Video: Skip Bayless nails it in regards to Dak not getting signed it

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by D4KADON, Jul 16, 2020.

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    I really suspect Todd France is a self-serving putz that has seen fit to drag Dak down to unreasonable demands with him and his agency. I hope Dak fires him before another disaster has a chance to re-occur. Dak needs to start thinking for himself and allow reason to prevail before it's too late. He'll get another chance in 2021. Let's just hope he makes to best of it. Another disaster could adversely affect him and his team for many years to come.
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    I've seen Slater's tweet but I haven't heard anything about Dak telling anybody anything about the deal. Maybe I'm splitting hairs but to me there's a big difference between someone telling Jane Slater Dak wanted to sign at the last minute and Dak talking about it or being quoted somewhere. I'm not being snarky. I want to see/hear/read it and get the details. If Dak is out there saying this stuff it says to me he realizes that he maybe let a good thing slip through his fingers for the sake of being "shrewd" and playing hardball. I won't be convinced it actually happened until someone involved speaks on the record, and if it did happen I'd love to know if it was a four or five-year deal and when the Cowboys offered it.
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    Sounds like the agent was more of the issue here
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    Dude, you are like the board's very own tabloid reporter. You know that Dak is "crushed," France is getting fired, and that Jerry feels undermined and no longer trusts Dak
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    That was my reaction also. The terms weren't that far apart, the money and years were not so far apart that a deal couldn't get done. If Dak was jumping in to make it happen, it sounds like the issue was Todd France.

    If you see Dak change agents after this or a deal gets done quickly before the next Tag deadline you have to think that confirms it.

    When is the soonest Dak could resign if both sides wanted to?
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    I thought it was always going to get done on the last day and posted it repeatedly. Dallas believes that "Deadlines make deals" and the last big one of these was Dez Bryant, who signed literally in the last couple of hours.
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    Garbage. He didn't nail anything. insinuating that Dak doesn't want to play here anymore is just troll logic.

    Dak wanted 4 years, Cowboys wanted 5. Simple as that.

    Most likely scenario is Dak simply got a bad agent and this thing just festered.

    Only thing that has credence is that Dak definitely deserves half the criticism.
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    Well sometimes the sky isn’t blue. Sometimes it’s grey, red, and black, lol.
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    I agree, if he fires France then he could win back some support of the fans who are disappointed on how this was handled, even going back to last year when he turned down that offer. This all could have been water under the bridge a year ago.
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    I never did because I saw no way the Cowboys could make the deal Dak wanted happen in 4 years without sacrificing the cap. I knew that once Dak hired CAA they would not do a long term deal and so the two could not meet in the middle. Dak has to take control of this thing if he wants to stay in Dallas. If he doesn't, then OK but we, as a fan base, we need to understand what it means. If Dak wants to stay in Dallas, he needs to take control of this thing. If he elects to keep France, then that pretty much says it all, as I see it.
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  11. Jarv

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    Well he can blame that on his erratic college play and his DUI. He actually should feel blessed he is even the starter here now, he would still be on the bench if Romo and Moore didn't have injuries around the same time frame.
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    Sorry, but who in Hades cares what fans think? The same fans that were lauding Dak for "waiting his turn" like Zeke didn't, hated Dak's guts when he had the audacity to do so and not want to get raked over the coals in the process. Zeke is the one who got paid. So players would be dumb to listen to idiotic fans who will never be "comfortable" with how one handles their business due to the money involved.
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    No doubt this is a black eye for France. Hopefully Dak fires him.
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  14. Kaiser

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    I get that, but I think Dak signing the Tag means he wants to stay in Dallas. I think this was something where both sides wanted the deal but France was a little to obstinate. I think it will end up like DLaw where he plays on the cap and then signs long term next year well before the deadline.
  15. VACowboy

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    I could not agree more, ABQ.

    Dak played really good football for the Cowboys and he's being rewarded with $31.4m, but I don't understand why the team somehow owes him something because he was drafted in the fourth round. Teams don't wail about the money owed to them by first-round draftees who bust.
  16. Williamsboys

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    Skip Sayless, Ugh.
  17. VACowboy

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    I hope you're right but turning down the deals that he reportedly has, deals on par with and bigger than deals signed by QBs who have been to and won Super Bowls, says to me a gaudy contract is more important to Dak than a few fewer million and staying in Dallas.

    PAPPYDOG "Dak 666" Zone Supporter

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    Forgetting what the media has to say about this in the end the Jones decided they do not want Dak as their long term selection at QB.
    Personally I believe that Dak got a very low-ball offer one that he had to say NO and this is verified by Dak's brother's tweet full of frustration and disappointment.
    Having Zeke, Coop, Collins, etc, etc all get paid, and then hearing the FO just signed a 9-year starter has pretty much confirmed that Dak is DONE is in Big D.
    The above occurs when the FO finally realized that they got it wrong with Prescott and need to cut their losses and move on.
    Why pay him 31 million you may ask well its a political move for various reasons from the locker room to the fan base.
    Dak will implode this season as the pressures will be overbearing (esp in the huddle of disgrace for Dak) and will be replaced by Dalton at some point.
    Dak's career in the NFL is about to go south in a big way as the reality of his low talent level is now in the driver's seat.
  19. gjkoeppen

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    Everyone except the 4 people involved with the negotiations don't know the exact truth about any of this. Everyone can believe which story they want to. The one I think makes the most sense to me is the one that said that Prescott agreed to the last offer but they ran out of time. Maybe if Jones made that offer a few hours earlier it might have been done. These contracts aren't just a couple of paragraphs on a single page but many pages long and it takes longer than 5 minutes to read and absorb it. Then if they want to just tweak it with this word changed or omitted or this sentence changed and make those changes and faxed it back and then Jones to read it and absorb it again is going to take longer than 5 minutes. To me since the dollar amount and length was acceptable to Prescott if Jones made that offer earlier then Prescott would probably be on a long term contract now.
  20. glimmerman

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    The part where it says.

    The deal included a 50M signing bonus and 70M over the first two years. I'm told Dak Prescott wanted to get this deal done but it was just too late per source.

    he wanted to get this deal done but it was to late. He would have signed it.

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