Why are so many Cowboys fans obsessed with WR?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by d_cowboy31, Mar 22, 2022.

  1. d_cowboy31

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    It's amazing to see how many people are in support of drafting a WR in the first round or even the first 3 rounds. It seems like this is the case almost every year no matter what. This is also in spite of the fact that our two best teams since the 90's were heavy running teams (2014 and 2016). Furthermore, Dak is an average QB so the best thing you can do for him is run the ball more.

    Like most years, WR is the least of our worries. We just drafted one in the first round and signed another to a big contract. Washington will be a fine third receiver. We have a million other needs so drafting a WR before round 5 would be incredibly stupid. Unfortunately our front office is also obsessed with WR's so lets hope that none fall to them.
  2. The Dark Bishop

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    I tend to agree but sadly I remember the year we had to trade for Cooper. I'm not about to start a bashing Dak response, but I will say instead of our QB throwing the WR open, he tends to wait till there is a WR with separation. Knowing his tendencies, we need route runners and not huge WRs that can jump and fight for the ball.

    I am totally against a WR before round 3, but I would love to see a burner with a good route tree in the 3rd or even later if there is any left.
  3. shabazz

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    The Cowboys went 30 years without drafting a defensive tackle in the the 1st round until they drafted Trysten Hill…..probably safe to say they won’t do that again for anytime this side of the century.
  4. Proof

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    who’s obsessed with drafting a wr?

    and we have zeke (guy from 2016) and pollard.
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  5. baltcowboy

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    We need to improve our offensive line and defensive line first but the reality is that if Burks falls to 24 we have to take him because of the draft value. Nobody has a guard rated ahead of one of the receivers. I would be for a small trade down if you really want a guard though with that pick.
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  6. MonsterD

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    He was a 2nd round pick. I can't remember any DT except 1991 Maryland that was a 1st so it has been 31 years and counting. BTW won't be this year either, they are definitely taking either WR or probably a G.
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  7. Mcsports

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    Hil was a second round pick. But your point is well taken.
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  8. quickccc

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    - Who was the MVP of the super bowl ?
    - Did you see Cincy WRs taking Jalen shutdown Ramsey to school ?
    - Is this not a pass happy trend league ?
    - is it more about the RB .. or the QB in todays game ? o_O
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  9. CouchCoach

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    Are you sure they are in favor of that or resigned to the fact this owner might do that? Did the team really need a WR in the 1st in 2020? Just traded a 1st for one.

    CB's, WR's and DE's are sexy picks to this owner. He would have gladly taken Horn or Surtain over Parsons had CAR and DEN not done the fans a favor.
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  10. Loso86

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    Remeber the year without Cooper?. Sadly our QB needs a guy that can get open quickly especially since our FO insist on fixing the middle of the line with unproven rookies
  11. Cowboysheelsreds053

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    Better be more worried about D, after the niners just ran for over 170 and still running right now.
  12. Calvin2Tony2Emmitt2Julius

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    need route runners and not huge WRs that can jump and fight for the ball.

    IF Dak's accuracy is in question, dont we NEED huge receivers who can jump and fight for the ball ?

    What good is running a great route or having an expanded route tree if he's only going to be inaccurate with the throw?
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  13. Grenic

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    Because we can't run the ball at all, don't trust CD at all
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  14. 50cent

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    Because Jerry has convinced the fan base that this is a passing league and the shiny thing to keep them distracted is a WR. Jerry sells hope and a flashy WR gives hope in this so called passing league.
  15. shabazz

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    I stand corrected. Keep forgetting we didn’t have a 1st rd pick that year.
  16. CouchCoach

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    Every good run D is built with the triangle, DT-MLB-DT, an inside out build and Booger tries to build outside in and is more enamored with pass rush and sacks than real defense.

    In this regard, Landry and Johnson were on the same page. They both subscribed to stopping the shortest path to the end zone, the middle.
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  17. RustyBourneHorse

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    Not to mention that finding WRs that can be number 1s does not require a 1st round pick. Especially since we got Lamb. What we need round 1 is oline. I want to see us get Raimann from Central Michigan. He's an OT who I think would be an outstanding addition for us.
  18. RustyBourneHorse

    RustyBourneHorse Well-Known Member

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    Which is why we must rebuild the oline. If we want more success in both the pass and run, we need to rebuild the Great Wall of Dallas.
  19. Mannix

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    We need great route runners because Dak can't even throw a well greased window open.
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  20. kskboys

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    Follow the ball types. Which most casual fans are, including Jerry. All they want is WR's and CB's and will come up w/ all sorts of reasons why.

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