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    These are career stats for Dak and Wentz.

    Projected means the stats are scaled to 16 games (i.e. If Wentz had played 16 games per season)

    Regular Season Games Played

    Wentz 40 of 48
    Dak 48 of 48

    Playoff Games Played
    Wentz 0 of 5
    Dak 3 of 3

    The following are regular season only unless otherwise noted:

    Win - Loss
    Wentz 23 - 17
    Dak 32 - 16

    Projected Win – Loss
    Wentz 28 – 20
    Dak 32 - 16

    Win %
    Wentz 57.5
    Dak 66.7

    Wentz 11.0
    Dak 11.2 (12.03 in playoffs)

    Wentz 7.0
    Dak 7.4 ( 7.71 in playoffs)

    Completion Percentage
    Wentz 63.7
    Dak 66.1 (64.08 in playoffs)

    Passing TD/Att
    Wentz 4.8
    Dak 4.5 (4.9 in playoffs)

    Total TD (Pass and Run)
    Wentz 72.0
    Dak 85.0 (7 in playoffs)

    Wentz 1.9
    Dak 1.7 (1.9 in playoffs)

    Projected Int

    Wentz 32.8
    Dak 25.0

    Wentz 94.5
    Dak 96.1 (95.7 in playoffs)

    Wentz 63.8
    Dak 69.0

    Fumbles Per Game Played
    Wentz 0.80
    Dak 0.52

    Fumbles Lost Per Game Played
    Wentz 0.30
    Dak 0.27

    Dak is better in all of these stats except Passing TDs per passing attempt (Dak's playoff TDs/Att is better than Wentz regular season TDs/Att).
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  2. Aerolithe_Lion

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    Blaming a QB for how poorly he played as a rookie is an odd route to go.

    Carson has shown clear progress every year as a starter. 2016 is still Dak’s best season
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    Yep, here we go:popcorn:tell me more
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  4. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    I guess a couple of posters here see Philly as a real challenger to our divisional crown, since there are do many Dak vs. Wentz threads. But lets not forget that redhead is made of glass. He'll break his ankle pumping the brakes in his car.
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    What is the head to head between the two? I am really shocked how many people think Wentz is so much better when the stats don't lie. Great Post
  7. Blue&Silver

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    What's shocking to me is the stats Wentz was able to put up without any training camp, and so many fewer games than Prescott.. I wish he was our quarterback and us not getting him will haunt us for the next 10 years.

    Having said that I like Prescott. I wanted to draft him, glad we did, and think he's the perfect system's quarterback for what we run. He's not asked win games he simply asked to distribute the ball, protect the ball, and handoff the ball.

    There are quarterbacks that won super Bowls that play like Prescott.. I'm not so sure if we open the offense up and put pressure on Prescott what will happen. I don't know how he would fare in an Eagles offense where the quarterback is everything, or the Rams offense that's quarterback dominant. Prescott is not competition for Wentz it's Goff.
  8. cowboyec

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    wentz myth exposed again.
  9. viman96

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    Wentz is regressing the wrong areas. His QBR is up and down and so are his INTs and fumbles. He has not been this amazing consistent QB that some are trying to make him out to be. I like Wentz and think he can be a good QB. So far he had 1 good season when his team was loaded and won the SB with him watching from the sideline. He has not carried his team.

    Wentz games played:

    2016: 16
    2017: 13
    2018: 11
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  10. xwalker

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    Dak's 2016 and 2018 stats are very similar (completion percentage, pass TDs, rush TDs, etc..).

    He did have 8 INTs in 2018 vs 4 in 2016 but both numbers are low relative to league average.

    The stat that stands out like a sore thumb when comparing 2016 to 2018 is sacks.
    2016 Dak sacked 25 times.
    2018 Dak sacked 56 times.

    It's hard to say how much blame for Sacks is on Dak and the O-Coordinator vs how much is the OLine's fault.
  11. big dog cowboy

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    Dak > Wentz

    Side note: I'm still not convinced that PHIL didn't screw the pooch by letting Foles leave.
  12. Verdict

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    Dak is a very good QB. He does seem to have some pocket awareness issues, but I’m not sure what part of that is coaching. I think he will improve under Kitna in that area, at least.

    The other issue I think Dak has been forced to deal with is a poor offensive game plan. His OC did very little to put him into a position to succeed.
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  13. NorthTexan95

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    Biggest issue was the offensive line. Second biggest issue was receivers who couldn't get open.
  14. America's Cowboy

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    :lmao:at supporting Wince, especially when results (stats) prove him to be lesser than Dak.


  15. DakPresgoat

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    Dak clearly showed progression the second half of last season.

    If you followed Dak closely, it was clear that he went into a 16 game slump the second half of 2017 and first half of 2018. It’s not that uncommon for young players to go through slumps like that.

    Wentz has obviously improved since his rookie season as well. Which is also common for young QB’s.

    Honestly, I’ve never understood why some people think any QB is capped out after 3 years when history shows a lot of QB’s continue to improve past year 3.

    The Wentz vs Dak debates are going to continue for years I imagine, given the fact they were drafted in the same draft and being divisional rivals.
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    I believe Phil knows they messed up letting Foles go. But they backed themselves into a corner. They couldn’t keep paying thier ‘back up’ $13+mil a year, besides.. Foles made a case to be a starter and got paid. Phil couldn’t exactly give up on a guy they basically gave a whole draft for. It’s sink or swim for Wentz and it’ll be interesting how he deals with the pressure this season. Wentz will be looking for a new contract soon himself, so Phil is/wants to see if Wentz is worth it. First they need to see if he can get through a season.

    Side note: all the talk bout Daks contract cost.. in two years, Foles will be making $27mil and year. Just food for thought.
  17. DakPresgoat

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    One thing that needs to continue to be looked at, is that recent reports say that Wentz still isn’t fully healed from the stress fractures in his back.

    I’m no doctor, so I don’t know what the timetable is on an injury like that, but it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on. Back injuries are super tricky.

    He may end up being just fine. But he wouldn’t be the first player to be de-railed by recurring back issues either, should that happen.
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  18. Aerolithe_Lion

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    It’s an insecurity. Why bother making these threads if you think Dak is clearly better? Where are the Zeke vs Jordan Howard threads?

    The irony is you won’t find a single Dak thread on the eagles board. Or th Nobody has him as a top 10 qb but you guys.
    He had an outstanding 70% completion percentage this last year DESPITE improving his yards per attempt over his 2017 mvp attempt. I think he was better last year
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  19. Kaiser

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    True, that 16 game stretch started with the Chaz Green debacle in Atlanta where he gave up 736 sacks in one half (or 5, I don't remember) and ended when Amari Cooper came on board. Dak did have issues with pressing when he felt pressure but he improved on it, plus many young QBs never get over that.

    IMO the sacks last season were 50% on the OL, 25% on Linehan and 25% on Dak.
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  20. Kaiser

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    Where are the dozens of threads here calling Zeke a backup?

    That's why XWalker bothers.

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