Released / Retired Taco Charlton - Officially Released

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by garyo1954, Sep 18, 2019.

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    Seattle is a little low in the pecking order. I would think someone higher would put in a claim. Of course, I thought we'd at least be able to trade him for a bag of chips.
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    Kavika Pittman...We didn't learn then...and then repeated the mistake with Taco.
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    How about, Hot Mess?! :muttley:
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    Based on these past three games?

    '**** Boyz'.
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    Thanks for the trip down memory lane, but the Cowboys were nowhere near close to drafting Gonzalez unless they gave up a boat load of picks.
    Troy is right.
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    It's not like the Cowboys haven't dealt with attitudes before. I think the kid could play - he showed something in the preseason.

    Hope this doesn't come back to bite us.
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  9. OmerV

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    I would be surprised if that doesn't have something to do with it. I'm sure you recall the team held Taco out of a game or two last year for some kind of violation of team rules.
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    For sale:

    Dallas Cowboys #97 jersey.

    Never worn.

    Great price.

    All offers accepted.
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    I'm bummed being a Michigan fan.. thought it was cool they got him then Lewis.. Thought he would eventually work out but I guess not. Bye Taco..
  12. OmerV

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    I feel pretty good, so I'm not worried about feeling better. Thanks for the permission though, misguided as it is. Those that expect perfection in the draft process are the ones that end up feeling bad.
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    Biggest bust we had in years. Bet the eagles get him and watch he look like a nfl player. Lets hope hill doesnt follow the route Taco took.
  15. hittheskids

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    Make a mistake, learn from it and move on. No sense worrying about this at all, next man up.
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    Has he signed with the Patriots yet?
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    While some fans have to make attempts to excuse anything.

    Thank goodness for lowered expectations.

    Lower that bar as much as you need to for the team to make it over!
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    Think like Tarzan

    Play like Jane
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    Taco and his agent are on their own to find him another NFL team. Does anyone think he'll get another opportunity? I think the giants are dumb enough.
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