Tony Romo Appreciation Thread


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I don’t know who would be better in any era but the FACTS are that Tony spent years with no line, no WRs etc and he ran for his life and still made us relevant under JG. Dak has been given a treasure chest of goods and still had done the same as Romo. It’s weird the excuses one gets vs the other. Like how many more things goes one guy need “perfectly” to win


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he never won anything. He's like this years team. if the competition is mediocre he was great- it the competition had any talent he folded like this team yesterday.
I would take Danny White over Romo in a second
No you wouldn't. People didn't appreciate Danny until he was gone. It's the same with Romo.


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Let me say first of all, I'm a big fan of Romo, one of my all-time favorite Cowboys.

But let's be real, as we've been lectured by some here many times, what matters is wins, nothing else.

To that end, Tony and Dak have the exact same playoff record of 2-4. As to the "if Tony had the same type of team around him he'd have won SBs, or at least done much better than Dak", let me remind folks Tony's 2007 team had 13 players in the Pro Bowl, 9 in 2014. So quit with the "Tony never had a good team around him" nonsense. He had good teams, still didn't win but 2 playoff games.

As usual, the quarterback, currently Dak, gets more credit and more blame than they deserve. It's oh so easy to say the team would be great if ONLY we had a better quarterback. But that's not provable, unfortunately. Just a way for fans to vent, and I get that.

Now do I think Dak is "good enough"? Not on your life, I gave him last year to prove me wrong, and he failed again. Like Jason Garrett before him, at some point you have to say he's had enough time to develop, and he has to go. Of course, cutting him now would cost the Cowboys a ridiculous (from what I've read/heard) $62 million in dead money. That would mean the loss of lots of good players. Which is a strategy, start over from scratch. But then we're still stuck with Jerry as the gm, and we all know the definition of insanity. We'd just have to suffer through several 2-15 or such seasons before we could get back to 12 win seasons.

Sorry folks, you may not like Dak, but we're stuck with him for now....