Why do we suck so bad in free agency?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mobinvans, Jan 25, 2021.

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    Answer is easy....Jerry doesn't take the time to get to know the other NFL teams.....who was let go because of performance or who was let go because team was in cap trouble...and needed space. Big difference. Then top that w/ .....Jerry doesn't like to spend big money in free agency anyway....you get that you pay for....which is usually Jerry scrapping the bottom of the barrel.
  2. kskboys

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    That's because he tried the high priced FA route and failed miserably.

    At this point, Jerry is confused. He's tried several different routes, and none of them worked aside from hiring Tuna.
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  3. FuzzyLumpkins

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    We draft offense extremely well. We are not as good doing it at defense although last year was much better with Diggs and Gallimore.

    As for FA we do not spend money. We get the occasional Quinn and Cobb but what do you expect for 2 year $6m deals?

    What we don't get caught with are Brandon Carr's that we cannot cut. When we cut the scrubs it is very little loss cap wise.
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  4. DanA

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    I feel like we are too busy looking for value in free agency and spread ourselves too thin. I’d rather pay a little overs for the right player and consequently have holes in the squad come the draft time, then an average solution to every problem.

    Rather than Poe, Griffen and McCoy we should have just signed one guy and leaned on guys like Anae, Hill, and Gallimore etc.
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  5. kskboys

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    DJ Reader
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  6. Mannix

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    -------That's because he tried the high priced FA route and failed miserably.

    When was that.....20 years ago? I am tired of hearing son Chuckles brag every year about how much cap room we have, only to go out and sign a Nolan Carroll.
  7. Furboy

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    Maybe if he were to hire someone that could help him and give that person a title like, say, General Manager, he wouldn't have this problem.
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  8. Pompey-Cowboy

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    If you trawl through any teams history of draft picks and free agent signings you will find players that succeeded, players that failed, players that overachieved and players that disappointed. Every team gets players with good film and measureables and hopes for the best.
  9. CowboyoWales

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    Agree to a point, however, we end up with the Poe's of the world are due to the double headed demon of 1) The number of holes in the roster 2) the limited available CAP.

    I suppose throwing in Anae and Gallimore in as starters is risky especially as who's the backup if they show they arent ready
  10. aria

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    Bwahahahahahahahha....amazing, huh? Zeke, jaylon, lve, taco, lucked into dak because jerry wanted paxton lynch....

    Amazing? Wow.
  11. aria

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    Playing a bit of Devils advocate here. All of you people who claim Jerry or Stephen are cheap in free agency please tell me how and who you would have wanted them to pay.

    Last year there were a lot of fans begging for them to sign Poe, McCoy and Griffen. They did and they sucked. Then there are teams like Seattle who give up draft picks and pay big salaries for players and then most of you mock them for doing so.

    Please cut out the hind sight nonsense and tell me what FA’s have been so great and that we’ve missed out on.
  12. Swagger

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    As people have mentioned, the front office over pays existing players on the roster resulting in only being able to under pay for the left overs in free agency. We consequently miss out on the likes of Mathieu and the Smith brothers at the Packers. Obviously you shouldn't build a team through free agency but look at the Chiefs, they complement their existing roster with quality through FA, e.g. Mathieu, Clark and Bell and have now reached, and are likely to win, back to back Superbowls.
  13. Oh_Canada

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    They take the cheap route every year. It's pretty simple.
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  14. lukin2006

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    When you sign 1 star players in free agency then of course your free agent signings look bad. Start signing quality free agents...
  15. DanA

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    This is excessive but lets say we swung for the fences and did the following:
    Byron Jones -> 16.5m per season
    Calais Campbell -> 13.5 per season (traded for a 5th)

    Combined that's 30m which is a lot but then if we paid nobody else on the defensive side of the ball more than a million I think we'd be better off both in terms of the salary cap and the talent..
  16. DallasDomination

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    Contrary to popular belief the Cowboys don’t spend big in free agency anymore... they just get the leftovers.
  17. Whirlwin

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    Looking looking forward to seeing Mahomes go down in the Super Bowl . Hope all is well with you also my cowboy brother
  18. kumizi

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    You dont build a contender through free agency. That is correct. However, Stephen seems to have learned that and misinterpreted it as you cant sign any good pieces in free agency. It's clear why we suck in free agency. We're the only major sports franchise in the country being run by people who didn't get that job based on merit.
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  19. JayFord

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    The Cowboys draft extremely well.......i mean Tyron, Zack, and Fred were all taken in the draft along with Dak, Ceedee and Elliott

    drafting isnt an issue

    Free Agency theyre bad in it because They’re cheap......you get what you pay for
  20. gjkoeppen

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    There's this thing called a salary cap and until the last year or so the Cowboys haven't had the cap room to go out and get top tier free agents and even in the past couple of years after resigning their own players there wasn't enough cap room to go get top tier free agents. Then there is the fact that many of those high priced free agents are at the end or downward side of their careers and teams often pay to much for what they have left. Some players think they are worth more than what they really are and don't come down on their asking price like Clowney who kept holding out for a 20 mil contract and finally deciding if he wanted to play again he would have to take less money so he signed for 13 mil after week 1 last season and then got injured AGAIN and missed the last 7 games. In 7 years he's only played an entire season once yet he thought he was a top tier player.

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