What do you expect for 2019?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stasheroo, Feb 10, 2019.

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    The one thing that is predictable is that the general consensus in terms of fans/media is almost always wrong, especially in terms of specifics.

    There was not a big concern last year about the OLine. The general thought was they'll plug somebody in between All-Pro Tyron and Frederick and have minimal issues, especially once they signed a veteran backup OT.

    LB on the other hand was a big concern because it had been a disaster in 2017 with Lee and Hitchens both getting injured and Jaylon looking terrible for much of the season.

    There was concern at WR and that proved to be an issue early in the season but ended up being a high point with Cooper added and Gallup progressing quite well in the 2nd half.

    The group-think for the Rams game was the Rams passing offense and the Cowboys running game being the big problems for each defense. It turned out the opposite.

    The worst case is a good but not great season. With a losing season, they'll start planning on a Garrett replacement early. With a good not great season Garrett might stay and even if fired, they might not be prepared to get the best replacement.

    My concerns:
    1. Distractions. Either player contract issues or too much media focus on Moore as OC and Garrett with no contract extension.

    2. OT. If Tyron has a season ending injury in training camp, they might as well just focus in getting a top 10 pick in 2020 because they're not winning by just re-signing Fleming.

    3. Offensive play execution. I'm confident Moore can design and call plays as well as Linehan or better; however, more complicated plays require more practice reps to perfect. Offensive execution has not been a strength with Garret as the HC. Only the OLine execution when Bill Callahan was the OL coach was elite. They do have smarter players with Cooper/Gallup over the years with Dez/TWill. Getting Frederick back is huge. He's the smartest guy on the team. Looney's individual play was good-enough but they really really missed Frederick's game knowledge and leadership.

    4. DT. Other teams will copy what the Rams did to the Cowboys DL if they don't make DL scheme adjustments and/or add more talent.

    5. Not really a worry per se, but what happens at DC? The media will make it a distraction if Kris Richard is NOT promoted to DC. I don't think Richard can do much about the DL problems that came up in the Rams game if he is not the DC.
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    I am that really sucky fan that would rather lose to get Tua or Fromm in April 2020's draft. Preferably Tua. Just me.
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    I really don't see anything looking different. Moore might be a little bit better than Linehan but we still have Garrett and that means no game planning or scheming for opponents. Dak isn't suddenly going to be more accurate. I think the Cowboys have a chance at winning the NfC east and maybe a playoff game but that's it. They don't have the coaching to prepare this team for big games and Dak is avg.
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    We are now a consistent 9-10 win team IMO depending on injuries to certain positions. Think about it, we won 10 games this past season despite FO screw up with Alexander and WR by committee, injury to Fred and Linehan presence. I see Moore taking the league by storm, similar to what did Garrett did in 2007 his first year OC. He may be young and a bit green, but he's seen it all and I expect to see an offense that's bold, aggressive and unpredictable. One that attacks and pushes the ball downfield. Someone on Twitter reminded us of the advantage Moore has of knowing what got Linehan fired. See don't expect any drop off from the D at all.

    Bottom line IMO....we are a 10 win team right now w/o any additional upgrades. Upgrade TE, DT and S we are a contender.
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    Stash, this is the off season that I say Jerry should go all in and pay for his players, as well as a quality safety and defensive tackle.

    Jerry had better think that he is this close and close the deal...
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    I'm in total agreement with you on this one.

    My own guys ticketed are

    Earl Thomas for safety - I think it happens


    Sheldon Richardson at defensive tackle - they've flirted with acquiring him several times and in fact he played for Kris Richard in Seattle.

    And if you saw my other thread about TE, Tyler Eifert is my boom-or-bust TE reclamation project. There's an article about their leaked 2013 draft board and they really liked both of these guys, and Eifert is Martin's brother-in-law and college roommate so I consider that a plus too.

    Those are my own three free agent acquisitions to put the team over the top for 2019, or at the least give a coach on his last chance, the best chance to succeed.
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    That blows the draft wide open with possibilities.
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    I think so. And adding the veterans gives you quick returns, rather than having to wait on a rookie draft pick. A team that could be in complete transition if things don't go well can't afford to wait.
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    2019? Same as it has been for years: If we stay very healthy and have a favorable schedule, we'll win our share of games. If we hit any injury, schedule, or bad luck adversity, we'll be average or worse.

    IOW, it's a roll of the dice. If we have significantly superior talent, we'll win, and if we don't we won't. Garrett won't get more wins than the talent should dictate like the good coaches will.
  10. Daktozekecoop

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    I think we win, or come very damn close to winning the super bowl.
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    Adding a strong veteran presence as you suggest, will speed the elements of binding the team at a very aggressive level. It also adds elements to stiffen run defense as well as turning the ball over for a Dallas advantage. More points also means more offensive effectiveness for the Cowboys.

    Having a full open draft, even if for three rounds...and based up recent successes, should provide strong and developing depth for future cap relief as well.

    Jerry owes his fans an unhindered and full out attempt at fielding a top notched team...as it doesn't possess a Brady, Rodgers, or Brees.

    Suggestion for Jason Garrett in Training Camp...work hard on turn-overs and open field tackles.
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    Exactly, and these free agents don;t have to be huge, long term investments. They can be quality bridge players until the players you do draft are ready.
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    It’s not often that you face a line like the Rams or Colts during a season. Controlling the line is one of the reasons the Cowboys were in the playoffs. With that being said I felt like they were going to have to address the position regardless. Nothing against Caraun Reid or Daniel Ross but the depth just wasn’t there especially in that playoff game. There is no doubt in my mind they won’t let that happen again.

    Rob: It wasn’t just the tackles. The linebackers had difficulty getting off blocks, though that was partly due to the Rams reaching the second level too easily. I still think this is a very good run defense – they’ve proven it too many times against very good running teams like the Saints – but they do need another tackle to keep Antwaun Woods and Maliek Collins fresh. David Irving should’ve been that guy.


    Fix that problem and add Thomas...this fan gets pretty excited about those prospects.
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    With this team you always have to start with 8-8 regardless of how much talent we have or don't have. Garrett will play an 8-8 brand of football.

    Then from there it depends on luck or health as to whether we will have a winning season or not.

    Then if we get to the playoffs we will just get schooled by some other coach who doesn't ignore schemes.
  15. CCBoy

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    Stash, my preference is take the two free agents, DT & S, as you suggested...and take a 2nd round defensive tackle and 3rd round safety in the draft. Trade around if need be...
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    Even if they went 1-15 they wouldn't take a qb in the 2020 draft. Dak will be signed this offseason. So you might as well root for wins.
  18. Hawkeye0202

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    This is still one of the youngest teams in the league and they won 7 of their last 8 games when Amari Cooper was onboard. They have a ton of salary cap room for this offseason and have drafted well recently.

    So they should make the playoffs unless there is a crazy rash of injuries. Once you make the playoffs its an entirely different animal, but they definitely have the talent to play with anyone. Kind of a copout answer but that is where we are at in the salary cap parity-ball era.
  20. ChronicCowboy

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    This team has too much talent to have a really bad year. I think we may finish 8-8 because of strength of schedule but can’t see worse than that. I say somewhere between 8-8 and 12-4.

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