Strange stat about Romo's int's the last three seasons

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Arkyvarminter, Oct 8, 2013.

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    So then 80% of the time he's awesome. I'll take those odds.
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    Right?! I agree with you. Didn't Peyton Manning choke with a pick to end his season last year? As a matter of fact. I remember Peyton being called a choker for the same reason in Indi for a long time. It was "Season games don't matter if you can't get it done in the post season." Some people should just turn their TV's off and start learning how to crochet or knit because football is much too complicated for them. Here's a quote from a Colts fan forum just 2 years ago:

    "An insanely talented playmaker whose greatest strength—his willingness to place his team's entire fortunes on his throwing shoulder—is also his greatest weakness. Because you cannot win a Super Bowl that way. You can't win it by yourself. Maybe they should have leaned more heavily on that 32nd ranked rushing attack."

    Sound familiar? The guy is right. It's a team sport. Peyton and all of his glory has ONE Super Bowl win. I think we can all agree that is sad. He's an amazing talent.
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    3 years ago. Sorry. Jesus, time flies.
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    Actually he can (in his own mind) and he will. Vomit a few paragraphs out that really say nothing at all. Call anyone who doesn't agree with him a "FAN". Had the Cowboys won he'd still just be babbling about last years Washington game instead.
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    I guess you are forgetting that those two didn't always succeed at the end either. Do you not remember Aikman INTs in the end zone against the Bills in 1993 and Eagles in 1996? What about his INT that killed us early in 1994 NFC Championship?

    Staubach also lost in big games too.

    It is just unfair to lay the entire blame on Romo as you are clearly implying. To claim that even though the defence was terrible but we were tied implies you are cutting them slack which is ridiciculous. They still could have stopped them and not allowed them to get two first downs which allowed them to kick a FG with 2 seconds left. They didn't. Romo made a mistake but his mistake was not the reason we lost the game and only a simplistic view of the game will claim that is the case.

    Romo has also succeeded in many spotlight games, many on US thanksgiving, doubleheader games etc People of course just claim he doesn't win big games because of course, when he wins it isn't a big game.
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    I'm not laying the entire blame on Romo but you're implying that the entire blame falls on the defense. The defense was horrible but the game was tied with just over 2 minutes to play and Romo did what he alway does in that situation in a spotlighted game he folded. You can spin it anyway you want but his turnover because of when it occurred ended up losing the game for the Cowboys. That play was the kill shot that enabled Denver to run down the clock and kick the game winner with no time remaining. All QB's have failed in that situation at one time or another from Peyton Manning to Tom Brady to Troy Aikman to Roger Staubach to Joe Montana but those QB's succeeded far more times than not in those situations which is why they have 13 SB wins between them. They're all remembered for their great performances because they occurred in the games that mattered most. Romo is known for failing in spotlighted games.. His resume is littered with huge mistakes in the final minutes of spotlighted games that have cost the Cowboys.

    He's had very few clutch performances in the final minutes of games. After playing terrible for 56 minutes vs a crappy Bills team in 07 he was clutch in the final 4 minutes putting the Cowboys in position for the game winning FG. He was clutch vs SF in week 2 of the 2011 season but that wasn't a "spotlighted" game. He drove the Cowboys to a FG and a win in the final minutes vs Miami on Thanksgiving day in 2011 but Miami was a 6-10 team that season that was being led by Matt Moore. It's a game only Cowboy FANS looking to defend Romo as a clutch performer will remember. He aways folds in games that are put in time capsules that will never be forgotten. Sunday was a game that will be relived through the years and it will always end with Romo folding with the game on the line.
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    Yes he folded and there's no other way to put it except to use the word choke. He made great throws all day having to deal with all kinds of obstacles but when it came down to crunch time in the final 2 minutes of a tie game he folded. On one play he did a double spin move to get out of trouble and made a great play. He was under duress many times throughout the game and made great throws. When he tossed his final int vs Washington in the season finale last year the excuse was his ribs were bothering him and that he had pressure in in his face. The excuses continued after his latest choke job on Sunday that he didn't have a clean pocket and got stepped on.

    The fact is Romo made a bad decision even Garrett admitted it. His own HC found fault with him on that play. Romo has had issues with decision making his entire career and it reared it's ugly head again at the worst possible moment. He forces throws under pressure with games on the line and it always ends in disaster. When a QB plays virtually flawless for 58 minutes and ends up making their worst throw at the worst possible time deep in their own end of the field with time running down in a tie game it's called folding.
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    OK, .. so the fact that on a play where his OL stepped on his foot while he was throwing, his other OL was getting pushed back into him hindering his throwing motion, and his rookie TE ran a sloppy route which allowed the LB to get between him and the ball, (all three which happened after he chose to throw to Escobar during his delivery) ... that is all still on Romo.

    Don't see it.

    Like I have said, I may agree with you if we are talking about other games, other situations, but not this INT, not this game.

    What happend this time is just football, it's just part of the game, .. it is not folding or choking.

    Others may think so, but I don't.
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    Garrett inferred Romo made a bad decision. What happened Sunday in the final 2 minutes was a classic choke job and I would be saying the same thing had it happened to Peyton Manning who hasn't exactly been Mr clutch himself during the postseason. It's unfortunate but when fans think of Tony Romo they think of choke jobs. That's what he's known for if you don't believe me do a google search and search google images. Practically every Romo joke is a choke joke. It's sad! You may not think he folded on Sunday but many do. I think you're just one of those who's in denial.
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    did the original story's state take into account his pile of 4th quarter comeback wins?

    See, if you look at it like that and look at this team and how it has played for years now...we're always having to come back late in the game. So tony fails ~33% of the time or so. Thats really LOW when you consider all the high pressure end games. He has almost 3 times as many come back wins as "late game int's"
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    That's My Quarterback

    Tim MacMahon: “INTs in last 3 min of 1-score games since ’06: Eli 15 (220 att.), Brees 13 (234), Roethlisberger 13 (249), Flacco 7 (136), Romo 7 (272)”. Again, Tony Romo isn’t the only quarterback to turn the ball over late in games. It happens. Tony Romo is likely to throw another interception late in a game this year and if so the Cowboys will likely lose. But guess what. He won’t be the only great quarterback to do so.
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    I continue to use the "Romo-is-a-choker" rule when discussing sports with folks. When someone says that, I give up on having a meaningful discussion; they are just aping ESPN/NFLN and have not looked at the facts.
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    It's my acid test, too. If I'm face to face with someone who thinks Tony Romo is the problem in Dallas, I just smile and try to get the topic off of football.
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    Classic Romo hater still whining about 1 play from 2 weeks ago. Romo's elite. Get over it already.
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    Here is where you lose me. I agree that Romo had a chance to win the game and didn't. And I agree this has happened before. What you and others do is seize on that and ignore all the game winning drives Romo has. He led the league last year. You ignore the fact that in many instances Romo puts the team in the lead then the defense caves and puts Romo (and the team) in a position of having to score points to not lose the game. Then when he turns the ball over you say....I told you so. You ignore the fact that in more instances than not his INTs are not on the QB but the receiver or a batted pass or even just a great defensive play. This last one you and some others here do all the time. I've never seen you say 'it looked like the receiver ran the wrong route'. You ignore how much of the offense is in Tony's hands. You ignore how often he's played behind and had to take chances to win the game. You expect him to throw 40+ passes a game and win them all without making mistakes. How often do NFL teams win games when their QB must throw 40+ times a game to be in it?

    You take a very simplistic approach to a situation to serve your agenda. I don't have an agenda other than I would like to win another SB before I die. I said after Romo threw the pick that part of the loss was on him. He did throw a pick on our side of the field in a game where he knew the D couldn't stop Peyton and we probably wouldn't get the ball back. However, you put all the blame on Romo and none on the defense or the receiver. You ignore the fact Tony wasn't able to hand the ball off to someone and run the clock out. Two first downs and we take a knee and win the game. Most NFL games can appear to break on a few plays. And you ignore other negative plays early in the game as if they didn't count. Yes, you're right in that we didn't have time to get another possession and try to win the game again. But it's beyond simple to think that the game flows the exact same way for one team or the other without positive and negative plays earlier in the game.

    You can believe what you will and I have no fantasy I or anyone else will change your mind. That's not the purpose of this post. But your fallacy is in taking a one sided and very simplistic approach to the issue and that is not the reality of it.
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    You just responded to a post I made on Oct 9th you're the one who needs to get over it already.
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    Not sure why you're responding to a post I made 9 days ago some of you just can't let it go. I've credited Romo in many posts on the game winning drives he's had but none of them have come in the games that mattered most. He's had to play from behind in 6 of his 7 elimination game losses and it's resulted in 12 turnovers. I don't ignore the fact that he puts the Cowboys in a position to win which is why I argued during the offseason to resign him when many wanted him traded. The defense has caved in situations but it's still up to the QB to protect the football and make plays when called upon. There's been times the defense has caved due to multiple turnovers by Romo. You can't keep putting your defense on the field and expect them not to eventually cave especially if they're having to defend a short field. Eli's defense had him behind in his 2 SB wins but he responded with game winning drives. Roethlisbergers defense gave up a 60 plus yard TD with just over 2 min to play in the SB back in 08 which put the game on his shoulders in the final minutes.

    If your QB has a chance to pull a game out with a TD or FG in the final minutes and turns the ball over due to a bad decision that's on the QB. I've given Romo a lot of credit and defended him many times for all the positive things he does but some have an agenda to focus on every critical comment I make about him just to stir things up. Romo has a history of turning the ball over late in games and it's created a stigma that he continues to reinforce every season. Not all his turnovers are on him but he's been plagued by poor decisions and impulse throws his entire career. I have no Romo agenda everything I point out about him the good and the bad can be verified with numerous facts and stats. There's not a football expert who hasn't pointed out the same positives and negatives on Romo I have. The problem on a FAN board is you have many FANS who are in denial. Most think Romo is a much better QB than he is mentioning Romo and the HOF in the same breath because they're biased while some of his detractors think he's a lot worse than he is. The fact is he's a very good QB who has issues dealing with pressure in critical make or break games. His big game history and stats verify it. He's not been the same efficient productive playmaker in the games that matter most....FACT!

    Since 2010 the Cowboys have a losing record with Romo and have missed the playoffs 3 straight seasons. He doesn't have the ability to make the players around him better like a Peyton Manning and a Tom Brady. If a team isn't winning and is missing the playoffs every season the QB is going to take some of the blame. That's just the way it is in football it's the same with every team. If Romo wants to put an end to the negative perception many have of him he has stop turning the ball over and making plays in the final minutes of games that have everyones attention. You can believe what you want but there's not one opinion I have of Romo good and bad that I can't verify with numerous facts and stats. Everything I've ever said about Romo he reinforces every season. I see Romo for what he is and if some want to spin that I hate him and think he sucks they're the ones who have an agenda.
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    That is completely untrue I put a lot of the blame for the loss on the defense. I suggest you go back and carefully READ my posts not gloss them. You need to stop listening to those who have an agenda who like giving their own take on comments I make and actually read what I said.
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    Dude, seriously....
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    I just got a couple of responses to comments I made over 8 days ago. :cool: Thought this thread was dead and buried but some just can't move on.

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