What do you expect for 2019?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stasheroo, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Kolemmitt

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    I'm going to be optimistic today.

    I expect our Oline to be top 5 again. Why? Obviously Fredbeard being back, Williams spending a year getting NFL big, and not wasting a training camp under a different system, just to switch back midseason.

    This leads me to Zeke flirting with 2000 yards again. I also think our new OC will be more creative taking advantage of teams focusing on stopping the run. There will be a lot of pre snap motion that will result in blown coverages and receivers running open more often. I also think Coop easily gets over 1000 yards and Gallup flirts with 1000. I also expect Wilson and Brown to have nice years. I'm also expecting Dak to get more rushing yards.

    Defensively, I think we offer Thomas a fair deal and, after discovering that his market isnt as great as he thinks, he signs and gives us a very nice combo with Woods. I also think our young studs, LVE, Smith, and Gregory, take nice steps forward.
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  2. Tabascocat

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    It's an odd numbered season, that is all the info that I need to know........:laugh:
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  3. stasheroo

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    Keeping Irving rewards laziness and not caring. He needs to go, not only because of his own actions, but because of the precedent his continued presence would set.

    I'd let both hold out as well. They'd damage themselves far worse than the 2020 Cowboys and that's what I'd be looking forward to.


    I would, he's the anti-Irving and the perfect example of a guy who's actually earned it. Taco is a big miss. Get what you can out of him and live on in finding a replacement.

    I agree. He's the anti diva of receivers and the safest bet you can make in terms of character and work ethic. Lock him up now before it costs even more when he has an even better year in 2019.

    I think it's the biggest one, specifically bullseye Jeff Heath. Teams targeted him and he needs to be taken off the field. At various points, the defensive tackles and the run defense held up and actually played well. I can't say the same for Heath.
  4. Tangle_Foot

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    A good draft.
    A great training camp.
    Travis Frederick back to his old self.
    Good Jump by second-year players.
    Cowboys sign Earl Thomas.
    Good Dak.
    Kellen Moore Kellen it as O.C.
    Randy Gregory stays clean and has a great season.
    Cowboys defense put Taco's back on the menu.
    Good health and a push to the Superbowl.
    And despite all of this coming to fruition some will still complain:)
    Let's Go Cowboys...2019 The Year Of The Star...:flagwave:
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  5. Londonboy

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    This Team is in a position to keep Everybody They want to and add Players They want in FA.
    I expect Them to get further next Year, if things fall right, SB Champs.
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  6. stasheroo

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    But like me, no in-betweens! I appreciate someone with conviction!
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  7. Diehardblues

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    Unlike some fans I’m actually still excited about 2018 season. We surpassed my expectations and most professional analysts.

    We had 18 meaningful games with an opportunity to make the Final 4. Wow. This is about as good as it gets this era.

    I’m not sure how my expectations could be any higher for 2019.
  8. TwentyOne

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    Well a very positive post. And you nailed my feelings.

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  9. ShiningStar

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    heres what i want.

    Change the culture. we dont want to accept mediocrity anymore. we lose fans over it, who cares. KR and Lal did this when they got here, worked out. Get it across the whole ogranization. If they dont want to win, move on.

    KR to DC, clean out the ST, get ready to PR the hell out of the Moore promotion. We are going to get laughed at about this and rightly so until he proves otherwise. Decide on lee, dont let the season do it, tell him you appreciate him, coach or player, either way decides his future.

    Bring everyone you can in. Competition, competition, competition. Fill it all up, make everyone work for it.

    Let the draft set up the FA. Get what you want long term, believe in who you draft. Let FA fill in the rest and dont over pay.

    Do your camps, do your info, find your winners. Stream line the damn roster. No more hanging on to players for any reason. If they cant contribute, out they go. No more projects we arent good enough to have projects yet. Everyone on the 53 must be ready to play like they are a first stringer.

    If Daks your man, play him. If Mike White can be a back up qb, hes on the roster. no more carrying 3 qbs and not using them, the roster isnt good enough. Build the offense around the qb. Use all your players. no more 1 man crews. 2 TE's 1 FB. Hammer hammer hammer.

    Let AC know this is his corp, get the guys in line and let the offense take off by their strengths. No more making your QB fit plays that doesnt agree with him. If the QB can run it, let him run it. The first down is the goal.

    On defense, get the ball, Sacks are great for fans, but interceptions get you the ball. Get after that qb, even if you dont sack him, get him to make a mistake. Eye on your player and force a bad play. Get after him. Speed and tackle, make that tackle. Stop the ball. IF you cant get it, stop it. Make a play, force the ball out of his hands, hit him, let him know you are coming.

    What i expect to hear.

    And the Dallas Cowboys season comes to a close at a horrific loss in the first playoff round. As always "Wooooooomp Wooooooooomp" Jason Garrett presser "its a process Ya ll."
  10. pacy

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    8-8 Garrett is gone.
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  11. CPanther95

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    .500 +/- 2 games.
  12. CF74

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    I see us possibly winning 1-2 Postseason games, anything beyond that will be gravy for me....
  13. jazzcat22

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    I have no feeling one way or another, but am trending to look more for the positive side.
    To me it mostly depends on Moore and his play calling ability.

    FA is the biggest concern, who do we keep, who do we lose. And who do we sign to replace the ones we lose.
    Not concerning myself with possible hold outs of Dak or Zeke or any other player at this time. no use to speculate on that.
    The draft then becomes the next issue, but they seem to do a pretty good job, so I will say they will get 3 players that will contribute. Though I was not totally happy with day 3 last year. But that could end up pretty decent after all.

    Need a S and a DT fro sure. Draft or Fa or both. The D needs to take that next step. I think they can.

    The biggest concern is on offense. With Nussmeier have called plays for Alabama, and game planned. So if he can help Moore in doing that, and put together a good game plan, then Moore can call the right plays at the right time against the defenses. As well make actual in game adjustments. Then I can see us repeating as division champs. That is really my only concern.

    Who knows, maybe Kellen Moore can be our next Norv Turner. Nor came over from the Rams, who was their WR's coach.
    He took a last place in YPG and scoring points, to 9th in 1991. We then went 1-1 in the playoffs, with Aikman out in those games. Well he played the 2nd half against Detroit in a game pretty much already lost.
    Then we know how it took off in 1992.

    I am not saying 2018 was 1991, but it sure felt like it. So can 2019 be like 1992. Remains to seen. But right now I can't say I feel like it will be that. I need to see them on the field first.
  14. Beaker42

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    Hoping for NFCC game at least.

    We need help at DT and S after that Rams game. Other areas appear to be OK on D. Need OL help and another threat at WR to help keep teams from hanging with Coop and Mustang.
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  15. ESisback

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    Yeah, I think OL has a lot to do with it. Fred out, Martin had a down year, no continuity at LG (undersized rookie and a journeyman backup going back and forth), and our All Pro LT having down weeks because of a bad back. Add to that, changing the OL Coach midway through the season and predictable playcalling from the OC, and that seriously waters down our offense, IMHO.

    A newbie at OC and a first place schedule? Kinda daunting, but I CAN’T WAIT to see what they look like!
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  16. TheHerd

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    That's a good bet. 25 teams last year.
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  17. StarBoyz83

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    I expect 9-10 wins possible playoffs. Really depends on if the defense has to carry the offense again. Also depends on if the defense will be as good as this year.
  18. CPanther95

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    That's as brave as I get in February.
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  19. DeathMonkey

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    I am going in with zero expectations whatsoever.

    Moore is an unknown factor.
    The offense therefore is an unknown factor.
    The defense should be pretty good, but who knows?
    Garrett is still present, which is probably a negative.
    Jerry still meddles and undermines, which is definitely a negative.

    The talent level overall of the team is pretty good, but it definitely has positions that it needs to work on in the draft and free agency, so we'll see.
  20. Texasfootball21

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    Super Bowl or Bust! This season will be make it or break it...I think we're all tired of waiting. Go Cowboys

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