Was on the Phone with Boston During the Game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by IceBowler, Nov 26, 2019.

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    So who’s pulling the strings? NFL? Atlantic City? The Mob? All of the above?
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    To add and confirm your contention: remember last season when the Packers went 14 straight quarters WITHOUT a holding call? It simply can't be done.
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    I believe it stems from attitudes in the League office. They have a bias for certain teams and frankly, Dallas used to benefit from time to time from that. However, if you'll notice, since Jerry opposed Goddell's contract, it has deteriorated to the point of well ...

    How do you suspend Zeke like they did when their own investigator came back and recommended "No further action?" Jerry's done a lot of things over the years that have pissed the League, opposing revenue sharing (since Dallas accounts for the lion's share), the conflict surrounding the League and Jerry wanting to branch off and do his own marketing .. which precipitated him buying old Texas Stadium ... it goes on and on. Jone's has enough money to be pretty much untouchable but - Goddell and other owners who are not Jerry's buds can (and do), get to him in this fashion. These guys are the Billionaire Boys Club ... THEY ARE NOT REGULAR PEOPLE. They do not think and act like we do and nothing is beyond them.
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    ... must really suck to be so arrogant and visceral. Not ONE TIME did I say this associate of mine was Robert Kraft. He was simply saying what he's come to see over the last 20 years up there. Why don't you go out in the backyard and pull the wings off a butterfly - you'll feel better.
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    Aww - I do it all the time.
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    I've seen him call other calls bad but never seen him argue like that before
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    Man, Dungy sounds hot about that. Maybe the NFL can stop match fixing.
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    OK then tell me this then-
    why as you put it will the refs make sure "Tom gets the win"? Whats in it for them to do this or what reason do they have to get him the win?
    Do you really think all the refs (who I guess are all Patriot fans) will collude to change the outcome of a game? Why would they all hate the Cowboys? Are you saying they all jeopardized their careers in front of the biggest TV audience in 20 years for no reason except to just make sure "Tom gets his win"? Amazing how its been kept quiet in this world of social media except from you and your business associate in Boston.
    You conspiracy theorists are all the same. You'll throw out some wild theory that makes no sense and try to demean anyone that questions it because you cant defend it.
    Come on-your friend was pulling your leg and you took him seriously. If he really knew anything he would have been betting his house on it.
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    ..Im not surprised. Pats have been known to do weird finicky things to get the edge.
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    The refs don't care one whit who wins. They are simply doing what is relayed to them relative to how a game is supposed to take shape if possible. And, what's in it for them? Simple .. they keep working. Calling NFL games is great part time money with a ton of perks. If a game is a blowout, it's much harder to manipulate but, while it is close, the choice to throw a flag or not to .. has a significant impact. There are players on record saying the same thing. Check the LB from Oakland currently serving a suspension ..

    I believe this is all about Jerry and his conflict with Goddell and several other of the Billionaire Boys Club members. JJ has enough money that he's damn near untouchable but - he can be aggravated through his Cowboys and these guys aren't above doing that. JJ has opposed Goddell's contract extension - opposes the League revenue sharing deal in its current form and wants to do his own marketing whenever possible. All these things are a thorn in the side of Goddell and several other owners.

    How else do you ignore Zeke's suspension after Goddell's own investigator did her due diligence, went back to New York and recommended, "No further action.?" How do you explain the rash of bogus calls Dallas suffers? I don't mean the perennial holding calls, I'm talking calls you NEVER see like the breaking the huddle call in the Packer playoff game. How about the call on our 15-year long snapper against Washington Then, when 9 tripping penalties have have been called on 32 teams all season - we get hit with two in the same game? The League admits these shouldn't have been called but whoops ... too late! How bout the Dez "Catch / No catch that was ruled no good from New York?

    You can't and you won't admit that something is at play because .. it doesn't fit your narrative.

    Now, for folks like you with your heads in the sand - allow me to share a personal story:

    I was a basketball official at the collegiate level for 11 seasons. I was doing a D2 game in a Southern state some years back and was dressing with my two partners for the night's contest. Just before we were to take the floor, we're visited by several conference administrators. They informed us we had regional TV for the game and a "good competitive game would be good for all concerned." After they left, I was a bit taken aback and asked my partners what that meant - exactly. One gentlemen who called this region often said, it means they want a close game - so don't take XXXX out of their style of play."

    Finally, Let me make this real simple. How in the world do you suppose the betting lines are so spot on in the vast, vast majority of cases? There's not a player, coach or official that steps on the field or court that doesn't know the line.

    It does happen. Of course you'll call me a liar even though you don't know me at all. And that's OK because that's what you folks with your head in the sand do rather that even consider something that might upset your apple cart.
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    You provided no evidence to support your claims.
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    Has your contact heard anything about the Hoodie coming to Dallas?
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    My favorite team wins = we're awesome!

    My favorite team loses = it's fixed!

    That's childish, crybaby stuff. No one here thought "it's fixed" in the 90s. I wonder why? :rolleyes:
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    .. and you provide no evidence to dispute the possibility ..
  16. IceBowler

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    Completely different NFL - completely different revenue streams - no instant social media - no FA, no Cap, a "real" commissioner, etc., etc., etc.
    And I could care less whether Dallas plays another down - it isn't just Dallas that takes these hits .. Ask the Saints after the NFC Championship game ...
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    Well, How exactly is a rainbow made? how exactly does the sun set?, how exactly does a Posi-Trac on a Plymouth rear end work?...It just does.
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    You don't know where the wind comes from or where it goes - but you don't deny its existence ..
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    It wasn’t the lifting the leg, it was the partial extension after Frederick lifted his leg Pereira was referring to and even he said this was unlike the first one called, meaning he didn’t agree with that one. So Pereira even thought the first one was wrong.
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    The NBA referee that got caught for betting on games cheating whatever it was told everybody it was widespread in the NBA and all of the professional leagues no one believed him or wanted to?

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