Seems to be that a lot of people want to retain Garrett. state your case

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by trickblue, Dec 29, 2019.

  1. cowboygo

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    Jason? Get off this site! You are only torturing yourself..
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  2. Sarge

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    By a lot of people do you mean 2?
  3. shabazz

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    Of course there only a few. Another straw-man debate that no one is debating
  4. willia451

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    I came here to read all the reasons for keeping Garrett from "a lot of people".

    Imagine my disappointment scrolling through all these posts and finding not even one stinking person.

    I can't get that 10 minutes back. Thanks OP.
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  5. cowboy_ron

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    Other than @Idgit I can't think of anyone other than a couple of part-time trolls and rival fans that wanted to retain him.
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  6. Chuck 54

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    I’m ambivalent. I don’t wish for Garrett to remain coach, but unlike most, It wouldn’t even raise my pulse.
    I won’t be excited to see him gone until I see who the new coach is and actually see him take this team to the playoffs next year. There’s no reason to need to step backwards in order to go forward.
  7. TheDude

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    I will not stop the arm bar when you arm tapping out
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  8. LetsBeReal

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    if I had to choose between him or dak coming back, I’d def choose Garrett and a legit qb. Winning with less talent at qb than everyteam we play is a tough way to live nowadays. It’s not like any team in the league is having success by getting lucky on a qb these days. There are actually ways to measure talent now. Put that with a guy that was coached up by a Dan Mullen who is the def of check down charlie (Alex Smith too) and this is what we get.......Especially if you can’t stop the run on d. Our d tackles and lb’s are softer than warm butter!!!!! And I ain’t seen anybody Dan Mullen has ever coached do anything besides win reg season games. Cam newton did, but not till he got away from dan Mullen.

    And ps......Tim Tebow had the best defense in the country by a long shot
    sounds like you need to root for another team bud. I just think he needs a decent qb
  9. trickblue

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    That's one more than I figured...
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  10. Verdict

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    I am not “for” or “against” keeping Garrett. I think Garrett has underachieved as our head coach. I also think that we could easily do worse.

    I also wonder how hard it is for a coach to succeed in this team’s atmosphere. How much of losing was the players.

    I could envision Garrett going to a team like the Giants and winning a SB while we are mired in mediocrity for another 10 years. We have paid for his on the job training. It would sting if another team rides that on to a super bowl.
  11. Galian Beast

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    Dude hasn't won 2 playoff games in the same year in a decade of football and somehow you have him winning a super bowl? Some people just don't get it.
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  12. jgboys1

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    You think Jerry Jones runs a good operation for football success? He’s pretty much been running it his way for past 25 years and we have 3 playoff wins to show for it.
    If you think the only problem that we have is at QB, then I’m glad you aren’t our GM.
  13. ESisback

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    Was this thread just confirmation for America’s obsession with heated debate and confrontation? It seems to me that a growing segment of our society NEEDS to make a game become a reason to go to war. You have a different opinion?!? How DARE you? Drama and chaos.,.comfort food for the masses?
  14. SultanOfSix

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    Garrett is the only ginger coach in the NFL. If we let him go, it will be an obvious case of bigotry, i.e., anti-gingerism. Therefore, he should stay.
  15. vig454

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    What the...**!$#@!!!!!.
  16. Dodger12

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    Thank goodness you haters weren't around when Landry was hired and later re-signed. I'd give Garrett some time to build this team, just like Landry was given.
  17. cml750

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    Who can blink with your signature to look at?? :muttley:
  18. nightrain

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    I plead insanity if he returns and can't be held responsible for my actions.
  19. Big_D

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    Mind boggling that anyone would want to keep Garrett at this point after 13 years of folding on a regular basis.. He had no business being here in the first place.
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  20. CB61

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    Well I think everybody can agree that this is not exactly all Garrett's fault he can't make them execute you can't catch the ball he can't hang onto the ball he can't put his hands up to defend the pass but as the head coach he is responsible for those people who are in charge of these certain aspects now we don't see it on game day but he may be doing that in practice? One thing that bothers me with him is that I hardly see him talk to the players other than hi 5 in them when they come off the field he needed to get pissed and go over and have talks with the assistant coaches or on the headset and tell them to get this fixed give them Direction that's what his job is? Now with that being said the thing that bothers me the most is his failure to make adjustments in real time clock management appropriate personnel not being in the game at the right time he has a system and he's going to run his system no matter what and refuses to change it in a timely manner. A prime example of this was the Philadelphia game with Cooper and Elliott on the sidelines on a crucial play I think Elliot tapped out but whatever you have to be aware of your surroundings and at that point you walk over and tell him tell him or get him in the game if for nothing else to be a decoy they would have to account for him heavily I'm at play especially after he burned them last year it's the latter part of this post that I cannot stand him for look at Bill Belichick Bill Belichick is always taking notes maybe Garrett has a photographic memory he can do that on his own but I doubt it I can't stand people who just stand there and stare out into the abyss when you're getting your *** kicked I worked with enough of those people over my life some people call them lazy I call them Clueless

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