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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by TheCowboy, Dec 30, 2010.

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    There are too many movies for me to list that I can and do watch over and over.

    For a sports movie...I've always loved North Dallas Forty.
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    There are plenty of movies I truly love, but there are only a handful that I will definitely watch from start-to-finish without any exception whatsoever--unless the interruption happened to be a matter of life or death! :D To the OP: I couldn't narrow it down to just one movie. Sorry. :eek:: Here they are:

  4. VietCowboy

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    Growing up, it has to be The Goonies. I still love it to this day.
  5. Royal Laegotti

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    Any Dirty Harry movie
    The Outlaw Josey Wales
    The Big Lebowski
    Office Space
    Heartbreak Ridge
    Die Hard
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Lonesome Dove
  6. Royal Laegotti

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    I think it takes a unique outlook on life to appreciate that movie.

    My wife and I love it and laugh hard when we see it. My father in law came over and watched it once with us and he thought the same about it as you do. Anyone's guess.
  7. bbgun

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    Sorority Sisters 3, 9, 17 & 25
  8. YosemiteSam

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    You didn't have to name Braveheart twice. :laugh2:
  9. Aikmaniac

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    Top Gun.

    Growing up, I almost knew the entire dialogue. Made me work towards being a fighter pilot, however...

    shot down at 18 when I was told by the FAA that I was colorblind.

    Oh well...things have worked out for the best.
  10. Bigdog

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    A Few Good Men
  11. Seven

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    My pilot hopes were dashed for the same reason. Pissed me off because I had no idea I WAS color blind. They ruined it for me...............I really liked my colors. :cool:
  12. HopalongCassidy

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    Purple Rain
    Marked for Death
    Rambo movies
    Lonesome Dove
    Any John Wayne and Paul Newman movies
    Almost forgot. Rush Hour, All of them.

    ABQCOWBOY Regular Joe....

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    The Bingo Long Traveling All - Stars and Motorcade Kings.

    Brian's Song.

    Father Goose

    Operation Petticoat.


    Blazing Saddles.
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    I was gonna ask how i made it through this whole thread and Friday wasnt named, and then i get to the very last post and you had saved the day.


    As a kid i watched one of the greatest cinematic accomplishments of all time over and over again.....

    If Looks Could Kill starrring Richard Greico

    haha anyone else a fan?
  15. Kevinicus

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    Added it to my netflix instant queue just the other day.

    Can't agree with the Friday love though. I hated that movie.
  16. SaltwaterServr

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    Girls Gone... oh never mind.
  17. JustDezIt

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    It's all good.

    So many classic lines it. Can't tell ya how many times i have watched it. Is where my original screename came from. But to each his own.

    "I am the French Teacher!"
  18. Teren_Kanan

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    Too many good movies to even remember them all. Lots posted already are fantastic.

    Some of the ones posted.. hurt my head. Dumb and Dumber? It was AMAZING! When I was 12. As an adult it's just awful. The most unintelligent forced humor ever. Any movie that ever has an over the top bathroom scene, stopped being funny a long time ago.

    Shawshank Redemption might be my favorite movie of all time. I can not find one single flaw with it.

    American History X is up there.

    Forest Gump, A Beautiful Mind, Gladiator, Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan.. all those rank up there.

    Return of the Jedi is to date probably the movie I've seen more than any other. The new Trilogy pretty much killed Star Wars for me though. The original Trilogy is up there.

    Ofcourse the Godfather Trilogy is there as well.

    There are many others, including a lot of older movies that I can't think of.
  19. Khartun

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    The Holy Grail
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