Video: T.O. discusses time in Dallas, issues with Romo, Witten, Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Sep 14, 2021.

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    Speaking of simpletons......JJ been one anytime he walks in a bar/restaurant with Johnny Walker Black spewing with every word, to make a dumb personnel move....Jimmy/T.O. It's too funny, because the money & power leaves no one to say "JJ that's a BS move you're making." Having fun with this one.
  2. SteveTheCowboy

    SteveTheCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Only Romo....he's the only guy EVER.....that traveled somewhere else.

    Good call. Such insight and levity. Shocked I tell you.
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    I thought Romo was the leader or JWitt for that matter......that's all we heard. Bad look all around, given the results. Didn't work for Odell going to Miami....T.O. was ballin' in Dallas but some didn't want to see that.....and JJ was making drunk decisions.....and the scales were tipped from the beginning. But that's the saga. We get it.

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    No TO was much worse!
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    Garrett was the Offensive Coach, he wasnt just OC, he had some odd title like asst HC , but he was not under wade and totally controlled the offense.
    So if he wanted TO gone then he would be gone.
    If TO criticized some things romo was doing, I dont see a problem in that, like he said forcing it to witten etc, I think that is needed for evaluation.
    If players dont speak up problems wont be corrected.
    At the time Romo was a huge star, but he had flaws, and did some dumb things, I think players should be allowed to say well romo should not do this or that.

    what was funny was jerry drawing on the table cloth lol. And it seems like he planned it as they put it on the table as meeting was starting.

    TO was good, and definitely better than RW, and should not have been cut at that point in time. The problem was they had a weak HC and the weasel
    JG, who instead of working thru issues, just cut a good player.
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    Romo turned his back on the loyalty

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  7. Cmac

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    See my post below.....Romo was low down dirty.....just down right a snake in the grass.
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    Don't care
  9. PhillyCowboysFan

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    He might have been but that doesn’t absolve TO. Ask Garcia and McNabb
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    And he constantly tore apart room and the team

    Intake a less talented player that has willingness to work with the team and not be selfish than a skilled player who only thinks about his own stats and his own fantasy points..

    Rice, moss were good teammates TO wasn't....
  11. Whyjerry

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    TO sit-ups in the driveway. Epic.
  12. terra

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    Yawn. Sure. TO had been kicked off HOW MANY TEAMS?
    The ROMO haters like you will never admit they were wrong.
  13. Cmac

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    McNabb with credibility? Told T.O to shut the f up. May want to ask Freddie Mitchell about McNabb or the WFT. T.O. gave his side to all those topics, may want to listen to the complete interview. I'm just sayin' it's two sides to every story. We know which ones you may be inclined to believe.....listen to the interview WITHOUT prejudice or pre-conceived.
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    This reminds me of that time my tumor got mad at me and my other organs and my doctor for ganging up on it to have it removed. It was a real “he said, it said” type-deal.

    We’ll probably never know which side was right and which was wrong. Like all of these things, the real answer probably lies somewhere in the middle.
  15. Cmac

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    I liked Romo, hoped for throughout, even during the big letdowns. Just call it out the way I see it. My opinion. You got yours no matter what I think of it or if its filled with lunacy.
  16. PhillyCowboysFan

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    I listened to the whole interview. I also live in Philly where the McNabb incident has been discussed in nauseam. TO had problems on three different teams and he has always said, just as he did in that recent interview that he doesn’t know why any of his issues with teams was caused. He always said when asked “I don’t know”, He is a classic denialist!

    If you read my earlier post, I stated why some of his Eagle teammates stated what the issues with McNabb and him were and why they think TO’s actions caused their demise. Hugh Douglas is on record and have spoken about it many of times and have accused TO of being the issue, well at least when it comes to his issue in Philly.

    My opinion on TO isn’t biased by anything other then he never has an answer to his problem being a good teammate. That’s a red flag!

    You believe what you want and I’ll have my beliefs, but either way I’m done with this debate!
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    Just because he's asked a question, doesn't mean he has to answer. He does so because he must let people know how awful the others are and how much they hurt him. It's what people who can't forgive tend to do. They rehearse how they've been hurt by others and never realize that continuing to talk about it indicates they still haven't gotten over it.
    Moreover, what is the value of continuing to say Garrett isn't a good OC in connection with Witten and Romo having it in for him if he has forgiven them? :huh:
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    TO is ranked 8th in receptions and 3rd in yards, talking all time. And, number 5 with 156 TD's.

    Obviously one of the greatest WR's of all time.

    His problem is he never got any older mentally, he was immature in how he looked at things.Childish behavior.
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    you have to admit his [TO] all world talent but he was a team cancer.
    When you say the coach,QB and Hall of Fame TE had a bromance well duh.
    When a new Deva starts making transparently phony & dramatic tearful public announcements about Tony is my QB they were turned off. TO was insulted and Parcels never wanted the fragile ego on his team. It was doomed from the beginning.
  20. NumOneQB

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    Yeah, the Romo/Witten/Garret Basketball Bunch did conspire to can TO. But, had TO been a decent teammate he probably would’ve never been released. There’s a reason why the guy wore out his welcome at every team he played for. No doubt, the dude was the best WR in the league for years. Just talented beyond belief.
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