The real reason McCarthy was hired has nothing to do with his barn or analytics

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Parcells4Life, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. cowboyec

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    he wasn't the only one who whiffed on rodgers...considering how far he fell on draft day.
    and EVERYBODY that year was high on alex smith as the #1 QB in the class.
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  2. MikeB80

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    I'm sorry are you trying to tell someone that Mike McCarthy had anything to do with Joe Montana? Are you saying Mike McCarthy developed Joe Montana.

    Please stop with this stuff. the guy is a terrible coach and had zero to do with joe montana and more than likely very little to do with Aaron Rodgers. In fact when he had a young Alex Smith in 05 smith was terrible. A year later with norv turner in SF smith was much better.
  3. foofighters

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    You are correct but we've had the same head coach for a long time: Coach Jones...
  4. perrykemp

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    I think it's possible that MM did contribute a LOT to turning Favre around, developing Aaron Rodgers into a HOF QB, YET still believe that somewhere along the way MM stopped evolving, stopped getting better, and that the game has passed him by.

    I think both are true. Unfortunately, none of these is helpful to the Cowboys. The fact is we have the washed up vs MM and I don't see him re-inventing himself like Andy Reid did after he was fired in Philly.
  5. Chocolate Lab

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    Reports have indicated that if Jerry hadn't been so impressed with Mike's interview, we'd still have Garrett.

    So perfect or not, MM at least saved us from that.
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  6. conner01

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    I agree
    Jerry tried the hire a young guy and develope him with Garrett
    But I think Jerry wanted a proven vet and he respected MM
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  7. 2288doubletrouble

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    Since the Jones boys aren’t football people it’s easy to see how they get caught up in stupidity.
  8. CouchCoach

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    I believe he was hired for the same reason that his predecessor was retained and the owner admitted it, comfort. He convinced the Joneses that he knew what the priorities of the job are in that 12 hour interview.

    Priority #1, keep the owner happy. No other priorities are necessary.

    We have actually heard and seen less of McC than we did Garrett. That was the #1 requirement of any candidate of the job, know his place and that isn't in the camera lens or in front of the mic when the owner is around.

    There are a lot of type A personality coaches around that would not do well under these circumstances, Parcells knew he had to have that written into his contract.

    Any HC candidate knows he must not just allow but enable this owner his addiction to showing off. It isn't the money, it is the attention the money brings and how many other well healed owners do you know all about their 1M Booger's Boogie Bus, chopper, cost of the stadium and boat? Hell, he's even bragging about attendance during a pandemic.

    McC is there because he knows to keep from throwing any shade on his boss. Garrett was the master at that.
  9. dreghorn2

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    McCarthy was the face of the franchise in Green Bay as it related to the media.

    The set up in GB with public ownership left him as the main team spokesperson. I believe he mentioned that he was looking forward to stepping back into a more traditional head coach media role versus the one he expeirenced with the Packers.
  10. DenCWBY

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    Correct. JJ made the easiest choice so not to be criticized by the media however also not to be replaced as the face of the DC. A younger, more aggressive/dynamic coach could easily replace JJ as the key ingredient to success. JJ's ego just can't handle that over the teams success.
  11. Cowfan75

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    We all know why MM was hired. He needed to only convince Jerry that he could say the right things after a loss.
  12. TequilaCowboy

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    UM said he was willing to listen to Dallas about the HC job, not that he would take it. He wanted to hear it from Jerry that he could have complete control a la Jimmy Johnson. I don't know if Jerry ever reached out to UM, but either way that was understood by both i feel. Think about it...every HC who has come in contact with Jerry, has had their future end with failure. Even Jimmy, could not stand the constant meddling and flapping lips of Jerry. Parcells quit and went into retirement. All the other little peon coaches he has hired were just hand puppets of Jerry who he could dispose of like used TP when the actual problem was him. No qualified, self-respecting, intelligent HC will work for a man like this. Our only hope now is that after jerry kicks the bucket, Stevie boy learns that his daddy's way is not the way for success. Let's hope his ego does not get in his way too. Oh and MM got hired because first, he agreed to be a YES man, and second he had experience. JJ is just too lazy and incompetent to interview a HC...its like me interviewing a brain surgeon for head of advanced neurosurgical care..
  13. TexasFrog

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    I still don’t get why your first interview wasn’t Bienemy. This is a guy people respect snd who was learning under a guy running the #1 offense. To me this came down to Jerry having to keep one of his guys...Moore. I don’t care if they say MM made the decision. Don’t buy it. Especially after MM said he’d never give up that power again
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  14. CowboyDan

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    The guy has a .600 career winning percentage as head coach. He's more than just an expensive QB coach.
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  15. dckid

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    This is why this organization sucks. Jerry has never understood the big picture when it came to running this football operation. The proof is in the results. Abject failure since Jimmy Johnson left.
    Big Mike was hired but we keep boy wonder calling the plays. What an idiotic approach to running your team. Just like when Wade Phillips was hired after Jason Garrett was offensive coordinator.
    Winning culture starts from the top and that is where we fail.
    Please flush the QB and hire Eric Bienimy or Joe Brady.
  16. gjkoeppen

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    If that was true Jones could have fired Garrett after the 2018 season and hired McCarthy then. He already was fired before the 2018 season was over.
  17. 817Gill

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    Wasn’t a good coaching market at all. I’m not sure about this years either but it’s not like there was a clear better choice.
  18. starfan1

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    Im looking at the thread title here. I know what analytics are but what the heck is BARN? Am i to assume jerry and Big Mac are into sheep and goats? seriously what is BARN
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  19. McKDaddy

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    as much as i hate ragging on a fellow Mississippian, Favre was way overrated. not that he wasn't super talented but people just didn't want to see his turnovers and bad decisions. I worked with a huge Packers fan and told her that Rodgers would make GB forget all about Favre. She thought i was crazy.
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  20. Pantone282C

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    That is looking like bottom line thinking. Makes me wonder if he had already reached that decision prior to not rehiring Garrett.
    Urban Meyer had been recently diagnosed with his heart problems, so I seriously doubt he was going anywhere soon - no matter who came calling.

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