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Twitter: Since 2016 feeding Zeke has 0 correlation to winning

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by QuincyCarterEra, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. aria

    aria Well-Known Member

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    Not much to argue with there. For the record, I’ve never said zeke wasn’t good but have said it was a horrible pick with the 4th overall, dumb to cave into his demands, and he would be much less “noticeable” if he weren’t behind one of the best O lines in the league. I would put him closer to 7-10th best at this point, just jy opinion.

    Dak...I’m not so sure about, believe it or not there’s a lot of similarities between him and zeke, the difference is a QB is much harder to replace even if he’s slightly above average or average. Some people think we can just say screw Dak and roll with Dalton or pick up another QB in the draft. If Dalton didn’t work out, picking a QB in the draft would set us back at least a year or possibly many more if he were a bust.
  2. Brax

    Brax Well-Known Member

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    Sad you can't understand a simple graph. You should quit while you are ahead you are embarrassing yourself.
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  3. Kevinicus

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    That is also a factor. But the fact remains, the graph does not show what you claim...at all.

    While teams tend to run more when they're winning, the graph could also indicate that when the team starts to get away from the run and rely more on the pass, they lose.

    In fact, because the graph shows the chance of winning diverging in the 2nd quarter, what I mentioned is almost definitely a large role in the divergence.
  4. fredp22

    fredp22 Well-Known Member

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    going to use the Zeke contract since thats the example we started with here.
    Very little facts were known or reported- only facts was that Zeke wanted more and the contract still had time left. He was in Cabo and facts other than that were understandably not being released.

    Point I'm making is I will go by the reactions to this board on whether extending Zekes contract is a wise move over the views of the reporters (paid or not). If as your saying you only go by facts you would had no opinion on the outcome because very little facts were released (but I bet u did).
    Almost all sports stories are like that-very limited facts and rest is speculation on the final outcome. Reporters dont only rely on facts that they were told 1st hand- the overwhelming majority are speculating on the little tidbits of a story that they heard ( just this week we had Broaddus speculate Daks future based on a coaches opinion-no facts). To me just because they are being paid makes no difference and I usually lean toward this boards views over any reporters.
    The majority of board said "let Zeke play out his contract with no extension or a limited increase" . The paid reporters (Dip Bayless, Shannon Shape, Cowherd, SAS and his crew, Rome, Broaddus, ESPN crew, NFL network reporters, etc, etc) were leaning to "pay him what he wants" .
    Try to base ur opinion on the next Cowboy story from a reporter's comment without looking at this site-bet u cant do it
  5. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    So we should stop handing it off to him?
  6. Corso

    Corso Offseason mode... sleepy time

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    Thank you.
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  7. Diehardblues

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  8. birdwells1

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    Agree but that also lack of turnovers as well.
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  9. StarBoyz83

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    Not only that cut him!
  10. Diehardblues

    Diehardblues Well-Known Member

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  11. aria

    aria Well-Known Member

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    Don’t get me excited!
  12. aria

    aria Well-Known Member

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    I think he’s low key faded, they didn’t stop the run unless he considers zeke getting over 100 yards “stopping the run.”

    I think the key to the Jets beating us was their offense hanging 24 points on our defense. They only scored more points against 3 other teams, the Giants, Skins and Oakland which were all bottom 10 defenses.

    Better lay off the smack Leonard, you’re losing it.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2020
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  13. StuckMojo

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    Zeke is much better than 7-10th RB in this league.
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  14. Diehardblues

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    Yea, our #1 offense is over rated. Put up big numbers and points against lesser teams and struggled scoring against better teams. Pretty much the MO under Dak.

    If we can’t dominate the running game we struggle putting up points. The better defenses focus on stopping Zeke making Dak beat them over the top.

    21-4 record when Elliott rushes for over 100 yards.
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  15. aria

    aria Well-Known Member

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    Well in all fairness I expect more from the guy who demanded to be paid the best at his position and sat out with 2 years left on his contract until that happened, at least Dak shows up to work.

    The same can be said about the ewok. He had 7 games over 100 yards last year, 4 of those were against the bottom 5 defenses in the league (Miami, Wash x 2, NYG). 1 of the others was against a teams with a losing records (Jets), one against the Rams (9-7) and the last one was against the Eagles who he also rushed for 47 yards against when it mattered most.
  16. Kingofholland

    Kingofholland Well-Known Member

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    Could it be that the Cowboys were too predictable in the 1st quarter hence their slow starts? And when they mixed in more pass on early downs it actually translated to more success?
  17. aria

    aria Well-Known Member

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    Not according to most stats, especially considering the line he’s had since day 1.
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  18. gjkoeppen

    gjkoeppen Well-Known Member

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    OK let me go about this a little different then. If anyone's first go to is this board for what is up with the Cowboys lets look at Prescott. I would say that the majority of people on this board were/are against signing Prescott to a long tern contract prior to July 15th and now are opposed to both tagging him again next year or getting a long term contract done. Some kept talking about a totally speculated 40 mil amount that even Prescott said he doesn't deserve what Wilson makes without a Super Bowl win yet they keep talking about that 40 mil a year bogus amount. Then there's the fans that it's OK to sign him for 30 mil a year offer made before last season started but is less than what he will get on the tag. You brought up Broaddus and his comment of a coach. It is a former coach not here anymore and this coach admitted that he was not told by Prescott and is ONLY a SPECULATIVE OPINION. I've said many times I don't give any credit to reports that don't have actual direct quotes from those who are directly involved with what is being reported.

    You said you would bet I couldn't base my opinion on a reporter's article without also looking at this site whether first or other wise and you would lose that bet. If I don't give credit to any unsubstantiated reports by reporters what makes you think that I give what fans here with zero first hand knowledge of anything credit for having any real actual facts that weren't gotten first from a report with actual quotes from those involved with whatever is being reported. I take that back because there are some people here that hear about some issue and without actually reading anything about it they make their opinions on it and base it on because they've been a fan for a long time so they know what's what. So with comments like that we're to get a real true idea of what the facts really are from here?

    Now as far as Elliott is concerned the very first report I read that stated that Elliott said he wasn't going to report I didn't have to come hear to this site to form my opinion on this, I already had made up my mind. I knew that a team can do a new contract on a first rounder after his 3rd season is completed. Elliott knew this too. I've also pretty much have been for players TRYING to get as much as they can because the average length of an NFL career isn't that long, especially for RB;s. All players run the risk of an injury that can end their career even sooner. I've also have said that even though players have a right to TRY to get as much as possible teams also have the right not to pay that amount. Before I check this site I already decided that I thought it was a mistake for Elliott to hold out to be paid as the highest paid RB in the league after only 3 years with one of them being suspended for 6 games. At the time I wouldn't have had a problem with him getting a new contract that paid him at number 5 or 6 highest paid RB because at the time he was considered as one of the top 3 in the league but it was only a little over 2 1/2 seasons. Since then without anything written here my opinion has changed, but it changed on what Elliott has done and not what fans here have written. His production from his rookie season was gone downward in rushing yards and TD's and as I originally said Elliott made a mistake holding out for the contract he got and the Cowboys for giving it to him. Now the Cowboys will have to wait until after the 2022 season to release him and then still have a 6.7 mil going on the dead money.
  19. plasticman

    plasticman Well-Known Member

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    It makes no difference in the 1st quarter, correct.

    However, you have to look at what it does to the defense in terms of fatigue. It takes a quarter and a half to determine the effect of a physical running game. But that effect only happens if you run it a sufficient amount of time. Notice that when they decide to increase their running halfway through the 2nd quarter there is a continually larger divergence. Towards the end of the 3rd quarter you can see that wide separation. Granted, it depends on the score margin as well. They could be eating clock

    There is also the issue of balancing the offense to keep the defense honest. You need to run the ball in the 1st quarter if you plan on being successful with play action passes.
  20. Hoofbite

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    What if we swap the labels on the two lines, and change the Y-axis to "Pass rate on offense"?

    Does that say anything about Dak? I don't think it does, just as I don't think this says anything about Zeke.

    The chart is stating the obvious and backs up what everyone already knows. If you are able to rush exclusively to close a game, you're probably winning. If you are forced to pass exclusively to close a game, you're probably losing.

    I kind of feel bad for the guy that spent so much time on this. Who actually expects wins and losses to be determined in the first quarter? How many games are definitively over at halftime? It takes time for score discrepancies to develop.

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