Video: T.O. discusses time in Dallas, issues with Romo, Witten, Garrett

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Sep 14, 2021.

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    I haven’t watched this video, and won’t. But TO was released because he couldn’t beat press coverage at the end. Regardless if what TO says about something is true or false, that’s why he was cut. He stopped performing and was not worth the cap space, a roster spot or the headache.
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    I always liked TO, Jerry obviously liked him as well. Someone needs to throw up TO’s stats while he was with the Boys, TD’s were amazing. He played himself off of the team, was not the first time. I still like TO and especially like that he told the HOF to pound sand, he did it his way and sometimes when you do that you pay the price. Should be no blaming going around, he lived it as he saw fit. End of story…
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    Dez says hello.
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    They were, just listen to him. He has issues.
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    He holds grudges because he’s hurt. It’s unhealthy.
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    That’s debatable. He didn’t have it easy either. TO told a story about one of the times he was being bullied…a kid spit in his mouth while he was sleep. Never mind he lived right next to his fathers house and he didn’t acknowledge him.
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    SF, Philly and Dallas....every where TO went, nobody wanted to be his teammate except a bunch of nagging complainers.....that's TO's legacy.....if it walks like a duck. sounds like a duck. acts like a duck. looks like a duck. feels like a duck. smells like a duck. says I am a duck....its a duck
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    I like TO for not only what he did to sf and philly but his on field performance in Dallas but the man seemed to have a shelf life where ever he goes. And sometimes you gotta respect a person who understands it’s time to start lighting fires. Sometime I wish the Joneses were a bit more like to, but instead they’re the most successful professional turd polishers the world has ever seen. A real American dream story if you ask me
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    Honestly, I think he was expecting them to have his back but it probably wouldn't have mattered. All three tried unsuccessfully for Stephen Jones to resign DeMarco Murray but it didn't work.
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    Rice Moss Owens ….
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    One thing that stuck in the interview was that Jerry asked him what does the Cowboys need to do to take the next step. According to T.O., he said what he had to say.

    What my belief is that he asked that same question to Phillips, Garrett, and the stars of the Cowboys. I think Jerry’s play was to release Phillips and slide Garrett to hc. What he got was that Phillips wasn’t the problem with players, star receiver had a problem with his hc in waiting, and that the majority of players and coaches had a problem with T.O.. I believe it surprised Jerry but he did what he had to do since it was the majority vote.
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    This again?

    People have short memories around here. Owens was missing meetings, demanding the ball, speaking out in interviews about wanting the ball etc...

    Think back to the 08 Washington at Dallas game. Owens spent the week complaining about wanting the ball and then they forced it to him all game and he couldn't get open and make any plays. After the game wade phillips and tony romo were hammered with why don't you run the ball questions. It all went downhill from there. Owens made that 08 season miserable for everyone. The media was drying for owens to turn into a lunatic and outside of his overdose in 06 he was calm then he fulfilled everything they wanted from in 08. He turned on his teammates publicly and then of course zeroed in on the quarterback. He left them no choice but to release him.

    The guy alienated everyone he ever played with. Its important to remember Tony Romo has never said a bad word about Jason Garrett, Terrell Owens or Dez Bryant and all have either treated him like crap or continually talk about him in the media for no reason, all had their highest levels of success essentially with Tony Romo.

    The reason owens talks about Romo still is because of Romo's job at cbs. If Romo just walked away and was living his life with his friends and family owens would never talk about him. Saying Romo's name brings attention which is all owens has ever cared about.
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    I think its deeper than that. The issue people had with TO is he would divide locker rooms. He was a likable guy but it would cause tension. So I don't know if I'd agree that "nobody wanted to be his teammate except a bunch of nagging complainers". Because what happens is when you're losing people get upset. Some people aren't content with losing. It was the same issue Dez had. When their teams would win you'd hear nothing. But if they are going to lose while not getting their numbers? That was the issue.

    I believe Witten and Romo were sick of TO. Jerry eluded to it when he said he wanted to make it "Romo friendly". Just like how he wanted it to make it "Dak friendly" when Dez was here. But in the end, TO wasn't wrong. Ultimately we accomplished nothing featuring Witten in the offense like we did.
  14. HowardC

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    So sad. It takes a real piece of **** to do what his father did to him.
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    I guarantee it was not.
  16. DFWJC

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    No bromance between Garrett and Romo.
    Witten and Romo? No doubt.

    Garrett went out of his way to try to be buddies with Romo. Would invite him to basketball games, etc. What's he supposed to do, say no every time?
    But Romo was not hanging with Garrett in his free time otherwise. ONLY when Garrett invited him.

    His buddies were Witten, Murray, and Church...even Dez came over to his house a good bit, though they didn't hang out except to play basketball.
    NOT Garrett.

    The media are idiots.
  17. stilltheguru

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    He was asked the question. Who says he didnt forgive all involved? Him saying Garrett isn't a good OC doesn't mean he's angry or hasnt forgiven.
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    Agree....always 2 sides to a story.
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    Parcells treated him unfairly from the beginning. His play was very overlooked while at Dallas.
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    Like Dez right?

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