Threads that start off with (insert here) normally annoy me

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Runwildboys

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    Didn't really think so.

    Only other guess I have is Sky High.
  2. Keithfansince5

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    Agreed. It is also counterintuitive since more threads results in more content and more Google indexing and thus higher search rankings. Seems like they should want to encourage more postings to me????
  3. DallasEast

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    I pm'ed the answer. :)
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  4. YosemiteSam

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    Thread titles that have the word guarantee/guaranteed in it.
  5. CouchCoach

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    When I accept and understand the diverse community here, no threads bother me. I used to wonder, on the old forum, why I would see "been a reader for years and decided to sign up" so many times, what was preventing them and what did they see that suddenly inspired them to join in? I assumed they feared being attacked or embarrassed and the fact there is this anonymity here, that does not deflect the effect of an insult. We see the reaction to that on a daily basis.

    And some come to duel, that is their reason to be here and that's OK as long as others understand that. They've created this irascible identity and enjoy portraying that here. And I enjoy them as well, balance to the universe, especially when we've won a game and are a shoe in for the Big Dance.

    As long as there is no thread limit or requirement to respond to every thread, what's the deal? There are monikers, mostly made up as mine is, but the person inside that moniker is a person. When we forget that, we become part of the internet that does not show our best side. The internet has this incurable trait to ignore feelings.

    Ya know, one major difference between the old and the Zone is that posters here are a little more free to reveal things about themselves, particularly some real life struggle they're having and that really serves to support the greatest advice I have ever seen "treat everyone with kindness for you do not know what battles they are fighting".
  6. Runwildboys

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    "Book it!"
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  7. Hardline

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    Should we sign ( insert name here) ?
    There's always at least one thread if a player gets released, free agent or on the trade block.
  8. Hardline

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    To be more specific threads that say READ THIS and it's locked and can't comment on it. :(:(
  9. CouchCoach

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    Ooooooooooooooh, I hate the locked threads. I have so much more to say once they're locked.
  10. Hoov

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  11. rynochop

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    Lol..true. Never understood the don't bump old thread rule if it's currently relevant. Someone bumped a preseason record prediction thread and it got shut down. Why even allow a prediction thread to begin with if you can't revisit it. No call out threads..I get it, but folks call people out constantly
  12. Reverend Conehead

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    I'm always baffled when some poster seems so 100 percent sure they're right about everything and are quite willing to attack anyone who disagrees. I'm often unsure what the team should do. I was really hoping they would draft Melvin Gordon, but now I'm glad we have Zeke instead. I like a lot of what Dak has done as QB, but I'm still not 100 percent certain he's the future of the team. He may be. He may not be. Things change so fast in the NFL. I remember when it seemed like Julius Jones was our next Emmitt Smith. I'm perfectly fine with some other fan thinking we should draft a player that I'm not for. It's not that serious, and none of us is a perfect soothsayer. Beware of the posters who think they're always 100 percent right on everything.

    Anyway, I think the screaming fights are what scare some people away, as you note.
  13. Londonboy

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    "I'm through watching this Team, until [insert peeve and whiny rant]."

    Not quite sure why I'm supposed to care.
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  14. GMO415

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    "Real fans"...
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