News: SI: Prescott: I was greedy

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Risen Star, Dec 3, 2021.

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    Opinions vary.

    Brady will woe a defense to sleep with a lot of dinking and dunking then hit them for a long one. But like I said opinions vary.
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    PAPPYDOG There are no Dak haters just Cowboy lovers!!!

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    Thanks, management always nice to see how you don't encourage attacks from other members that have included my family and wife by ridiculing me.
    They laughed since 2017 went I said Dak is a DUD just like you laugh at the above scenario.....will see who's laughing last.
    P.S. Try neutrality, better for business and fair play for all....
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    I agree, but if I was Jerry, that offer would never have been made in the first place.
  5. TwoDeep3

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    If one ignores the fact he is harassed constantly with a breakdown of the offensive line. Which throws him off of his spot, or keeps him from fully stepping into the throw, then I might agree.

    The reason they x-ray patients is it is sometimes not what hurts that is wrong, but something else causing it.

    And your Super Bowl comment about Dak leading the team shows exactly why you don't get it.

    It's call a team for a reason.
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    He does that a lot,,, when you desperately need 5 yards on third down he's more likely to launch that thing 50 yards down the field. And recently he's added the dreaded 2 yard pass when we need 10. I'm glad he's dialed it back but that's no good.
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  7. TwoDeep3

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    Maybe your answer tells us why you are on a message board and not owning a football team.
  8. Runwildboys

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    Knowing you have a problem is the first step. Now he can hopefully fix it.
  9. garyo1954

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    Easy to admit what is wrong when everyone sees it..
    Will it change is the real question?
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    I said on the game thread...Dak was pressing, dude needs to meditate.

    I thought it was the opposite tho. There was a lot pass attempts under 5 yards, like the target was the primary read. I think Dak needs to start throwing the deep ball more. Seems like I'm watching him digress.
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  11. Vtwin

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    The Dak led Dallas Cowboys after 11 games.
    2016 10-1
    2017 5-6
    2018 6-5
    2019 6-5
    2020 DNF
    2021 7-4

    The Herbert led Chargers were 3-8 after 11 in 2020.
  12. MountaineerCowboy

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    Did he reiterate just how much he hates Dallas Cowboys fans though?
  13. CowboysFaninHouston

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    End of season results?

    And how does that make him 10x better?...that's a big multiplier
  14. CowboysFaninHouston

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    Glad you are not Jerry...whew
  15. RaZon

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    I would actually be ashame of myself demanding that kind of money as a single guy, I couldn't do it. I would take my team into consideration and see if I can make ends meet at 25mill a season. I know t would be tuff, but think I could manage. If he had a wife and some kids ok get all ya can.

    Dak is greedy so he got that right.

    What would be really cool is if he approached Jerry to restructure that silly $$$$ now that he can't break a 5.0 40 anynore.
  16. cowboyec

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    i'd still rather have him than not.
  17. CT Dal Fan

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    Dak puts up big numbers and loses- system QB; says the haters.

    Dak puts up average numbers and wins- system QB, says the haters.

    What did Dak say here? He owned up to his mistakes and didn't throw anybody under the bus but himself.
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  18. Vtwin

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    You seemed to be using Herbert's record after 11 games as compared to Dak's record after 11 games as evidence that Herbert couldn't be a better QB. I ignored the fact that this is a terrible way to compare QB's and provided the career record after 11 games to point out that Dak has been at the same or worse spot 3 of his five seasons. Dak had a worse record in his 2nd season than Herbert has in his.

    As has been said here a million times, Wins are a team record. Even if you could use wins to compare QB's, it wouldn't support the argument you made.

    ps. "A million times" is a figure of speech. I didn't literally mean a million times.
  19. 5Stars

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    The pressure is's time to win the war with HIS team...and it seems that he went all commercial...he'll be in Hollywood soon.
  20. Slick

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    I’d also have spent more on the defense, besides waiting to pay that much for the right QB. They should have closed that after yr 2. 4yrs from now he’ll be gone, and same old same old.

    The story about greed quotes from him, that shouldn’t be coming from a 5 yr veteran QB like him. He forced plays, he should be better, and for the money, smarter

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