Which receivers do you think make the 53?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DiResta, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. DiResta

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    sure its very early

    in 2016 they kept 5
    in 2017 they kept 6

    1. Deonte Thompson
    2. Allen Hurns
    3. Michael Gallup
    4. Cedrick Wilson
    5. KD Cannon
    6. Terrance Williams
    7. Noah Brown
    8. Lance Lenoir
    9. Cole Beasley

    i would say locks are;

    1. Allen Hurns
    2. Michael Gallup
    3. Cole Beasley
    4. Terrance Williams
    5. Noah Brown - i think Noah is a lock because Oquinn specifically mentioned him as 1 of his 4 ST guys and Sanjay mentioned him yesterday as a guy who stepped up

    with Thompson injured it gives more opportunities to a guy like Lenoir
    i know they like Lenoir but unsure if he can be PS eligible again or do they go 6 at wr?
    Cedrick Wilson is undoubtedly a PS guy
    KD i havent heard anything good or bad about him really since otas started
    even though TWill is a bonehead at times and injured i think by TC he will be getting 1st team reps again, they like him too much to cut him -i think cutting him is about 4.5M dead money this year
    it does seem that if one of these other guys was balling out in TC it might give then serious consideration over him but still
  2. conner01

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    I don’t know that twill is a lock. I think he was a lock before he went all stupid.
    I agree on the rest of the locks
    What’s gonna be interesting is how many we carry. Will we carry 5 plus Austin or 6
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  3. glimmerman

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    As many DE as we have not sure. Lol. TWill may not make the team. Depends on if someone can put play him.
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  4. CPanther95

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    Williams is facing a stiff suspension. I certainly wouldn't consider him a lock.
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  5. phildadon86

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    I doubt he will be suspended when Landry got off scot free
  6. glimmerman

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    At least 2 games for DUI.
  7. glimmerman

    glimmerman Well-Known Member

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    Carroll got a DUI and I believe they game him 1 or 2 games. Landry got lucky.
  8. jazzcat22

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    I agree with your 5 locks, but think the 6th spot will between Thompson and Wilson. But really feel that Wilson is a PS guy to at this point. I been saying it since they drafted him. Actually I don't think they needed to draft him. But still need to see him on the field before I change my mind.

    I do think they go with 6 WR's, unless Austin is so outstanding, and the also keep Scarbrough or Jackson as an extra RB. A lot in play here on the numbers game.
  9. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

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    The Cowboys rule came into play, and will still do so. I expect at least 2 games. Heck, he may even start out on PUP. But I doubt if he will be given the same as players on other teams. Serve the 2 games while on PUP or IR. He will probably have to serve it after PUP. IF that is how it works out.
  10. elcowboi

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    It's hard to say without watching them play a preseason game. Plus one or two may end up hurt and that may change the dynamics of the group as well. It will be interesting to see who makes the squad though.
  11. glimmerman

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    He may not have to worry about it. If these other WR out play him. His advantage is knowing and being in the system for a while and is familiar with Dak. But yeah I and expecting the max.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    Not to sidetrack the thread. But TWill messing up killed my hope of him being traded. I would gladly take a 4th for him and move on with one of the young guys.
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  13. cowboyec

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  14. CowboyRoy

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    I think they keep 6 guys and Wilson gets added to your list. But Austin would have to make it as a RB then.
  15. jazzcat22

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    If he were to be traded, I think it would have happened during the draft. Either he recovers from his foot injury and plays well, but most likely will be his last year here. Or he doesn't do well, and is released. however, I think he starts TC on PUP. as that is just the way this team is. Over cautious or not forth right with any severity of any injuries. They insist on playing and games, but fool no one.

    Anyway, the other WR's can all log good, and he starts the season on PUP as well.
    And I can see the same happening with Malik Collins, starting on PUP that is.

    But agree, if we can get a 4th rounder, just move on already and let the others get in a groove with Dak and the playbook. Basically Twill is a one year safety type player as he knows the system. But when he had his chances to excel when Dez was out, he did not do it.
  16. gimmesix

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    If you don't count Austin among the receivers, then I think the question of how many receivers we keep depends on how many running backs we keep. If we keep just Elliott, Smith and Austin, then we probably keep six receivers. If we keep another back, then the receiver group will be smaller, if you count Austin as a back.

    I somewhat agree with your five (if counting Austin as a back), but I think Thompson will be one of those. I don't know if that means Brown gets knocked off or if we move on from Williams. It might be possible that we keep six receivers and four backs, but we'll have to go lighter at another position to do that. On offense, we'd have to do something like 2 QBs, 4 RBs, 1 FB, 6 WRs, 3 TEs, 9 OL or 2 QBs, 4 RBs, 1 FB, 6 WRs, 4 TEs, 8 OL or 3 QBs, 4 RBs, 1 FB, 6 WRs, 3 TEs, 8 OL.
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  17. Idgit

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    Literally every slot and the six roster spots are up for grabs with the WR group this year. It's crazy. Lal said yesterday they're keeping 6 (they could keep more, of course, but I think they're going in looking for the best 6). I'd handicap it like this, with Austin not counting as part of the WR group but definitely on the team.

    Beasley: Best WR on the team now
    Hurns: Lock, because of his contract and experience
    Gallop: He's got a head start on the gameday reps with Terrence hurt
    Brown: ST value means he likely gets the 5/6 spot
    Williams: He was a solid lock before pulling his stunt this summer. Still likely because, if he's not, We'd only be returning one of Dak's primary targets from last season. If he does make the team, he'll probably be back in his old role, at least to start.
    Thompson: This spot could go to anybody, but nod to Thompson for his speed and prior experience with Lal.

    Wilson: A strong preseason could bump Thompson or Terrence off the depth chart. It's a possibility with this guy.
    Lenoir: He looked like a guy with an outside chance to make the roster last season. He'd probably be a decent ST guy, too, and early word is he's worked hard in the offseason to get stronger. Though to see him making the top 6, though, with all the wash in front of him. Unless somebody above him gets hurt.
    Cannon: Speed gets him into the conversation, at least. He looks like a PS guy who needs to buy time to develop his technique.
  18. Sandyf

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    1. Deonte Thompson
    2. Allen Hurns
    3. Michael Gallup
    4. Cedrick Wilson
    5. Cole Beasley
    6. Noah Brown
  19. charron

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    They will need to keep 6. They may even keep 6 plus put Twill on ir to designate his return later unless they need that injury exemption on defense. Hurns has been injured alot the last 2 years so keeping some depth would be a good move and Twill may or may not be suspended sometime whenever roger feels like it.
  20. stasheroo

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    I was going to start a thread asking around on who thought Terrance Williams would make the 53 and who didn't.

    I think the team is waiting on a suspension to get them off the hook for his guaranteed money to cut him.

    Helman and some others who cover the Cowboys seem to think he's a "lock" to be on this team, but I just don't see that at all.

    I think the team is about done with him and his embarrassing gaffes and disappointment.

    I'm curious, does anyone know if Williams can be charged with lying to police?
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