Texans are releasing JJ Watt

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by ShortRound131, Feb 12, 2021.

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    JJ Watt has been used to being paid far more than the Cowboys FO might be willing to consider. They are also in the unenviable position of wanting to retain Dak, knowing that if they're going to do so, it may cost more than they're willing to accept, without a fight. Our FO is in denial of the truth.

    Jerry and Stephen are, unfortunately, living in the past, believing that they're still a team that all players covet. Nowadays, that's just a fallacy that they're unwilling to accept as wishful thinking. The Cowboys have been a mediocre team far too long to justify such an over-inflated self image.
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    I can't imagine him coming here with no chance of getting a ring, or even making the playoffs. We have too many holes to fill.
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    He wants to go to a team that has a bright future... that's not the Cowboys.
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    This team doesn’t know how to evaluate talent or potential. We’ll be average again soon!
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    RDE - Gregory
    3 tech - Watt
    1 tech - ? (dalvin thompson ?)
    LDE - DLaw
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    For me really depends on the price but I don't see it happening. I'd rather get tomlinson over watt but jj is still a good player.
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    Could he play DT for a year?
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    really rubbing salt in that wound aren’t you?
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    SI is reporting today that one team is willing to offer J. J. a contract worth $15-$16M per year. No word on who that team is.
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    Wonder if it's a contender?
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    My thinking is that it's either the Browns or Titans. I'm leaning towards the Browns as the team because JJ was showing a lot of interest in them, and he would solidify their already lethal defence.
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    2 years/28... incentives up to 30 or 31 million...

    I would have paid him 10-12 to bring him in to New England... 14 is a bit much considering his age/injury history... good vet presence though

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