7. JayFord

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    but this should be his last the same creativity against good teams as you do bad teams and stop getting outcoached by a fake double a gap blitz
  8. SackMaster

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    I don't know how much Dak is respected or not, but here are some fundamentals of football.
    1. What is typically one of the top, if not THE top, priority for Defenses week in and week out in the NFL?
      • I think anyone that knows anything about football, Defenses say that stopping the run is a Top Priority at the NFL level
      • Failure to stop the run leads to a lot of manageable 2nd and 3rd down plays
      • Which as a result, usually leads to a long day for the Defense, if not an outright loss
    2. How to teams typically try to stop the run? "Loading the Box" with 8 defenders
      • How often did team need to "load the box" to stop the Dallas Cowboys running attack?
      • Dallas had the #41 and #42 running backs that faced a "loaded box" in the regular season
        • Pollard was #41 at 16.15%
        • Zeke was #42 at 15.61%
      • The Top 12 RBs faced 8 man fronts in 2021 30%+ of the time
      • The Top 2 RBs faced 8 man fronts in 2021 40%+ of the time

    So I got to ask, how was teams daring Dak to beat them when they only had 8 players in the Box only ~16% of the time?

    Now I know that Defenses did not play 2 deep safeties ~84% of the time, but they did get to play coverage against the Cowboys more than most teams because
    1. Our Running Game was negated by 6-man fronts (Nickel D) more times than not
    2. Dak did very well against the Blitz, especially early in the season

    Now why is our running game so easy to stop? I don't know for sure, but I think it has more to do with Offense Scheme and Poor OLine play, but I'll be the first to admit, that could be wrong.

    But what I do know is our running game sucked in 2021 and because of that the Cowboys offense was very 1-Dimensional, which played right into the defense's hands if they were any good.

    Does that mean teams respected the abilities of Dak or not? I don't know. But they sure played like they were not afraid of our running game, that much is for certain.

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  9. fivetwos

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    Do you read and comprehend anything you read around here or do you like to single me out for being the only one with an opinion?
  10. KJJ

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    The talking heads are very candid and critical. Most are opinionated and will tell you exactly how they feel about a QB. They all recognize Dak is a very good QB who didn’t play well the second half of the season. Neither he or the team played well the second half of the season.
  11. mardwin

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    I was hoping he did and take his QB with him.
  12. Mark

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    I don't think Kellen Moore is an idiot, or beyond redemption as an OC. Nor have I seen any evidence that he is an egomaniac, oblivious to and/or unaccepting of constructive criticism of his work...such as that we saw from Kurt Warner the past week. According to Mike Fisher, Moore was described by observers during his recent interviews as "the smartest coach in the room."

    Think about it. This kid was entrusted and left alone with the Dallas Cowboys offense at thirty-one years old, and has obviously received some rigorous on-the-job training over the past two seasons...enjoying some dizzying successes and enduring some spectacular failures, along with the rest of the team. You can bring in a new OC with twenty or thirty years more experience. But is that guy going to magically get the ball out of Dak's hands quicker?

    A lot of moving parts here, and simplistic explanations (or firings) don't usually cut it.
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  13. Denim Chicken

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    Good post
  14. khiladi

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    To be fair, he’s light years better than Jason Garrett as an OC. But that’s not really difficult, as the latest Giants experiment revealed.
  15. khiladi

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    All you got to do is watch Captain “Calf Injury” in week 2, way before the calf injury, to understand who the real problem is, when teams stopped blitzing and playing more zone. The Chargers under Staley run cover 2 as their base defense

    Dak has always sucked against zone period…. As I said before, teams were forced to play man so much when the RG and OL were elite. Once it started to deteriorate, Dak got exposed for what he was.
  16. unionjack8

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    The experience can only make him better

    I hope.
  17. MountaineerCowboy

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    Oh well, we'll see next year. 7th times a charm.
  18. Mannix

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    Please answer this…so would Junior stay as OC if Payton came here? Please tell me that Booger won’t ruin a possible HC hire by trying to get Payton to keep Junior on as OC. That would be a sign right off the bat to Payton that he really isn’t gonna control much of anything.
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    LOL, you're kellen me. :lmao:
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