Unofficial Source Breaks Down Sam Williams DE

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by America's Cowboy, May 2, 2022.

  1. ThreeandOut

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    There's a decent chance that he wouldn't have been there at the Cowboys in the third round but I wouldn't have minded them making a small trade down in the second round to get him.
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  2. visionary

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    I’d rather have gone Jones at 56 but the reality is that this guy has all the tools

    Work ethic and ‘want to’
    Relentless motor, plays to the whistle
    Quick first step
    Good change of direction
    Short area quickness

    and now, DQ as his coach and playing alongside Parsons

    I will be very surprised if he is not our outright starting DE next season
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  3. CouchCoach

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    Situational player this year and not necessary that he take over the starting role. This is not like replacing the LG spot, that guy has to be the starter.
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  4. BigD_95

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    Look at the last several drafts that we did really good at. The players we picked were projected to go higher then where we picked them. Examples: Parson was projected top 10 even as high as 5. CeeDee top 10. Diggs 1st round.

    The players we picked this year were projected to go lower and they were reaches at that spot and are considered projects with upside. When we reach and draft for need that is when Dallas gets in trouble.

    Not sure how you can say it worked out perfectly? Tolbert was there because that was where his value was. Dallas would have been better off trading the 2nd round pick and moving back to get Williams and drafted him closer to his value and grabbed a extra pick. Instead this will go down as another bad 2nd round pick
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  5. BigD_95

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    yeah that is what they should have done.
  6. nathanlt

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    Brilliant analysis and attention to detail, and the totality of the defensive scheme. Posts like this are why I visit Cowboyszone. Excellent!
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  7. Beaker42

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    Not really - you know he was held like 27 times, right?
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  8. Beaker42

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    How do you know he’d have been there after a trade down? I didn’t think he’d be there where we got him.
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  9. calicowboy54

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    Ok i know this is mostly highlights of his work. BUT i did not see any problem with the Running game. honestly he looks better than Smokey that just left.
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  10. cmoney23

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    Thanks for sharing...
    The two things that jump off the tape to me are:

    1. He has little to no bend coming around a corner
    2. He needs to develop some technique and strength to extend his arms when engaging with OL.

    He actually reminds me a lot of Parsons in his pass-rushing. Parson wins with speed and athleticism, not technique. Give him some time to learn and he could be good. Not sure you can learn bend though...
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  11. Oz-of-Cowboy-Country

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    Williams and Waletzko are the two flashy players we drafted. Flashy players as we all know can be starts or bust. But all the other picks were solid picks. And will be solid contributors moving forward, IMO.
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  12. Malhavoc

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    There was no way Williams was going to be there when we drafted in round 3. The edge guys were coming off the board fast. The cowboys got a player they wanted.
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  13. The Realist

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    I count as many as 5-6 day one or future starters potentially. Smith, Williams, Tolbert, Ferguson, Waletzko, Ridgeway and Clark.
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  14. BigD_95

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    I hope your right. I just dont have the confidence in this years draft as past drafts.
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  15. The Realist

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    How many 1T’s do we have better than Ridgeway. How many LB’s do we have that are better than Clark?
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  16. America's Cowboy

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  17. lqmac1

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    If his biggest knock is weakness against the run game, I’m totally cool with that. We need somebody to rush the passer.

    I don’t want us to fall in love with stopping to run defensively that we forget to get after the quarterback.
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  18. Creeper

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    Nobody sacks the QB on every play. Remember what Demarcus Ware did for Micah Parsons last year? He can do the same with Williams this summer. Hopefully by September he will have some of those moves down and will be a menace on defense. We'll see.
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  19. BigD_95

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  20. Silverstar

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    Dane Brugler’s thoughts on Sam Williams:

    "A three-year starter at Ole Miss, Williams was a hybrid boundary end (two and three point) in defensive coordinator Chris Partridge’s 3-3-5 base scheme, lining primarily in the 4i-technique. He turned his flashes into more consistent production as a senior, breaking the single-season school record with 12.5 sacks, which ranked top-five in the FBS in 2021. Although he needs better setup and countering skills mid-rush, Williams creates a surge with his hard-charging athleticism and violent hands. In the run game, he has a reliable motor but struggles to control the point because of a faulty anchor and tall pads. Overall, Williams must improve his discipline to be a more consistent edge-setter and rusher, but he has the upfield acceleration and attacking mentality to affect the game as a quarterback hunter. He is an exciting pass rush prospect in subpackages with potential to be more."
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