Things the Dallas Cowboys must fix in order to win the Super Bowl

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by zekecowboy, Feb 7, 2019.

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    Why do all that if its impossible to win a SB with Dak trade him before next season tank the season and draft Trevor Lawrence 1st over all . Why waste Zeke Tank and all the picks get picks by trading Dak and just give up the season if its impossible to win a SB anyway
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    Yep, he hasn't missed a game in 3 years. And he won't miss a game until he does, then what's going to happen? Neither Rush nor White could step in against, say NE this year if Dak goes down in that game, and be anything but a train wreck. This FO owes the rest of the team a competent, experienced backup QB.
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    What about the Defense? If they wouldn't have let a no name RB from the Rams run all over them they probably would have been in the Super Bowl........................................
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    Improve in the Red Zone

    ACTION ITEM: Doug Nussmeier

    The Cowboys had all kinds of problems scoring touchdowns in the red zone last season. After 14 games, they were ranked 31st in the league, converting only 44% of their red zone opportunities into touchdowns. They did improve over their last four games that included their two playoff contests, but the ineptness in the red zone plagued them most of the season. Some of this is attributed to the fact that they have no push in the interior offensive line with Travis Frederick out and rookie Connor Williams starting at left guard.

    For me that's the key. We moved the ball up and down the field well then stalled in the red zone and short yardage situation. The short yardage thing should improve if Freddy comes back healthy and ready to play. The young TE's improving in blocking should also help. Improve those two areas alone and add 7-10 points/game. Those struggles didn't exist in 2016 and for me, I pin much of that on the O-line being out of sync. Yes Looney is a back up C, respect him for what he did though
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    Yes, always thought that not having a solid backup QB was a big disservice to Romo. He would get injured, have the team in good position then the back ups couldn't hold the fort while he was out. There was at least one incidence where he came back too soon from a broken clavicle for that very reason. It is very much on the FO to have a solid backup QB in place when the inevitable happens with Prescott. I'm intrigued by White but like everyone else I'm just hopeful and that isn't enough. There aren't many solid backup QB's though. I don't see Teddy Bridgewater taking back up money. Maybe
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    I don't see how you come to that conclusion out of that post at all. You're like a jaded ex looking for a reason to be bitter...
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    Step 1:
    Jerry goes on a cruise in his big yacht and is never seen again.

    Step 2: Stephen names Will McClay as the GM.

    Step 3: After an extensive search, McClay hires the best possible coach and Stephen opens the checkbook to make it happen.

    Step 4: The new coach hires his own assistants to implement his vision of what he wants to be done.

    Step 5: McClay finds the new coach, the players - through the draft and FA - that the coach needs to accomplish his vision. Stephen opens to checkbook to make it happen.

    Step 6: The new coach gets three years to get us another Lombardi or we start over at Step 3.
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    Where did you read in Dak's quotes that he was blaming others? It was "I" and "me" which is directing the issue to himself and not others. It's reasonable to argue the fact that he didn't handle the change in personnel and any QB should be able to handle that, but that's a different argument than saying he's blaming others.
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    1. Offense / Coaching
    2. Redzone - Which I guess can be lumped into number 1
    3. Get Dak moving. He is not a pocket passer and never will be
    4. More take aways
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    Perfectly simple and accurate. I see it the same way.

    We've got the horses to correct the oline mistake by moving Collins back to guard.

    But on the defensive front, we run into some problems. Both with a coach, his philosophy and the personnel. Not a single run clogging one tech on the whole roster.
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    They need Williams to get better leg drive and Fred to get healthy but that to me is the biggest factor in RZ success. When Leary was playing well and Fred played to his ability they were able to get push on stacked fronts and get consistent yardage off the run.

    The last time we had decent RZ efficiency in 2016, it's not like Dak was throwing a lot of RZ TD. We had the corpses of Dez and Witten as well as the great disappearing TWill as our primary receivers.
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    Rico is underrated in what he was doing blocking at the line. Swaim was not nearly as powerful as Gathers. Gathers mostly blocked and didn't play that much but he did bblock rather well.
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    We have next to no chance against NE with any backup QB anyway. Eat a roster spot on a backup QB, or give us a potential developmental option to move on from Dak? It's a trade off.
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    We had Rams in the playoffs! There is two out in regards to what other teams do to beat him. No execuse for that performance.
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    This should by far be #1. Because until we take care of the trenches on both sides of the ball, nothing we do will matter all that much.
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    That's true. NE was a bad example.

    I don't see it's wisdom to have 2 developmental QBs on the roster. You're hosed if either has to play for anything other than a series or two or finishing out a game. And then is not the time to try to find a reasonable veteran QB. It makes more sense to go into the year with a bonified backup (of which neither Rush nor White are). It's a disservice to every other member of the team not to. So, yes, I would be more than happy to forego one of the developmental QBs roster spot. Of course, the fly in the ointment is finding a bonified veteran backup. Gone are the days of Steve Buerlein.
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    Lol! That’s hilarious!
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    Kitna is our secret weapon. If Dak's goes down, we'll suit him up. Could be better than the guys we have, too.

    He could really be our secret weapon. Seemed like all our QBs blew through training camp and preseason. Dak blew. Rush blew. White blew. And all really worse than expected. Real QB coaching may make a big difference.

    Our last two veteran QBs were Weeden and Cassel. I'm one of the few who thought Weeden was your basic backup quality, unless you want to spend real money. Orton and Kitna were ok. Brad Johnson blew.

    I believe there is more in the mid and late round QBs than there used to be, but they don't get enough of a chance. Guys come out of college with a lot more balls thrown these days. But teams shoot their wad on a QB, and just stick with trying to squeeze value out of that sunk cost. Romo could have easily never been a starting QB. Dak even easier. But for Kellen breaking his ankle, we would have gone with the "veteran".

    I probably am in the minority in believing that you should churn QBs until you find one. I'd also be riding Dak as a running QB, instead of "saving" him in hopes he turns into a pocket passer. I think you can get more of them, and you should make the most of running QBs instead of trying to preserve them for a 20 year career.
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    4) Advance to the NFC Champ game

    5) Win the NFC Champ game

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