Where do you live and do you like living there?

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    I live in Palo Alto where I also work. I've lived in the Bay Area most of my life; you get spoiled by the year round temperate climate, proximity to mountains (e.g. Tahoe), ocean (Monterey, Santa Cruz, et cetera) , mountains/forest (Big Sur). Having said all that, I'm over it looking for a new place for my wife and son to make our next move in the near future (thinking PNW).

    The cost of living here is bonkers. We live in a modest 1,000 sf, 3 bd/1 bath home on a little 5,000 sf lot with property taxes more $13k a year.

    If you're into the outdoors I would highly recommend the San Luis Obispo area along the central coast of California (San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Avila Beach, etc.). That said, if you're a minority you may want to think twice; only time in my life I experienced overt racism (on multiple occasions).
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    We loved Palo Alto and should have never moved from there. It is in a great location and can get to anywhere from there like you said. It is indeed expensive but worth it IMO.

    I agree with the Obispo area or anything North of Santa Barbara........beautiful area. California gets a bad rap, it is a gorgeous state. If you can ignore the politics, it is very enjoyable.

    As for the PCW, do your homework. I have lived in Oregon to Seattle to Bellingham, WA. It is a different world up there compared to the Bay Area even if you wouldn't think so. The hippies, gypsies and many protests took it's toll on us :(

    The rain wasn't much of a problem, just a different way of life. We are accustomed to sunny beaches, good restaurants and more fast paced.
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    Good to know. Actually, the thing that has me trippin' the most is the fact they have a "spider season" up there.
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    They do but it is nothing compared to spiders in Texas. I absolutely hate them and flip out when one is on me.

    They aren't bad at all up there compared to what I grew up with :laugh:
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  5. Longboysfan

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    In Dallas Fort Worth area.
    But it's 8 months of summer here.
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    Yes absolutely. I live in Forest Hills, New York and I love it. Plenty of good restaurants, SAFE to walk around in at night and beautiful scenery.
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    Ha, I lived in Arlington for about 5-6 years and that's where I saw the biggest spider in my life too.

    I'm not sure what the species was but it wasn't a daddy long legs or a tarantula but a reddish brown thing the size of an adult hand (no exaggeration). My dad killed it with dust pan.

    Might have been an overgrown wolf spider.
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  8. Tabascocat

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    Wolf and those brown wood spiders........gnarly :lmao:
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  9. MichaelWinicki

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    One of my few memories of living in Texas is finding a tarantula sitting on top of the TV one day... My mother then said, "We're moving back to western New York."
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    Since we added a lot of new members in 2018, I thought it would be beneficial to bring this thread back to life.
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    North Eastern PA. Wayne County. Homes, taxes and cost of living is low .our school district is one of the top performers in PA. there really isn't any white collar jobs locally. you would need to travel into the Scranton area. About a hour drive south into the Stroudsburg area allot of people commute to NY and Jersey for the 6 digit jobs.But as far as the trades go its strong, actually its hard to find qualified help .excavating.drivers with CDLs. carpenters, electricians, masons & mechanics. ect ect
    The area is rural ,mountains ,woods and dotted with lakes and streams. if your an outdoors type it cant get much better. blue ribbon trout stream west branch of the Delaware river is close by..Whitetails,bear and turkey are abundant. if you where to break down on a back road you wouldn't be standing there very long.very friendly and old school. from the grocery store to the post office everyone knows everyone. kind of like Mayberry RFD except in color.
    and the best part there is Cowboys fans :starspin:
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    I live in the sort of Mid-cities area of Dallas/Fort Worth. I've loved living here for most of my life, but it's just gotten too populated. I hesitate to move just because the small town I do live in strives to keep it small town...so aside from the traffic, it's a nice little oasis in a sea of crazy...and it's close enough to everything else where it's not a pain going places. 8 months of Summer and going years at a time without seeing a snowflake is getting tiring though. Living in a state with out a State Income Tax is the way to go though.

    As far as moving, I'd want to move further out, but I'm not sure how far further out would need to be where it isn't going to be like here now in 10 years. Other than that, smaller towns somewhere near or in the Rockies is sounding a lot more appealing. Getting my wife to agree is the problem there.
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  14. Tussinman

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    DFW Metroplex (Richardson Texas).

    It's the perfect city to be honest. Centrally located in the metroplex, never have to go more than 30 minutes in either direction to get most of the city perks/enjoyment. Alot of the neighborhoods are kinda tucked away so you don't have cross traffic from cars/people that don't live there.

    Don't have to deal with Dallas drama (crap school/roads, terrible zoning, not enough cops/emts, garbage libraries, too many apartments).

    Very few apartments and you have to have just enough money to be well rounded but not too much to where you snobby aka North/West Plano and Frisco.
  15. Pessimist_cowboy

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    Los Angeles, and I hate it here. I’m kind of locked down though because of my job. I bought a home in Lake Arrowhead CA by the lake. Plan on moving there when I’m done working.
  16. CalPolyTechnique

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    What is considered the Metroplex? I always thought it was generally Ft. Worth, Arlington, and Dallas.
  17. DeathMonkey

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    [​IMG] according to Google.
  18. YosemiteSam

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    I live in Hell. I like it though. It helps that I own this place.
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  19. Tussinman

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    Richardson is one of like 20 cities thats in Dallas County (half of Richardson school district is kids that technically live in North Dallas).

    Arlington and Ft Worth are both Tarrant County. There's 13 total counties for DFW metroplex.

    DFW metroplex is basically all of North Central Texas (over 7 million people in the Metroplex).
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    Kentucky, yes.

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