Thank you Roger Goodell for target on every players back now

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by superonyx, May 17, 2018.

  1. superonyx

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    so now we have both David Irving and Reuben Foster being victimized by women thanks to the Zeke case an the way the league handled it.

    Is anyone surprised?

    Elissa Ennis, the ex-girlfriend of San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster, took the stand Thursday and admitted she lied to police and fabricated domestic violence claims.

    "I wanted to sue Reuben. It was a money scheme. It was all about money. I wanted to get him," Ennis testified under oath, per David Lombardi of The Athletic.

    Ennis said she became enraged after Foster tried to break up with her and made up the claims in an attempt to extort him.

    "I was threatening Reuben that I was going to f--k up his career," Ennis said.

    She also testified she flagged down a passerby to call 911 on Foster after considering whether to falsify charges following a verbal altercation.

    "I told him I’m about to f--k yo s--t up, make sure you don’t have a job tomorrow..." Ennis said. "I really wanted to kill him. I was so hurt."

    Ennis originally told police Foster punched her 10 times, dragged her down a flight of stairs, threw her phone, physically forced her outside and then spit on her. The 49ers linebacker was arrested on felony domestic violence and weapons charges in February. He was officially charged in April despite Ennis recanting her story later that month.

    The Santa Clara District Attorney's office pushed back Foster's formal arraignment after Ennis came forward last month by publicly admitting her story was a lie.

    The 49ers said they will release Foster if the allegations prove true. He could still be subject to an investigation by the NFL, as the league does not state a player must be formally charged or convicted with a violent crime to violate the personal conduct policy.
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  2. PUSHfold

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    The power Goodell has regarding these types of issues is asinine, the CBA needs to be renegotiated to only allow someone to be fined/suspended in these types of matters only if they're charged and found guilty in court of law. No more Goodell kangaroo courts just because he says so, NFL players lives shouldn't be allowed to be ****ed with in these kinds of manners just cause. This kind of stuff can ruin someones life and if we're gonna ruin someones life we better make sure its 100% proven fact that they did whatever is alleged. There's a reason people are innocent until proven guilty.
  3. TWOK11

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    I said it all along: By punishing Elliott Goodell has invited vindictive, jilted lovers of athletes to use accusations of abuse to damage/ruin careers.

    Maybe Elliott hit her, maybe he didn't, but the ONLY thing we ever had definitive proof of was that she fabricated at least some of the claims.
  4. boxer-rumble

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    If Foster doesn’t get any kind of discipline from RG I will be livid. Not saying I think Foster deserves it but the precedent he set with Zeke.

    If RG turns a blind eye I’m done with the NFL and it proves he was only trying to screw the Cowboys.
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  5. ShortRound131

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    Many of us saw this coming, surely the NFL did too?
  6. TonyS

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    I agree. But with "De" Smith still leading the charge for NFLPA, there's very little hope of any real substantive change happening.
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  7. DandyDon52

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    Why did she tell truth?
    What did she have to gain?
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  8. Diehardblues

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    Long live Goodell. Clean up the league.

    The 1% is weighing down the goodwill of the majority. They’re Animals. NFL doesn’t need their talent.
  9. FuzzyLumpkins

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    The NFL got trashed for the Zeke decision on balance by its fans who have no faith in it's integrity and now gets this fall out. Goodell just got a massive lucrative extension.

    The NFL embodies what is wrong with US culture: anything for a buck.
  10. Mr_437

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    Meanwhile, isn't Eli on trail for fraud? But, he probably won't be suspended.

    Glad ole girl was honest.
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  11. CapnB

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    I said this when things went down with Zeke the way they did. Big Ol' target on those players back now. As if they didnt already have one to start with. That idiot (Goodell) took it to another level.
  12. CapnB

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    Yeah you wanna talk about conduct detrimental to the league? Zeke didn't have settle anything, wasn't charged on anything. Didn't go to court over it. Eli, rather he meant to do it or not, was going to court over it, and settled. And there hasnt been a peep about an investigation. About that or OBJ
  13. Centex

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    Or it provides evidence that he has learned that sometimes jilted-or angry women lie. I would only be angry if he punished Irving but not Foster. Hopefully he has learned from this.
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  14. DasSchnitzel

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    So tired of this league. I'm just tired of it. I want men to go play football while I watch and cheer for my team. It's become an overcomplicated mess and 95% of what I hear about the nfl doesn't have a damn thing to do with playing ball.

    **** that noise
  15. StarBoyz83

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    Dallas will feel the effect of this can of worms this season too with irving.
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  16. Mr_437

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    Haha ODB was on video smoking a bleezy an nothing. NYG get a free pass cause there Rogers favorite team. No investigation needed those guys are representing th shield properly.
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  17. zerofill

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    He won't suspend Foster, just Irving, even though he even got custody of his kid, which doesn't happen without the woman being nuts.
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  18. DallasDomination

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    Her soul.. doing the right thing. She's a pos person but at least she did that right. Should count for something now a days. I would hope.
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  19. zerofill

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    Not to the NFL I am guessing.
  20. HowardC

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    ******** post

    There needs to be a dislike poke

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