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Twitter: Tyron's penalties

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mr Cowboy, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. Mr Cowboy

    Mr Cowboy Well-Known Member

    19,240 Messages
    19,873 Likes Received
    The only consistency about Tyron's penalties is that they occur on a big play!

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  2. AmariChill

    AmariChill Well-Known Member

    4,359 Messages
    8,071 Likes Received
    Phantom Penalties. You'd think the refs would change up who they call it on after a certain amount of times. It's so obvious at this point. It's getting old :facepalm:.
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  3. rocyaice

    rocyaice Well-Known Member

    33,172 Messages
    26,582 Likes Received
    For as respected as Tyron is he sure gets some of the worst calls against him.
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    NEODOG 44cowboys22

    2,241 Messages
    2,287 Likes Received
    That's dispicable
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  5. nalam

    nalam The realist

    4,798 Messages
    1,927 Likes Received
    Only a couple comes close to real holdings , others are fictitious, seems opponent going to ground is called onhim automatically
  6. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

    31,001 Messages
    44,719 Likes Received
    Those were bogus calls, as was that tripping call in New England.
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  7. ondaedg

    ondaedg Well-Known Member

    1,581 Messages
    1,778 Likes Received
    Part of the problem for Tyron is that he will pull the defender to him and hold him there up close against him. Been doing that for years and I am sure opposing coaches have pointed it out to the refs hundreds of times.
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  8. pugilist

    pugilist Stick N Move

    7,129 Messages
    9,862 Likes Received
    wow, did not know about the defender rip move exception
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  9. stilltheguru

    stilltheguru Well-Known Member

    5,514 Messages
    2,798 Likes Received
    Whatever it takes to can Garrett is fine with me. Even cheating refs. I don’t care
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  10. Fletch

    Fletch To The Moon

    17,674 Messages
    12,884 Likes Received
    Untimely at that. Last one that comes to mind was vs the Pats when Gallup has the pass for a first down and it was immediately called back due to 77.
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  11. glimmerman

    glimmerman Well-Known Member

    17,567 Messages
    18,326 Likes Received
    Always at the worst times..
  12. ClappingCarrot

    ClappingCarrot Well-Known Member

    3,322 Messages
    9,435 Likes Received
    Reminds me of the ones that used to go against Doug Free.
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  13. Lutonio

    Lutonio Well-Known Member

    1,653 Messages
    2,467 Likes Received
    I've said it before and I'll say it again: sometimes it just looks like a penalty with Tyron because he beats them so bad it's like an adult pushing around a small child.
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  14. HowardC

    HowardC Romo was elite

    2,358 Messages
    3,437 Likes Received
    *most convenient times(for refs trying to influence games)
  15. Whyjerry

    Whyjerry Well-Known Member

    7,306 Messages
    11,827 Likes Received
    It is hard to play on Sunday when you consistently miss practice. Smith was a great player. Either the coaches allow him "rest" time or his back is too sore to practice. He either needs to be all in or, if he can't take the practice, he needs to go away.

    Too many comfortable players in Dallas.
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  16. CB61

    CB61 Zone Supporter

    9,229 Messages
    5,424 Likes Received
    He is overcompensating for Connor Williams look at his penalties when Williams is in there compared to sua a filo
    CF74 likes this.
  17. CalPolyTechnique

    CalPolyTechnique Well-Known Member

    14,050 Messages
    20,594 Likes Received
    The vast majority of those were holds.

    People confuse “aaahhh, I’ve seen worse” with what’s actually a penalty.

    You’re never allowed to hook a guy across the shoulders/neck and it not be a penalty.
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  18. stuckindc

    stuckindc Well-Known Member

    235 Messages
    255 Likes Received
    It may be time , if possible to try and trade him ...see if we can get something legit for him...I love him and when healthy , he is the best...but those days seem far and few.......Need to start thinking about replacing him. Is McGovern the replacement? or the plan to replace him...
    John813 likes this.
  19. John813

    John813 Well-Known Member

    14,078 Messages
    18,486 Likes Received
    Last thing this team needs to do is trade off Smith, save some money, and end up in the Green-Petitti purgatory.
    Definitely agree about investing and grooming a new LT but I would just keep Smith till the new guy as shown enough to roll with him.

    I don't see McG as his replacement, but that's just a guess as he played C and G at Penn State.
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  20. bodi

    bodi Well-Known Member

    5,221 Messages
    2,761 Likes Received
    well i still take that monster over any one else
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