What Are Your Thoughts About The Draft

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by darthseinfeld, May 1, 2016.

  1. darthseinfeld

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    - We got better defensively. Just maybe not this year so much. Collins and Tapper are good peices to our defensive line. Tapper could be our LDE in 2017. Lets just hope DLaw suspension was a 1 time deal

    - We regain our 2014 offensive identity. Zeke, Romo and Bryant allow us to dictate the tempo of the game to the defense. I believe this makes us NFCE favorites.

    - Prescott means almost nothing in terms of the search for a QB of the future. They made a big effort to land Lynch and came up short. And Cook was apparently the target in the 4th. The QB search did not fall there way this year, and I give them credit for both 1) Making a push for the guy they wanted ( Lynch) 2) Not giving up the 2017 first to get him, which not having a 5th year option to offer was likely going to be what it took to get Lynch. Prescott is a long term backup they probably hope can sub for a starter if he gets hurt. I think he is going to have to be utter gangbusters for them to call off the QB search

    - The DBs are intriguing, but we did kick that can down the line. IMO it was they way to go. Build the front 4 then move to the back end

    - Maybe a lazy comparison, but I see a little Karlos Williams in Darius Jackson
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  2. MichaelWinicki

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    Lot's of speed.

    Elliot, Jackson, the corner from Purdue, Smith, the two defensive linemen... All faster than the typical player at the same position.
  3. JPostSam

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    the first five picks are guaranteed to make the roster (zeke, jaylon, collins, tapper and prescott), and at least three will play every sunday.

    that hasn't happened in years.
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  4. DuDa

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    This is a very boom or bust draft class. It is very possible to get production from Zeke and thats it...
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  5. reddyuta

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    I will give you one word for this draft -

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  6. chicago JK

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    They look great walking through the Airport- Gathers, Prescott, Smith, Tapper, Elliott, etc.. Definitely all airport team

    I hope they can play as well as they look :)
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  7. Gaede

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    Love pieces of the draft, but I feel the 2016 contribution from this class will be minimal.

    Besides Zeke, I really only see Collins having an impact. I am a fan of the Smith and Prescott picks, for their long-run potential

    However, it would've been nice to get three impact players when you're picking that high in every round. I feel like we probably got two, after all is said and done
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  8. tyke1doe

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    C - one dynamic starter on offense and lots of prospects and potential with the rest.
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  9. TrailBlazer

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    Dallas would be the NFCE favorites as long as Romo is healthy, with or without Zeke.

    It's hard for me to see good RB's on the board in the 4th and 5th rounds and think Dallas did the right thing taking Zeke top 5. We will see. I'm just saying I would've went a different direction.

    Then there was the mystifying decision to take Smith over Jack. For a team trying to win NOW, they sure made a few picks for the distant future.(Smith,Gathers)

    Collins and Tapper picks bot made sense. Good rotational pieces.

    I thought Day 3 was really solid.

    My draft would've looked more like Ramsey, Jack, plus a guy like Kenneth Dixon that fell to the end of round 4 but I had him going in the 2nd.

    This class revolves around what Zeke does. That pick shaped our draft going forward.
  10. jazzcat22

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    Still "processing" the draft. LOL.
    They redeemed themselves in day 3 over day 2, however, in a few years, this could end up being a very good draft. s been posted, after EE, this is boom or bust. Not really bust, but boom or...just another late round draft in the books....
    I do think the 4th round gets an A grade by itself. Dak was drafted at the right time with the right pick. Even if a very good back up until the right future QB comes along in the next year or two. And who knows, may turn out to be that future QB.
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  11. Craig

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    I dont know much about most of the players other than what ive read because i do t watch college football, but this draft proves that Jerry meant what he said about romo's window lasting a few years. Seems like they feel good about it though, so we'll see.

    Ill jump on board with the elliott pick because what choice do i have? Im sure ill come back around to hating it a few years down the road if he doesnt become an elite rb or if he does, when his price tag blows up. I dont want to be putting 6-9 million into a rb, which is why id rather wait and grab a guy later and be comfortable walking away in 4 years.
  12. 30yrheel

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    Seemed like one of the strangest drafts I can remember for some reason.
    Maybe because it didn't fall as planned/hoped after pick 4.
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  13. reddyuta

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    It didnt.Teams knew who we were going to pick and drafted our guys repeatedly,I really think we wouldnt have drafted Smith if either Ogbah or Dodd was there at 34.I am glad soembody traded up ahead of us to take Cook though.
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  14. skinsscalper

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    To be honest, I didn't love it and I didn't hate it but I'm certainly intrigued by it.

    I'm really excited to see Elliott in this offense. Not a fan of the Smith pick. I could care less if the Patriots wanted him. I love the player but you don't spend a high second on a guy that may never play football again. You just don't. As said earlier, this draft added speed (and a lot of it). Honestly, day 3 was the most interesting of them all.
    One thing I will say, if Jaylon Smith returns (and to form) this could be one of the best drafts the Boys have had in a while.
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  15. MichaelWinicki

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    You don't think Tapper, the DE isn't going to have an impact?

    I think the kid is going to get a decent number of snaps this season. And for a 270lber who can run a 4.59 forty, he's going to help the pass rush.
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  16. Craig

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    When the part of tge draft you liked least was day 1, its a great draft. Usually if youre complaining about day 1 youre complaining about the choice, but the team still got better with a great player. Im really happy with the way the draft went overall.
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  17. Satchel89

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    I do like Zeke. I'm glad they went ahead and grabbed him. I don't like the Smith pick. Actually I hated it but maybe the team gets big results down the road. I do like Tapper and Brown. Added some speed on defense with those picks but I don't understand taking the Tight End and the Running Back with those last 2 picks. I know it's the 6th round but they could of taken a linebacker that could play this year and I guess they want as many running backs as possible. Honestly after they took Smith in the 2nd round, I lost all excitement I had at the night before
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  18. visionary

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    Good NFL teams don't draft this way
    Even the Zeke pick is questionable. Players like Perkins, Dixon and Booker picked in rds 3-4 May have better pro careers
    And there were starters on the board at 34 where we picked an absolute prayer

    Really really weak drafting
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  19. nake

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    I loved getting star running back Ezekiel Elliot in the first. We can't go back to 2007, but we can reach for 2014 and maybe pull it back into Dallas with Tony back and a big running game. Getting some RB depth in the 6th I liked, too. Depending on Seattle to do it for us wasn't working out to well.

    Swinging for the fences by picking Jaylon Smith in the second was risky, but the reward will potentially give us an Kuechly-like impact player, and that could very well get us headed for the promised land.

    The immediate result of drafting Dak in the 4th was making Kellen Moore the backup QB for the foreseeable future, IMO. I think it is unlikely he will ever beat out Moore. But, here's hoping he beats the odds and makes it like Cousins did with the Skins. I'm hoping Moore is like fellow lefty Kenny Stabler, and finally finds his game the 6th year after being signed.
  20. Macnalty

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    To be clear the NFC east fansites were devastated when we took EE, I would say the majority knew they were in trouble when San Diego picked Bosa. I would say the Giants site took it the hardest, with the skins realizing this year's game was going to be different.
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